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Rising StrongThe physics of vulnerability is simple If we are brave enough often enough we will fall The author of Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfectio I scored this off of NetGalley I was unsure how I'd feel about reading a Brene Brown book since I have only watched her TED Talks and listened to The Power of Vulnerability which is a series of workshop courses she gaveI shouldn't have wondered Brown's voice grabbed me from the moment I read the introduction In fact early in the book Brown's realization that you can't skip Act 2 a reference that will be clear if you read the book was revelatory for my husband and me in a work situation that we're slogging through at the moment It didn't change our point on the map so to speak so much as to point out where we were and that we weren't really lost in the Slough of Despond just working our way through it to Act 3I like the way Brown has our innate connection to storytelling as a parallel thread On one hand it defines ways we can recognize and recover from dangerous trajectories On the other just reading what she's found about us as storytelling beings hits a note that interested and connected with meThe reason I only gave this three stars is that the last third of the book somehow felt very different much self help oriented than what preceded it Suddenly there were a lot of acronyms bullet pointed lists to consider and work through open ended uestions to ask yourself and a couple of case studies that seemed very unnecessary My eyes glaze over at that sort of thing which is why I've enjoyed Brown's talks so much — because they are necessarily free from such items I haven't actually read one of her other books so she may have followed this pattern before It may work for everyone else in which case the problem is mine alone At any rate I still recommend the book It allowed me to make a lot of connections in my own life between my behavior internal logic and how to avoid or recover personally from falling hard when taking a risk

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mobi ó Rising Strong ð Hardcover read ✓ johnscyclingdiary Ñ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Rising Strong Author Brené Brown – The physics of vulnerability is simple If we are brave enough often enough we will fall The author of Daring Greatly and The Gifts of ImNew ending Struggle Brené Brown writes can be our greatest call to courage and rising strong our clearest path to deeper meaning wisdom and hope When I read a self help book I realize not all of it will apply to me or I will take what I need at that moment This book is no different BUT I took a lot of notes It was intriguing and interesting The book is full of stories to help the reader see the point Brene is trying to make I used some of her ideas the next day and honestly felt better about my day and communication with the people around me I grew up in a home that did not deal with emotions nor did we talk about hard things at all Now I'm married I need to be able to understand my emotions that I tend to keep buried and safe and I need to communicate better with my husband and children I would recommend this book just for the help of thinking in a different way 4 12 STARSThanks netgalley for the read

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N tells us what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of disappointment failure and heartbreak gives us the power to write a daring I come at this book from a few perspectives First I saw a librarian make a presentation on vulnerability in the classroom and he uoted Brene's earlier book Daring Greatly How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live Love Parent and Lead as the basis for his experiments with students I think both he and the author herself would have recommended I read that book instead of this book Why? Well even the author makes freuent references to it It made me wonder if this book really had enough content to warrant an entire book It is highly repetitive yet lingo saturated making it unpleasant to listen to in large doses In fact I put it on hold for a while and decided to go back to itDon't you want to rumble with your MFD's and rise up? Yeah I just don't like to have to speak in code It makes it feel like you spend half the time learning her lingo and not focusing as much on the ideas themselves The other perspective I come from in reading this is in my work where I lead a team one I feel protective of; I want them to be creative and work together and not to feel discouraged when we fail or are told we can't do an idea that we planned for I needed something uplifting after a stressful December To that end I appreciated the sections on story filters and creativity There are a few pieces I will bring up because they were useful From a personal perspective I always need to hear that pushing through the difficult middle of any situation has rewardsAfter reading uite a bit about how Brown's therapist helped her make some of these realizations I think I'd like to read her therapist's book And one final thank you for getting THIS song back in my head for endless days I received a review copy of this audiobook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review The author does a fine job reading but I found I had to consult the print to look back at a few points I wanted to hold on to