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kindle ´ Nerdy Birdy Nerdy Birdy #1 Ñ Hardcover read ↠ johnscyclingdiary Ê ❰Reading❯ ➹ Nerdy Birdy Nerdy Birdy #1 Author Aaron Reynolds – Nerdy Birdy likes reading video games and reading about video games which immediately disualifiK just like him He has friends and discovers that there are far nerdy birdies than cool birdies in the sky And then another bird moves I loved the ultimate message and I thought the illustrations were super cute and expressive However I don't really love how it pigeonholes pun intended types of people in the first 23 of the book It's very much about how cool kidsbullies and nerdsglasses wearing book loving allergy having weaklings

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Hip in the cool crowdOne thing is clear being a nerdy birdy is a lonely lifestyleWhen he's at his lowest point Nerdy Birdy meets a floc I nuanced treatment of the whole nerd vs cool people paradigm then most stories aimed at adults At first nerdy birdy feels lonely because the cool birdies Eagle Cardinal and Robin don't want anything to do with him When a big group of nerdy birds invites him to join them he feels excepted and also realizes that Eagle Cardinal and Robin's elite ness kind of cuts them off and must make them lonely The story could stop there but it adds an even better message Vulture moves to town and is shunned by Eagle Cardinal and Robin but when Nerdy Birdy invites her to join him and his new friends they object because she isn't a REAL nerd she's just weird and gross But Nerdy Birdy likes Vulture even though they don't share every interest so they leave the nerdy group behind tooI don't know if the kids this book is aimed at are going to retain this message about gate keeping until they reach the age when labels like cool or nerdy really come into play but I hope they will And I don't know if it was intentional that Vulture is female and non of the other birds appear to be but if so it was appreciated

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Nerdy Birdy Nerdy Birdy #1Nerdy Birdy likes reading video games and Nerdy Birdy MOBI #237 reading about video games which immediately disualifies him for members A picture book about gatekeepers within geek culture whaaaat Adults will appreciate the pop culture references kids will giggle at the exaggerated illustrations and everyone can benefit from the message of inclusiveness