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reader ´ The How of Happiness A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want ´ Hardcover Ê johnscyclingdiary ´ [Reading] ➿ The How of Happiness A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want By Sonja Lyubomirsky – Johns-cyclingAnd our innate potential for joy and happiness as well as our ability to sustain it in our lives Beginning with a short diagnostic uiz that helps readers to first uantify and then to understand what she describes as their happiness set point Lyubomirsky reveals that this set point determines just 50 percent of happiness while a mere 10 percent can be attributed to differences in life circumstances or situations This leaves a startling and startlingly underdeveloped 40 percent of our capacity for happiness within our power to change Lyubomirsky's happiness strategies introduce readers to the concept of intentional activities mindful actions that they can use to achieve a happier life These include exercises in practicing optimism when imagining the future instruction in how best to savor life's pleasures in the here an I am about half way through this book and it is beginning to annoy me a little If you have read anything in the positive psychology vein Seligman Peterson or Csiksentmihalyi this will not be newI know there is research behind what she is saying so I don't need to be reminded every second sentenceI also find her very repetitive I know it is writen for the non expert but I really do not think there is any need to keep repeating everthing ad nauseumThe hows are interesting and applicable and I was trying to reflect on how I would feel if I had never read anything on positive psychology I think it would definitely have stimulated my interest but I also think I would have felt very over whelmed by all her suggestionsIt is useful to be able to skip from one section to the next so I like the structureIt is a very easy read and would be a very useful guide to the whole area of positive psychology but I prefer something a bit background and less instructions in books like these

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You can change your personal capacity for happiness Research psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky's pioneering concept of the 40% solution shows you how Drawing on her own groundbreaking research with thousands of men and women research psychologist and University of California professor of psychology Sonja Lyubomirsky has pioneered a detailed yet easy to follow plan to increase happiness in our day to day lives in the short term and over the long term The How of Happiness is a different kind of happiness book one that offers a comprehensive guide to understanding what happiness is and isn't and what can be done to bring us all closer to the happy life we envision for ourselves Using than a dozen uniuely formulated happiness increasing strategies The How of Happiness offers a new and potentially life changing way to underst Excellent book on tangible ways to increase happiness in your life Basic theory We have a genetic happiness set point that accounts for 50% of our happiness 10% of our happiness comes from our life's circumstances like where we live what car we drive how much money we make etc And the remaining 40% rests in how we choose to be happy everyday ie our daily activities The book focuses on refining that 40% All based on empirical evidence A must read

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The How of Happiness A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You WantD now and a thoroughgoing explanation of the importance of staying active to being happy Helping readers find the right fit between the goals they set and the activities she suggests Lyubomirsky also helps readers understand the many obstacles to happiness as well as how to harness individual strengths to overcome them Always emphasizing how much of our happiness is within our control Lyubomirsky addresses the scientific how of her happiness research demystifying the many myths that unnecessarily complicate its pursuit Unlike those of many self help books all her recommendations are supported by scientific research The How of Happiness is both a powerful contribution to the field of positive psychology and a gift to all those who have uestioned their own well being and sought to take their happiness into their own han What are the thing's that make a person happier? The author gather's much of the research data done on happiness and lays it out for you There really aren't any big surprises involved here It's stuff like exercise having friends being a considerate and optimistic person Stuff like that She comes up with a list of 12 things that any person could do to become happier in general This after the caveat that a great deal of one's happiness seems to actually be already set by birth in other words whether you are chipper or a grump most of that is genetics I've always suspected this Science has found that wealth fortune fame and tragedy all have a much smaller effect on our happiness than we might thinkAfter genetics a great deal of how happy or how sad a person is is up to them What is interesting is that so many of the things that make a person happy are the same proverbs and ideas espoused by the world's great religions Stuff like forgiveness mindful awareness and so on It is kind of funny that the latest scientific research is really just a validation of the 2000 yrs old teachings of Christ and the BuddhaSo there is really nothing groundbreaking here However it's still a well written concise and helpful look at healthy human psychology And as someone who can't stand overly schmalzy stuff I think the author does a great job of being inspiring without being cloying or too touchy feely Basically it's a self help book without the cheesy attitude