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Summary Белая гвардия ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Белая гвардия By Mikhail Bulgakov ✩ – Although less famous than Mikhail Bulgakov's comic hit The Master and Margarita The White Guard is still an engrossing book though complAlthough less famous than Mikhail Bulgakov's comic hit The Master and Margarita The White Guard is still an engrossing book though completely different in tone It is set in Kiev durin.

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Ributed to Bulgakov's lifelong troubles with the Soviet authorities It was however a well loved book and the novel was turned into a successful play at the time of its publication in. A trip to Kiev cannot be complete without a little Bulgakov A museum dedicated to the master lies just off of St Andrew’s Descent a cobblestone street passing from St Sophia’s cathedral down to the Dneiper The museum is contained in House No 13 where at one time Mikhail Bulgakov and his family lived While “The White Guard” is not as widely known as “The Master and Margarita” which Salman Rushdie drew upon heavily for “Midnight’s Children” it provides a better sense of Ukraine and particularly KievHouse No 13 in Kiev provides the place while 1918 and Ukrainian civil war provides the setting The story is about the survival of the Turbin family in the midst of this upheaval Bulgakov’s writing is transcendentFor many years before her death in the house at No 13 St Alexei’s Hill little Elena Alexei the eldest and baby Nikolka had grown up in the warmth of the tiled stove that burned in the dining room How often they had followed the story of Peter the Great in Holland ‘The Shipwright of Saardam’ portrayed on its glowing hot dutch tiles; how often the clock had played its gavotte; and always towards the end of December there had been a smell of pine needles and candles burning on evergreen branchesBut clocks are fortunately uite immortal as immortal as the Shipwright of Saardam and however bad the times might be the tiled Dutch stove like a rock of wisdom was always there to radiate life and warmth p10The tiled stove upon which many political and apolitical messages are written is nearly a character in its own right The life it gives is not only comfort but humor tooThen printed on the stove in capitals in Nikolka’s handI herby forbid the scribbling of nonsense on this stove Any comrade found guilty of doing so will be shot and deprived of civil rights Signed Abraham GoldblattLadies Gentlemen’s and Women’s TailorCommissar Podol District Committee30th January 1918Bulgakov’s mastery of these slices of life make this an ideal book for reading while in Kiev The city comes alive with a personality that might otherwise have gone unnoticed Reading how things were while seeing how things are makes both the past and the present strikingThis book has not only history but action too The stakes are incredibly high Characters are shot they are robbed; characters live they die The politics of the novel provide a roiling backdrop though I do not think politics is the point The intersection of politics and daily life particularly when politics has brought war is a fascinating topic and one that Bulgakov explores but never in a heavy handed manner The political is merely backdrop to the personalSomething had settled in Alexei’s chest like a stone and he whistled as he breathed drawing in through bared teeth a sticky thin stream of air that barely penetrated to his lungs He had long ago lost consciousness and neither saw nor understood what was going on around him Elena stood and looked The professor took her by the arm and whispered‘Go now Elena Vasilievna we’ll do all there is to do’Elena obeyed and went out But the professor did not do anything p 275This moment to me was perfect Bulgakov has captured the essence of this type of situation The only thing the professor could do for Alexei was to reassure ElenaBulgakov brilliantly sketches even minor characters Outside of House No 13 a war is raging Several family members are involved and in this way the reader is provided a view of the wider world and the characters that inhabit it Perhaps my favorite is this troubling scene in which the janitor drafted into service as coroner is helping Nikolka the younger brother find Colonel Nais Turs Nikolka’s fallen comrade in armsMoving carefully in order not to slip on the floor Fyodor grasped Nais Turs by the head and pulled hard A flat chested broad hipped woman was lying face down across Nai’s stomach There was a cheap little comb in the hair at the back of her neck glittering dully like a fragment of glass Without stopping what he was doing Fyodor deftly pulled it out dropped it into the pocket of his apron and gripped NaiTurs under the armpits As it was pulled out of the pile his head lolled back his sharp unshaven chin pointed upwards and one arm slipped from the janitor’s grasp p271Bulgakov keeps the plot taut and the reader engaged This book reuires little suspension of disbelief The White Guard is realist unlike the much fanciful “The Master and Margarita” Bulgakov does however add a touch of the supernatural And while the book is political enough to have been suppressed by Stalin the uestion of which of the three sides fighting the war is “right” is never really posed much less answered The interesting uestions all pertain to the individual and to a family trying to survive a civil war The primary loyalties are personal which in Ukraine as elsewhere reflects reality The book is ambivalent toward political loyalties and the revolutions borne of having putting those loyalties before the personal The author as surely as the characters must have had little enthusiasm for revolutionary politicsIn the end perhaps the highest praise I can give is that it would be difficult to read “The White Guard” without becoming attached to the Turbin family Perhaps this than any overt politics is why the novel was banned in the Stalinist Soviet Union

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Белая гвардияG the Russian revolution and tells the story of the Turbin family and the war's effect on the middle classes not workers The story was not seen as politically correct and thereby cont. Before Bulgakov wrote several of the most exuisite Russian satires known to woman he toyed in the Tolstoyan mode with this wartime chronicle set during the Ukrainian War of Independence featuring a cast of terror pocked soldiers and wives A mixture of poetic reflection on the changing face of Ukraine action seuences domestic turmoil and dreamlike digressions the novel is an overlooked historical étude trumped by the arrival of masterpieces like Heart of a Dog and The Fatal Eggs not devoid of humour although most certainly an attempt at a grand literary statement to make the Moscow literati spit their stolichnaya the novel remained unpublished until the 1960s