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read Black Lies reader ✓ Kindle Edition È johnscyclingdiary ï [Download] ➾ Black Lies Author Alessandra Torre – BrantBecame a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years Has proposed 4 times Been rejected 4 timesLeeCuts grBrantBecame a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday Has been in a relationship with me for years Has proposed times Been rejected timesLeeCuts grass when he's not banging FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 5 STARS WOW WOW WOW Black Lies was absolutely brilliant  A captivating intriguing and mysterious love story with a twist It was addictive enthralling and incredibly well written This is one of those books that makes me want to go up to everyone and be like YOU HAVE TO READ THIS NOW This is one of the most complete love stories I've ever read It's a standalone with a fully resolved and heart warming ending but with the way the story unfolds you realize just how deep their love truly isI know that some of you like me are going to be both intrigued but also scared by the blurb but please just TRUST ME You all know the kinds of things that usually bother me and I promise you're safe to read this Brant Became a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years Has proposed 4 times Been rejected 4 timesLee Cuts grass when he’s not banging housewives Good with his hands his mouth and his cock Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost 2 years whether he knows it or notGo ahead Judge me You have no idea what my love entails If you think you’ve heard this story before trust me – you haven’t That last line is especially important There is so much to this love story beneath the surfaceWhat makes this story different than it seems There is a twist A secret that changes the whole dynamic of the story and it is brilliantly set up Looking back you'll see each of the hidden clues all the layers of this secret and it's so clever the way the author tells you exactly what is happening without ever saying itWhether you guess the twist early or if you know about it before you start reading or even find yourself completely surprised by it won't make a difference I think this is one of those stories you can enjoy no matter how you approach it because this journey is just as enthralling as the outcomeIn order to keep things spoiler free I'm going to tell you as little as possible about these characters because most anything I say even names is technically a spoiler My only comment will be that I found it so refreshing to have such a smart heroine Please when you're reading don't judge her too uickly or harshly I can honestly say that she's one of my favorite heroines This is going to sound odd if you don't know the story but I absolutely loved the way she handled the situation she was put in LOVED itI love stories where the lines are sometimes blurred but the love is unuestionable You think you know whats happening but then you take a look from another angle and realize that nothing is as it seems I know the blurb might sound scary to some of you but I promise you that there is nothing stupid or frustrating about any characters' actions Once you see the complete picture everything will all make senseBlack Lies is about people willing to go to any lengths to fight for their love and protect their relationship My heart was racing as I read My chest got tight the closer things got to coming out into the light The layers of secrets and love are woven seamlessly together to create a rich multi layered storyOk now I'm going to be honest I knew the twist before I started reading the book I'm not a very trusting reader and with a story set up like this I just had to know that this was actually a story I'd be okay with So I found out first But let me tell you the moment I found out the twist I literally dropped everything to start reading immediately Personally I felt like knowing in advance made me appreciate the story even because I knew what to look for and I was able to enjoy the journey rather than worry about the outcomeFor me the point was not being surprised by the twist for me it was enjoying the story with the twist as a part of my understanding I know that I personally loved the book as much as I did because I knew the twist But every reader is different I know that many of you love going into books blind and I fully respect that which is why I've kept this review spoiler free But for those of you who want to know about about cheating love triangle and HEA click to read this hidden text view spoilerOk so there’s technically no cheating The two guys mentioned in the blurb are the same person — multiple personalities they don’t even know about each other She falls in love with the main guy Brant but when she learns about Lee he’s a whole other person with a whole other life and she sets out to make him fall in love with her too She loves this man and wants him completely even with his conditionBrant and Lee don’t know they’re the same person She is in a long term relationship with Brant but sleeps with Lee But she is only sleeping with Lee because she knows for a fact that he’s the same physical person as Brant She isn’t actually cheating on Brant In her eyes she’s just falling for another side of his personality She’s in love with both sides of him She just has to make both sides of him fall in love with herAnd yes there's a HEA hide spoiler

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Housewives Good with his hands his mouth and his body Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost years whether he knows it or not Go ahead Judge me You have no idea what my Are you ready to hear what I’m about to tell you Brace yourselfTHIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE READ ALL YEARThere’s not even a close second right now Let me start by saying that you’ll find zero spoilers in this reviewI'm rating this 6 of 5 Stars and I'm starting to believe Alessandra Torre might be an alien because surely no human can be this fucking talentedAlessandra Torre is uniue in many ways – she blends sex suspense and romance in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat She is one of a handful of my ‘stop drop and read’ authors who ALWAYS deliver high uality books which leave me with massive book hangovers Black Lies was obviously no exceptionI am incapable of putting her books downThey grab you from the opening lines and don’t let up My responsibilities will be put off husband will be ignored my house could be on fire Jake Bass could walk naked into my bedroom Well Ok so I’d probably ask him to sit uietly on my bed until I was finished with the book But you get the ideaI have learned how I need to read her books Block off several hours because the book WILL be finished in one sittingHere’s the thing about books that have “The Big Twist” – Sometimes you see it coming from a mile away which is infuriating and makes the main characters look like idiots for not figuring it out too Never the case with Torre I was shocked There’s no other way to describe itAlessandra Torre dangles the twist in front of your face from the opening pages This “Secret” that keeps Brant from being the perfect man This mysterious yet monumental character flaw which leads Layana to obsess over Lee despite the fact that she’s madly in love with BrantIt was so easy to become enad with this glorious romance Intelligent Intriguing CharactersAmazing DialoguePanty Melting Sexand all the while this unseen destructive force is lurking in the backgroundHere’s the other thing about books that have “The Big Twist” – Sometimes the twist the only good thing about the book Or worse it makes the rest of the book bland in comparison – Ever go back by yourself and re watch The Sixth Sense after you found out that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time No Can you remember anything else about that film other than thisAnything at all Nope Me neither But then again I review books not movies ;Once again this was not the case with Black Lies While I was monumentally shocked by Brant’s Secret I was glued to this book from beginning to end – on that in a moment The reveal made me reflect on everything which preceded it It made me understand Layana’s motives with a clarity I couldn’t grasp before And I was desperate to find out what would happen nextThis is a love story which will leave you completely breathlessAbsolute Mind Blowing PerfectionGo read this Right this secondLet me tell you a bit about my experience reading this bookI got an email at 442pm with an ARC attached Ten minutes later Black Lies was on my Kindle tempting me with the book version of bedroom eyes “Shurrn read me” and I was all “No book I have a review to write and emails to return sorry Rob and laundry to do” But truthfully I was already undressing it with my eyesPeeling back the coverPeaking at the first pageI’m weakBy 515pm I had walked my dogs grabbed my iPhone iPad an iced coffee and retreated to my bedroom – this is not an odd occurrence in my house My darling husband is uite used to me “going into seclusion” when I have an awesome book in my hands He also had the pleasure of seeing me read Sex Love Repeat last year while rocking back and forth on the couch like a deranged person So yeah I hide my insanity in the bedroom now Fewer witnessesI spent the rest of the evening completely sucked into this book – eyes wide pages turning frantically my mind desperately trying to figure out what “The Secret” could possibly beAt 710pm I finally hit the twistI yelledIt was loudThrough the closed door my husband hears me scream “OH MY FUCKING GOD” but he was unfazed As I mentioned earlier he has prior knowledge of my love of and reactions to Alessandra TorreI couldn’t sit down and read any longerI had to pace around the room clutching my iPad with a white knuckled gripBy 1100pm I was completely finished Emotionally exhausted Social Media outlets were informed And I was sitting in my bed trying to convince myself not to flip to the first page and read the entire thing again Real Life the one I had ignored all evening was going to intrude on my post book reading bliss early the following morningI dreamed about this bookI woke up the next morning and started re reading Black Lies while brushing my teethDid I mention that I’m weakIt was even better the second time around I got to pick up on the mountain of clues and breadcrumbs scattered throughout the text like glittering jewelsNearly 48 hours after finishing this book The second time it was still stuck in my head – I was having a drink with a friend gushing all over my enjoyment of this book when she said “Sounds like you’ve got a major hard on for another piece of Fiction”My response straight faced“If this book had a dick I would get down on my knees and suck it”So there you have it I can’t think of a better way to tell you how awesome this book isRead itWhen you discover Brant’s secret for yourself message me I’ll be there to help you recoverAlessandra TorreAlessandra Torre graciously provided me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Black LiesLove entailsIf you think you've heard this story before trust me you haven'tThis is a STANDALONE full length novel It is not part of a series and does not contain a cliffhange 'Black Lies' was fantastic I absolutely loved this book It has everything a girl could want Billionaire hunk Check Steamy sex Check Sexy lawn boy Check Creative and original storyline Check check WowBelieve me you don't want to pass this one up I don't want to spoil anything so I'll just say that things are not as they seem on the surface There is powerful chemistry a taboo love affair and one HUGE secret that will change everything This book blew my mind It is rare to read something that is unpredictable but when the secret was finally revealed I can honestly say that I didn't see that coming in a million years Loved it