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The Shadow in the Plate Book Ü 361 pages ´ Philip pullman ´ [Ebook] ➤ The Shadow in the Plate By Philip Pullman – The year is 1878 and Sally Lockhart has started her own financial consulting business When a client loses a fortune in the unexpected collapse of a British shipO the corporate offices of the richest man in Europe Sally's detective work reveals the connections between corrupt power and broken lives The action is fast scenes are tight and dramatic the language is vivid and the wealth of minor characters are sharply individualized An immensely entertaining thriller starred Booklist Reading level What do I rate this audio book?The reader is fabulous Lesser reads brilliantly Pullman write a compelling story for than 23 of the bookThe historical detail is seamless and breathtakingBut yes BUT But then Pullman has three characters behave strongly out of character that results in the death of one of them The story goes downhill from there I just could not allow Pullman to take such a lame turn in his own plot He's too good a writer to pull a stunt like this If he's going to kill off a major character he should do it in a way that MAKES SENSE with the rest of the book rather than derails it completely I finished this book feeling intensely miffed Why did he have to ruin his book? I don't get it I really don't He could have still killed off his person and stayed true to his characters What a shame Really what a shame

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The year is 1878 and Sally Lockhart has started her own financial consulting business When a client loses a fortune in the unexpected collapse of a British shipping firm Sally is determined to find out why But as she comes closer to learning the identity of the firm's elusive owner she discovers that her uestions are far from simple and I hate Philip Pullman I love this book but I hate him so much right now Because I can't think of reading this book again And I don't know when I'll be compelled to read the third installation Ugh So much hate Right about nowI really liked The Ruby in the Smoke It was such a great way to introduce a slew of characters and while there were multiple points of views I appreciated how the reader knew what the villains were thinking This kind of writing followed through in The Shadow in the North and it was fabulous to see the repeated cast the second time aroundIt also helped that Sally Lockhart went from the fantastic 16 year old to an even fantastic 22 year old in the second book Someone I would have been able to relate to which is also probably why I like this character than I do Lyra Belacua in Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy But I'm not going to continue furnishing praise over characters I'm still upsetI enjoyed the book The only reason it got one star less was I got so frustrated by what happened near the end that I almost threw a tantrum and chucked the book out the window Seriously I was on the verge of tears Then I remembered that my window has a screen and I don't go about abusing books in the first place so that was out of the uestionSeriously Pullman? Seriously? I cannot

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The Shadow in the PlateThat the answers could cost her her life Fraud fire and bloody murder pursue Sally Lockhart in a fine seuel to The Ruby in the Smoke Sally now 22 is in business as a financial consultant When she and her friends challenge corrupt financial interests they find themselves in a web of intrigue that stretches from fetid slums of the poor t The Shadow of the North has a lot going on including runaway magicians false mediums and steampunk weapons of mass destruction But the true heart of this story does not lie in its intricate and sometimes improbable plot It's about love Not that mushy obsessive stuff so many YA novels devote their pages of purple prose to This is about a love of euals and all the sharp bright angles such a love has to carve a path out where there seems to be none Philip Pullman's writing captures all the fire and wit of real people on the verge of greatness in the grips of fear in the throes of desperate obsession or evenly matched love But he's also great at describing him some mundane settings and activities in the smartest most spare clear way I'd gladly read his description of a day at the DMV or watching paint dry So happy there's The Shadow of the North to read instead