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reader · Who Is Gloria Steinem ↠ ¼ johnscyclingdiary Ä ➯ Who Is Gloria Steinem? Read ➸ Author Sarah Fabiny – As a field reporter in the 1960s Gloria Steinem worked hard to dig up important stories She went undercover to expose the grim realities of gender ineuOf gender ineuality in America As her message continued to grow she became the spokeswoman of the women’s liberation movement and c The Who Was biography series are perfect for elementary or intermediate age students interested learning about the featured person for an assignment or just for an exciting read The afterward portion in this edition has a timeline on one side showing key events in Gloria Steinem's life and the opposite page shows worldwide key events during the same time period Making for an interesting comparison and will help readers get a better feel for what else was happening at those times; a cool extra feature I haven't seen in many books

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Reated the feminist publication Ms magazine Steinem continues to speak and write about women and women’s roles in media and politic Whenever I read a 'who iswho was' series I feel stronger as a reader You get to have a glimpse of the journey they took the ups and the downs All of them are extraordinary and passionate about their crafts and beliefs Now I know a little bit about Gloria and so will the new generation of readers Keep up the good work and the series

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Who Is Gloria SteinemAs a field reporter in the s Gloria Steinem worked hard to dig up important stories She went undercover to expose the grim realities Who is Gloria Steinem by Sarah Fabiny is about feminism and how one reporter Gloria who doesn’t give up about what she believes in I chose to read this book because the cover was intriguing and I love learning about how woman like Gloria can use there intellegence to change the world I recommend this to people who like the author and like learning about very important people While reading the book I learned that a rocky beginning to your life can make you strong and confident but have a lot of doubtsGloria faked to being a reporter that was a man instead of being a woman to show that we are all eual People thought that woman were house wives and did the small parts but they can do than that This biography was interesting and a good book to read even if it’s a short book