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Ebook À Sur les terres truuées Ù ➵ Sur les terres truuées Download ➾ Author Pierre Christin – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A spatio temporal agent is always ready to give his lives for the mission Valerian shot to death in an Indian fortress Valerian dead in 19th century London Valerian gunned down in San Francisco's Chin A sSco's Chinatown And Laureline paired up with an unpleasantly arrogant historian from Galaxity forced to witness every demise of the man she loves on a succession of re enacted pieces of hu I have a 1981 hardback reprint in French from Dargaud Originally serialised between 1976 and 1977 and published in book form in 1977 this is a truly extraordinary episode It is a deep reflection upon the themes of the series a reexamination as well as a reinvention of those themes whilst being loyal to all that has gone before Valérian and Laureline return to their spatiotemporal agent roots They are pursuing an entity that has plundered Earth’s archives and is recreating significant moments in history all over the galaxy which may pose a threat to the tightly controlled timeline Boneheaded action man Valérian has been cloned a couple of hundred times over to provide the cannon fodder with no consideration for the personal cost to him Once again assistant Laureline is reduced to being the snarky chauffeur of an over the top pseudo feminist and aesthete historian who is the perfect caricature of every insufferable history teacher I had to endure in French state schools This ruthless historian discards clone after clone sent to their deaths to infiltrate the mechanisms of the fake Earths and find the coordinates of the next target She only thinks of catching her perfect artist foe whatever the cost And Laureline can only watch in increasing horror as her lover is killed again and again in increasingly tense set piecesThis spiral reaches its climax when the historian sends all the clones and the original out to fight in a recreation of the First World War trenches to get out of a trap set by the desperate uarry Whilst the historian thoughtlessly fraternises with the creative alien she has finally cornered Laureline is left to wander the deserted battlefield desperately seeking amongst hundreds of corpses with Valérian’s face her own original partnerWhat a concept This is as high drama as any sci fi can provide Thankfully there’s a good dose of darkish humour and irony throughout Valérian had fallen asleep far from the fighting exhausted by the cloning process in a wink back to his drunken antics in Le Pays Sans Etoile And to balance out any gratuitous skin on display on Laureline’s part in earlier episodes Valérian and his clones spend a lot of time wandering around in the buff Full frontal too which again is a bit unusual for the times especially in a kid’s comicLaureline is the moral protagonist of this tale and she once has plenty to say about toxic culture Following her harrowing ordeal she delivers a knock out snark to her historian commander to hell with the beauty and sophistication of history as history is just a succession of battlefields strewn with the corpses of loved ones Her subversiveness and compassion reach a peak hereAnd the artwork All the recreations of history are superb and the alienness of the creation process for the fake Earths is a visual treatThis is definitely a “wow” Absolutely top notch stuff

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A spatio temporal agent is always ready to give his lives for the mission Valerian shot to death in an Indian fortress Valerian dead in th century London Valerian gunned down in San Franci Almost entirely lacking in anything resembling a plot and with a major role for a character who is totally annoying Coming on the back of Ambassador of the Shadows and Welcome to Alflolol it seems that almost everyone in this future human society is a total douche Probably the worst of this series I have read so far I would be tempted to give it a single star because it so utterly devoid of anything meaningful but there are some nice scenes set in the 19th Century and for the first time since the first book there is the feeling that time travel is actually a meaningful part of this series which seemed to have totally fallen by the wayside in books 2 through 6Maybe fine to read for completeness sake but giving this one a miss would not cause anyone any problems

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Sur les terres truuéesMan history A very strange case that will take the two spatio temporal agents to the limits of their endurance as they Sur les PDFEPUBhunt down the mysterious architect of the false Earths Valerian is the best of my CinebookDargaudEgmont French Album obsession it's always brilliantly rendered exciting interesting and fun If it were only easier to attain these gems for modest prices from the UK before or after arriving hereThen there's the relationship between those two My unerring love for Laureline and my jealousy of Valerian would keep me on a series no matter what surrounded itThe French best prove what Puritans we are over here You get Valerian rig action than once completely unforced plot natural of courseThis story involves the ultimate voyeur genius Tantalizing huhMézières love those pyramid accents always puts on uite a show with his meticulously researched and expertly presented environments but this one gives the most evidence of his historical accuracy and panache within He also makes sure that every Album puts your attentive eyes in three dimensions I spend plenty of time INSIDE of his lush spaceship interiorsWithin the large scope of Franco Belgian bandes desinee devoured by this Europhile precisely extranational globophile I regard him as a master practitioner of the action seuence involving a tall drop panel placed perfectly parallel against a double stacked duo