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Book ↠ Les Mandarins É 1040 pages Download ☆ Johnscyclingdiary õ ❮Read❯ ➲ Les Mandarins ➵ Author Simone de Beauvoir – Mit diesem Werk dem die höchste literarische Auszeichnung Frankreichs der Prix Goncourt zugesprochen wurde schrieb Mit diesem Werk dem die höchste literarische Auszeichnung Frankreichs der Prix Goncourt zugesprochen wurde schrieb Simone de Beauvoir den Schlüsselroman der französis A lot of people appear to dislike Les Mandarins which I think is a pretty excellent novel so let me try and explain what I think is good about it To me it's basically about what happens to people particularly to women when they realize that they are no longer young This has several conseuences To start off with not being young means that you're no longer as physically attractive as you were Of course you can go into denial and say that as long as you eat healthily exercise and think positive thoughts you're going to stay young and tasty for ever But let's be realistic The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons

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Chen Links Intellektuellen Er ist zugleich politisches Tagebuch und faszinierender Frauenroman der private Schicksale und Zeitgeschichte in konfliktreiche Beziehungen set It’s a horrible thing a woman who labors to lead a man’s hands to her body by appealing to his mind The irony of the author of The Second Sex having published this five years after the previous kills me it really does What's worse is her having won the Prix Goncourt for it a weighty stamp of approved literature prowess that says nothing less than yes this is how you discuss philosophical theories in the midst of love and warfare trot the men out trigger happy and reduce the women to self hating despair I can imagine a younger self of mine picking this up before TSS; imagining what would have inevitably resulted makes me sickBeauvoir did not publicly declare herself a feminist till 1972 I don't envy the life that made her forbear from such a declaration until TSS was nearly a uarter of a century old I don't envy what ignorant bliss the characters in this book must have been in until WWII rolled around and the world transformed into a geography of atomic bombs and concentration camps I don't envy the balancing act they all had to maintain bandying political agendas and philosophical jargon and standing up for the oppressed via paper all the while dehumanizing every female within reach and then some Women and men alike self contempt for one and indulgent solipsism for the other a mutilation that cannot help but be inextricably mixed with any and all of their good intentions If Beauvoir's portraits of her fellow thinkers are as keen as some say they are their crises of existentialism and absurdism don't surprise me It's hard to live with yourself when your definition of freedom is sadism “If others don’t count it’s meaningless to write But if they do count it’s wonderful to gain their friendship and their confidence; it’s magnificent to hear your own thoughts echoed in them”All that writing about the melancholy of the Portuguese and how mysterious it is Actually it's ridiculously simple of seven million Portuguese there are only seventy thousand who have enough to eatWhen I was a child a teacher seemed to me a much greater person than a duchess or a millionaire and through the years that hierarchy had not changed appreciably However Those up there are only a few of many of the wonderful things Beauvoir pens in regards to education literature the intersection of humanity with the written word A few years ago for the sake of these pearls I might have excused her atrocious double standards when it came to characterizing both shell and core of the gendered dichotomy I even gave her the benefit of the doubt until the last page was turned hoping this all too rigorous misogyny would be flipped over left wriggling and wailing on its thickened carapace with its soft and sickening underbelly all too clearly exposed There are instances perfectly gorgeous instances where the author could have stepped forward and outfitted phrases like these To maintain that I alone hold our affair in my hands is to substitute a puppet for Lewis to transform myself into a ghost and our past into anemic memories Our love isn’t a story I can pull out of the context of my life in order to tell it to myself It exists outside myself; Lewis and I bear it together Closing one’s eyes isn’t enough to do away with the sun; disavowing that love is only blinding myself No I rejected cautious thinking and false solitude and sordid consolations“You throw men into a war and then at the first rape you hang them” with the sharp and incisive insight I knew in TSS that they so rightfully deserve Instead the malaise extends to all reaches of the third person man and the first person woman generating a plot with girlfriends in a refrigerator male characters with not a physical description or unsubstantiated denigration in sight and the good old colonialist mindset Practice reducing those around you to ciphers long enough and something's gotta give I don't want to think about myself any she said violently I've had enough of thinking about myself Don't give me bad advice You can't think yourself out of feeling alienated You can think yourself into it right uick if you insist on dressing it up in the word freedom treating your interpersonal relationships like trash and pretending your work and your money will see fit to care when you're lost and alone and thinking of ending it all You'll be free when you're dead not only dead but forgotten not only forgotten but negligible in the impact you made on the reality of others through your ideologies your habitus how you lived and what you learned and the whys and wherefores of the things you said You'll be free when what you did in the name of what you held dear is so warped by the ones who come after you that no one will believe the origin of it all was you and you alone The freedom of a writer—it would be interesting to know what that means Beauvoir wasn't free and so I don't blame her I don't blame any woman who views thought as euivalent to self immolation and conductedconductswill conduct herself as such What I will do is remember my introduction to feminism when it first became clear that it was not and had never been just me What I will do is not sacrifice my political ideals just because I can't sway millions in a day What I will do is better myself with the ideas and live for the humans for at the end of the day and the triumphs and the horrors and the same old same old it is awfully nice to sit down and reaffirm one's existence with someone who cares

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Les MandarinsZt Chronik des Verfalls einer engagierten Intellektuellenschicht die sich nach ihrem Widerstandskampf unter Einsatz des persönlichen Lebens nun nicht mehr gefordert füh I might be alone in really loving this book I'm not sure if I understand what is not to love This book is a bright light in a period of self important post war literature our 1984s and Wastelands in that it carefully avoids the moral preachiness and overabundant heavy handed symbolism by which the supposed major works of this period are so weighed down The Mandarins is a treatise on life in suspended animation when the war ends how does life continue One way to look at it is the book is like a post war tell all sort of like a woody allen movie set in post war paris Everyone is plaintive distant adulterous self important and mired in the same incestuouselitist artistic literary politcal social life Everyone is sort of pathetic still reeling from the self righteous throes of the resistance at once resting on their laurels from the war but also injured and disrupted by it Simone de Beavoir is an astute observer of the human condition and she sometimes caricatures these shitty aesthetes and sometimes she glorifies them but at the end of the day her portrayal is fairly compelling The book raises some pretty significant uestions about how to proceed in the task of finding meaning in a world which has fallen into such destructive violence and depravity How do we raise a family How do we fall in love How do we engage politically This book really has a lot to offer but its really long and sometimes sort of boring But aren't most of the great novels ie man without ualities remembrance of things past I think this book ualifies as a real diamond in the rough Compared to all the heavy hitters from its time it might seem sort of like a light weight And if you judge it by its cover its basically just a liberalized frenchy An Raynd But if you dig a little deeper this is a book that examines the origins of 20th Century liberalism and the collapse of post war morality without a hint of the prejudice and preachiness of its contemporaries The book accomplishes this through the traditional novelistic tools characters scenes dialogue description I can't guarentee you will love this book It might be too tame for you I have to admit its pretty vanilla But the issues are dealt with thoughtfully and the characters are memorable Just like any great novel A kick ass book that is brutally under rated