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Play Author Kylie ScoKylie Scott returns with the highly anticipated follow up to international bestseller LickMal Ericson drummer for the world famous rock band Stage Dive needs to clean up his image fast at least for a little while Having a good 2 12 to 3–I'M A BIT BAFFLED–StarsLooks like I'm in the minority here Everyone seems to love this book but me I didn't dislike it; in fact I laughed uite often during the course of the story I must admit however that the plot felt a bit random to me Even as I closed the book I was still unsure what this story was really about I LOVED Mal's character in Lick and couldn't wait to read his book Unfortunately for me he ended up being too crazy too manic and too over the top I found it difficult to connect to his character to Anne's character to her easy acceptance of his crazy behavior and to their love story Sadly this book its main characters and the plot perplexed me than it enchanted me That said the one liners were hilarious and it was obvious the author had a blast writing Mal's character Plus I loved getting of David Ev and the band Though this book didn't fully work for me I believe most readers will love reading this story

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Ebook ð Play Author Kylie Scott 304 pages Download ↠ Johnscyclingdiary ¹ ❰PDF❯ ✍ Play Author Kylie Scott – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Kylie Scott returns with the highly anticipated follow up to international bestseller LickMal Ericson drummer for the world famous rock banGirl on his arm should do the job just fine Mal doesn't plan on this temporary fix becoming permanent but he didn't count on finding the one right girl Anne Rollins never thought she'd ever meet the rock god who plastered her te Life`s a song Anne Let's play 5 StarsYou cannot just simply resist Mal EricsonI have been so interested to read the Mal's story ever since Lick Well who doesn't want to get to know him He's such a fun and goofy character and I knew that behind his playful attitude there's a different side of him that we have yet to seeMalcolm Mal Ericson is Stage Dive's drummer He is known as someone who always plays around when it comes to women With his happy go lucky lifestyle relationship is certainly out of the picture But when he met a personal dilemma that reuires him to basically snag a pretend girlfriend he didn't have a choice but to look for the perfect one to act as his girl Meeting Anne Rollins at Ev and David's party though was a perfect timing They automatically clicked after a few minutes of flirting And because Anne happens to have financial troubles he proposed to meet her needs in exchange of moving with her in her apartment and her cooperation in his pretend relationship scheme You're the best boyfriend Fake or not You can imagine my face while I was reading this book the whole timeThere were certainly lots of hilarious moments in this book Mal didn't fail to crack me up with his sexual innuendos with Anne and his crazy exchange and shenanigans with his band mates Hilarious scenes aside there was an emotional side to it that made me appreciate its entirety I loved Mal and Anne's dynamic While Mal might be a player his character development throughout the story the way he stuck to Anne and basically followed a monogamous relationship very well pleased me There was no cheating involved which made me love this book even I also loved Anne's character The way she accepted Mal behind his many layers and the way she stood by him despite the fact the she too has some personal issues was really admirable This couple is perfect for each other Like most pretend relationship books these characters fell into a real relationship together but what I loved about this book was Mal and Anne's mutual acceptance when it comes to their weak sides Each conflict was immediately resolved without getting into so much drama which I really lovedWhat also made me embrace this book was Mal's relationship with his family especially with his mom It was touching I even found myself crying over some scenes here I think his family relationship was the one that truly changed Anne's feelings toward her mom too I also thought the rock star theme here was palpable compared to the previous book In this installment there was certainly a lot of stage actions by the Stage Dive I felt their passion to music because of their performances and connection with their fans Mal's playing and the music owned me the smoothness of his movements and his absolute focus His energy Kylie Scott made it really possible to balance out both the hilarious and emotional vibes in this book Play in my opinion was better than Lick I loved that it possesses all the elements sexy times included to make it a lot enjoyable If you've enjoyed David and Ev's story in Lick then you definitely need to get into Mal's story

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Enage bedroom walls especially not under these circumstances Anne has money problems Big ones But being paid to play the pretend girlfriend to a wild life of the party drummer couldn't end well No matter how hot he is Or could i Life's a songAnneLet's play Wow I'm a big fan of this seriesI loved Lick and I loved this oneThis book was so refreshing and funnyI laughed so loudMal is hilariousI was really looking forward for his bookAnne wasn't lucky in her lifeShe is a good person she cares for everyone but sometimes people take advantage of herHer roommate walk out on her and her boss use herWhen her friends asked her to go with them in a party she decides to go with themand there she will meet the drummer of the rock band Stage Dive MalMal is so funny also he is moody and manicWhen he met Anne in the party he professes that she is his girlfriendSo they move in together And just like that their crazy journey beginsAnne gets to see a side of Mal that he doesn't share with many people Mal and Anne are steamy together I loved their interactionsBoth have their problems but they try to deal with themMal and Anne are not normal they are complete opposites which is exactly what makes their interactions so entertaining and this is what I really loved in this book While I was reading their dialogues I was giggling and swooning ;DI loved Mal so muchI liked that he is a little crazy he wanted to live in the momentI think he helps a lot Anne because she is the opposite of him I loved AnneShe is a strong character a little crazy too but also she is lovely Pumpkin I'm always serious when it comes to you Even when I'm messing around I'm still serious as shit Whatever you need whatever I have to do It's been that way since we metKylie does a fantastic jobI love her writingI look forward to reading the rest of the band mates stories