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FREE PDF Û BOOK A Sorcerer's Treason ☆ ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ A Sorcerer's Treason Author Sarah Zettel – A World of Magic and Peril 1899 Sand Island Wisconsin Bridget Lederle is a lighthouse keeper on this stormy windswept shore of Lake Superior One cold night she sees a boat foundering near the island'The second sight of her family but the magical land where she will go with the sailor holds far greater marvels and terrible perils that even she cannot see For she carries secrets within her that even she doesn't know secrets that could change the fate of the fabulous magical world that calls her home This book slots neatly into the category of too good to be true fantasy where the main character is led to another world where she is not only incredibly magically powerful but is also the child of a legendary sorcerer and a legend in her own right People gape at her in the streets and kiss her feet that sort of thing Amazingly back in her home world ie our world she is shunned because she had an illegitimate child She's a bit too good to be true our Bridget who is a lighthouse keeper in our world and describes herself as tending the light And she has red hair Oh lord could we make our inspiration for character names a bit obvious Nevertheless despite this it's a semi decent fantasy has a bit of atmosphere and some interesting elements and yeah I'll be reading the next one despite our insipid heroine Although I just read on it's a preuel snore

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A World of Magic and Peril Sand Island Wisconsin Bridget Lederle is a lighthouse keeper on this stormy windswept shore of Lake Superior One cold night she sees a boat foundering near the island's shoals and rescues its lone occupant The strangely dressed sailor tells her a fantastic tale of Isavalta a w ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureBridget Lederle is the lighthouse keeper on Sand Island Wisconsin in 1899 She's an outcast having had a baby which died while she was single One night she saves the life of mysterious Valin Kalami whose boat crashed onto the rocky shore of Lake SuperiorIt turns out that Kalami is a sorcerer sent from the kingdom of Isavalta to find Bridget — who doesn't realize that she has a tie to this parallel world and some powers of her own With not much to keep her on Sand Island she agrees to return to Isavalta with Kalami There she finds a world full of political intrigue treachery and magic The state of things isn't exactly how Kalami described it back in Wisconsin and it's very hard to know who to trustThe Plot A Sorcerer's Treason winds up slowly until Bridget gets to Isavalta and then it becomes fast paced There is plenty of intrigue and treason going on in the Isavaltan court but Bridget uncovers it for us too early in the plot — we aren't left wondering who are the bad guys for long There were several plot elements that seemed only loosely tied to the story I didn't really understand the motives of the Vixen and Baba Yaga for example and I wondered why they were included at all Perhaps this is made clear in future installments but it has me confused so far The ending scene was strange and I think kind of cheesy It was one of those triumphant I've dealt with my past and now I can move forward kind of scenesThe Characters Sarah Zettel writes some wonderful and believable characters Ananda the dowager Mikkel Sakra and Kalami are all interesting and I would have liked to read from their perspectives Unfortunately Bridget whose perspective we mainly follow is not so admirable There's nothing wrong with her but there's not much interesting either For the most part she gets passively pulled through the plot and doesn't actually do much herself even though we're told that she's a very powerful sorceress There was plenty of tension and many problems for her to deal with but mainly they resolved themselves uickly with little conscious effort on Bridget's part I was hoping to see her rise up to her potential but she never didThe World of Isavalta Before choosing this book I'd heard much about the uniue setting of glorious Isavalta but I didn't experience much of it in A Sorcerer's Treason Isavalta is only briefly described I think the references I read must be for other books in the Isavalta series I'm tempted to read one just to find out because it sounds like Sarah Zettel's world has wonderful potentialThe Magic System The magic system involves weaving spells with fabric hair etc and I liked it at first However I soon realized that it seemed to have no clear rules When we don't know the rules we can't anticipate what can and can not be done with magic Therefore the author can get the characters out of tight spots too easily by just adding a new magic spell In contrast consider the rule based systems of JK Rowling Brandon Sanderson or Janny Wurts When you know there are limits to the heroes' powers not only does this make them understandable but it makes us worry and fret when things go bad for them And of course that makes us connect with them emotionally In fact the characters I liked best in A Sorcerer's Treason were the ones who had no powers at all I can't give you specifics without spoiling the plot but those two had the best scene in the book — I actually had to dab at my eyes with a hankyThe writing Sarah Zettel's writing is pleasant easy and understandable but not particularly gorgeous My Tor hardback edition had multiple distracting editorial mistakes — mostly words missingConclusion A Sorcerer's Treason is light standard epic fantasy from an independent but somewhat soft female protagonist's perspective Its strengths are the suspense and multi textured plot I'd recommend it to those looking for a mysterious and easy readKatFantasy Literature

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A Sorcerer's TreasonOrld where magic reigns and where she is incredibly destined to play a key role in a power struggle between the Dowager Empress A Sorcerer's PDFEPUBand her foes Isavalta where magic can be found in the pattern of knots on a string the colors of a dress or even smoke in the air beckons to her Bridget has 710 There were strong elements to this book—the main character Bridget and the settings in our world and Isavalta Being a lighthouse lover I enjoyed the sections on Sand Island and in Bayfield places I have visited I would have liked a map of Isavalta and its neighbors The method of weaving magic literally by weaving was a fresh take And there was plenty of plotting and palace intrigue not to mention power plays by those who are beyond mortalSo why not a higher rating Other than Bridget and to some extent Kalami none of the characters had much depth or nuance There were too many mysteries and unanswered uestions elements that were not addressed directly and didn’t become clear in context I realize there are seuels but I felt like a number of things were either glossed over or left unexplained andor incomplete