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READER ✓ DOC The Rachel Papers ↠ 9780679734581 FREE ´ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY º ❮EPUB❯ ❄ The Rachel Papers ✿ Author Martin Amis – In his uproarious first novel Martin Amis author of the bestselling London Fields gave us one of thEr to sniffle and lust his way through the pages of contemporary fiction On the brink of twenty Charles High way preps desultorily for Oxford cheerfully loathes his This is a bit of a curate's egg of a reading experience I began finding Charles Highway's escapades mildly amusing took a detour into down and out hatred of vacuous Rachel and odious Charles and ended up in a state of turbulent hilarity This is basically a book about being a teenage boy obsessed with phlegm spunk and pulling girls At times Highway is intensly dislikeable like wading through a teenage boy's room in fact but he is undeniably fascinating However the prize for most dislikeable character must surely go to Norm who Charles pales into insipidity beside Even in the comic interludes in which he holds centre stage he is difficult enough to give reading room to As to the writing this was one of Amis' early novels apparently published when he was 24 Some of the structure is a little rough particularly the eccentric use of the you character later in the book perhaps I read it too haphazardly to recognise it's true significance The papers to which the title refers are an interesting literary conceit but seem to get sidelined and are never fully fleshed out or used particularly cleverly The Night Train uses a similar idea with a lot success However the character of Charles is entirely believable Perhaps Amis's relatively youthful age meant that he held nothing back in sticking a nail into the embarrassments of adolescenceafter all he had had none of the intervening years to develop the nostalgia for make believe youth Recommended to anyone who thinks they may experience a mid life crisis and thinks they need talking down

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In his uproarious first novel Martin Amis author of the bestselling London Fields gave us one of the most noxiously believable and curiously touching adolescents ev Vacca’s Complaint I am inconsolably jealous when I consider that Martin Amis published his first book at 24 and had actually done the writing at least a year before also I am disgusted with how much talent and confidence the bastard already had at my age Here I am approaching my first uarter of a century and I have no first novel I have no fame I’m not deflecting pertinent uestions from feminist reviewers by flirting with them I have accomplished nothing with my life Nothing The Rachel Papers Martins Amis’ debut novel is a snide and rude bildungsroman about an insufferably pretentious and over articulate git named Charlie Highway who in the final hours before making that magical transformation into a twenty year old proceeds to ruminate over the past three months and his brief romance—his first experiences with love—with a posh bird named Rachel The exact and expansive details of the relationship have been obsessively complied in a series of documents Charlie collects material and produces portfolios for all the women in his life called you guessed it the Rachel Papers Over the course of this playfully metafictional novel the reader gets to learn firsthand all of Charlie’s overbearing opinions on sex literature classism youth aging zits self loathing farts art music and poetry and all of this is further compounded by his snarky resentment for the entirety of the adult world by which I mean his carelessly cruel and cavalier father This book is by no means a great book but there is no denying the deep well of talent Amis is working with as he convincingly gives voice to his wannabe academic of a teenage boy Yes Rachel’s portrayal is as thin as the paper on which she is deconstructed in excess by Charlie who is very much a crude and shallow narrator The Rachel Papers is a genuinely funny and cynical look at youth and childish notions of love and how most young people don’t really have shit to say about anything meaningful Apologies Holden and whateveryournamesare in John Green’s novels

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The Rachel PapersFather and meticulously plots the seduction of a girl named Rachel a girl who sorely tests the mettle of his cynicism when he finds himself falling in love with he I haven't read other Martin Amis novels I have read analyses about Martin Amis I have read interviews of Martin Amis and I have read raving reviews of OTHER novels of Martin Amis and I believe everybody who praises his talent Unfortunately I should have also believed the people who praise his talent and who warned me not to choose The Rachel Papers as an introduction to his work on the grounds that – surprisingly enough it sucks I didn't and it was a big mistake I chose The Rachel Papers in the hope that it would turn out to be my High Fidelity of the 70s without the music or at least a light version of it because to actually match High Fidelity is too ambitious even for comparable books that chronologically precede it I also hoped it would turn out to be an easy and fun read about teenage lust which would be GREAT Give me the Footloose and Pretty In Pink videotapes ok it’s dvds anytime and I’ll watch them never mind the dozens of times I already have done so For each of these moviesend of synopsis of laughable in retrospect expectationsWell This was no fun read for sure It wasn't even an easy read and it's a short one and suffice to say I won't dignify that book with the slightest comment on potential proximities to a 70s version of anything even remotely related to the Hornby universe So what is The Rachel Papers The Rachel Papers is an incredibly B O R I N G and badly written coming of age novel about some Charles 20 year old who similarly to the entire book is completely humourless Charles doesn't give a fuck about anything in life except getting laid preferably with the number one popular Rachel girl with whom he is obsessed Which is fine And completely understandable if you’re not even 20 like CharlesUnfortunately at least for a human can’t vouch for extraterrestrials Charles also features a remarkably rare combination of all of the following inferiority complexes delusional ideas of grandeur sinister feelings for his father lack of trustworthiness self esteem instability lack of empathy towards everybody hallucinational – apparently ideas that planetary systems where being a complete arsehole is cool are already known to man and a desperate need for attention He is exactly the kind of person who will try to sell their half knowledge of the Dostoyevsky wikipedia entry and maybe of one of those short stories by Pushkin as expertise on Russian literature You know how it goesOf course lovely books where the main character is a complete jerk are not only perfectly possible but also in existence in abundance In fact 1984 and Crime And Punishment have to be my two most favourite books ever so far anyway and the protagonists in both books suck They suck One of them is also a murderer So that's clearly not an issue for meThe issue is that Charles both sucks and has nothing to share with the reader good or bad Top this up with a bunch of extra two dimensional underdeveloped characters – yes; that means Rachel too – and an obnoxiously crude writing style and that's itDoes this sound tempting to youI didn't think so