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Spirits of St Louis reader Ç 248 pages Ê Robin Tidwell Ê ❮Read❯ ➲ Spirits of St Louis Author Robin Tidwell – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Lonely Hitchhikers Dirt Roads Tired Soldiers Strange Children Mysterious Ladies Dark Houses What do they have in common They all haunt the pages of this bStory of St Louis Missouri and its surrounding river towns is filled with stories of haunts and the supernatural Spirits of St Louis Missouri Ghost Stories is a collection of over thirty stories from authors across the globe celebrating these gho This book has enough floating wandering spirits keep you surprised and turning the pages Some stories I liked better than others but they all show an interesting type of ghost story where ghosts exist somewhere in Missouri It's a spooky thought to think that some of these stories could be true I approached the stories looking for believability and so I felt a chill With each story I looked for not only a ghost but for the circumstance that lead them to become a wandering spirit and the situation where living people encounter the ghost I'll be reading these spooky collection of ghost stories again and again when I'm in the mood for a spooky tale Very well written by many talented authors these ghost stories are presented just right

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Lonely Hitchhikers Dirt Roads Tired Soldiers Strange Children Mysterious Ladies Dark Houses What do they have in common They all haunt the pages of this book From the Lemp Mansion to The Exorcist from the World's Fair to Jefferson Barracks the hi This book of Missouri ghost stories starts with a chiller “The House on Wolf Creek” by Pablo Baum The tale reaches back to the American Civil War touching on the evil era of slavery in the 1800sRebecca age twenty lived with her father and older brother on a rural back woods farm as her mother was dead It was a humble abode a two room one window cabin Rebecca’s father and brother cautioned her about Kansans releasing slaves and how “em in blue uniforms carryin’ guns’” had started fights with their Bushwhackers aka Union and Confederate soldiersHer father and brother decided to leave and go help “those wiser Missourians” fight and then plan to return home in a week Young afraid and running out of food with the passing of days Rebecca soon realizes that her pop and brother aren’t coming back suspecting they were dead She’s now all alone and unprotected She must operate in survival mode—to blend into the rural background with hopes of not being discovered by passers by After all she couldn’t possibly go into the town of Marshall to inuire if anyone had seen her father and brother That would be like announcing on a bullhorn that she was all aloneWhat is to happen to RebeccaShe is discovered by Theobold van Vorhees Massa Theobold who has a plantation Whether he is friend or foe she doesn’t know He warns her that she isn’t safe The preservation of her life is now foremost She marries Theobold Savior or sinister Donny and Adam were field slaves who brought to the plantation a slave girl called “Missy” Missy’s chief purpose was to serve the drunken abusive Master Theobold according to his revolting pleasure and to help Rebecca with housework The two women begin to bond A plan better known as “The Plan” is soon hatched and carried outOooh What was that That moaning soundRead this gruesome macabre tale in the day Or if you fancy yourself brave enough read it at night Yet another haunting tale in this book “Thank You Mary Ann” by Larry G BrownThis ghostly story could rightly be introduced as The Twilight Zone meets Tales of the Dark Side with a hint of The Outer Limits The main character Mary Ann just may be insane or are her nightmares really omens and forebodings of impending disaster for the Greenview Elementary School children on a bus journey Better yet to ask who is Mary Ann The twist at the end of this cryptic story will have you in a state of eerie marvelPerfect for the Halloween holiday each author has hisher own special brand of “spooky” to give to readers The howling of the windtree limbs scratching against a windowa rusty hinged door opening following with the sounds of creaking floorboards to announce the chilling terror of footsteps Someone is in your homeA ghost A specter A phantom A spook A shade A spirit It’s obviously unearthly and malevolentYour spine tingle; your hair bristles and your blood runs cold in your vein All the makings of nightmaresBut it’s all in good ghostly fun Each author knows how to spend a chilling ghostly yarn that will leave you riveted from one page to the next

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Spirits of St LouisSts banshees and shadows Do you believe in ghosts If you believe or Spirits of Kindle not this collection of dark tales of the dead and disturbed is sure to keep you awake at night Lock the doors turn down the lights and prepare to be terrified ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE LITTLE GAPS IN OUR LIVESShort stories are ideal for those little gaps in our lives when we crave excitement and these tales are entertaining in the best spine chilling tradition Not all are ghost stories some are simply about piuant moments of sadness Others are laced with humour All are well written With 30 stories to choose from there's something for everyone