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doc ô Baby Girl Erik Ead Trilogy #1 ´ 228 pages ↠ johnscyclingdiary Þ ✭ [PDF] ✪ Baby Girl Erik Ead Trilogy #1 By Scott Hildreth ✺ – This is the first book in a series of three in the life of Erik Ead Erik is a psychiatrist He rides a motoE together things begin to change personalities interests and the need for affection What happens is something that must be experienced by the reader This book is again not watered down This book has tremendous depth to those that are looking to find it It will upon completion allow you into the minds hearts and heads of people as they develop a Ds relationshipAgain if you have always wondered about what a Dominantsubmissive relationship is all about – less the airplanes mansions and billions read Baby Girl It’s real it’s raw and it’s got the hottest steamiest real sex you can imaginePlan on being up all nigh DNF at 60%I can't I'm sorry My mental health is important I was going to drive myself as well as my friends insane if I continued I really tried I did ppl Kelli takes the award for the biggest bimbo ever and Erik BORING FULL REVIEW TO COME Soon very soon I know what you ppl are thinking How can I review a book that I DNF'ed It isn't fairblah blah blah Well fuck that shit I can never take back the days I spent trying to read this book Kelli and Erik I was warned not to read this book But to warn me is like daring me I don't hear Emilia don't read this book because it's not your 'cup of tea' NO What I hear is Emilia I DARE you to read this book I love challenges and dares so of course I read the fucking book I knew I wasn't going to love it but it was of a challenge to see if I can tolerate and finish it WellI lost This was too painful for me And this is coming from someone who went through labor pains impacted wisdom tooth pain kidney stones pain and I also have endometriosis Let's start off with what I liked because this will be a lot shorter than my dislikesI was able to get through 60% YAY For meAndUHoh oh the Poker run thing I liked that I had never heard about that before It was a nice thing Erik did for charity This particular one was for a sick child But then further in the story I read how much Kelli bimbo HATED children YUP I said hate I know many many people who do not like children but she HATED kids I thought about kids and the fact that I hated kids HATE is such a strong word Especially when you're using it to describe how you feel about kids BUT it is sure okay to use when describing two adults I HATED Kelli and ErikSee that actually worksThis leads me to the things I strongly disliked HATED about this book So here are my dislikes Kelli I couldn’t stand this idiot She wasn’t even a likable ditz She was annoying pathetic and just a complete idiotLet's go over some eye rolling moments It was bad enough that he was gorgeous and a Channing Tatum double Kelli Yeah right I am like any other male you will ever meet Actually I am considerably better Erik ScottFull of himself much I like confident men But Erik Scott is just plain arrogant And there’s Actually yes I am probably the most confident man you’ll ever meet But I am confident for a reason Because I know I know my capacities Whatever “Pleasing a man made me happy especially if he was married and disappointed with his wife When he came in my mouth I felt like I had truly accomplished something Kelli” I wanted to eat and fuck I didn’t even want to eat I just wanted to fuck I wanted to show Erik what I was able to do sexually Making him happy and pleasing him than he had even been pleased was at the forefront of my list of things to accomplish today Oh and here’s a convo between Kelli and her bestie like really HeatherHeather “Well I know if a guy told me to suck his dick in a movie theater I would tell him to fuck off” Heather said as she put her empty beer bottle on the tableKelli “Whatever And where did you get that shirt you’re wearing Kelli Heather doesn’t need to worry There were many many eye rolling moments but I don’t think we have enough time to list all of thoseAnd then there was the infamous dressing room scene I had heard about this before reading the book but nothing could’ve prepared me how nasty it actually wasI grabbed the jeans from the corner of the room and used the inner leg of the pants to wipe myself clean Covered in his cum as well as mine I wiped several times I then neatly folded the jeans placed them on the bench” Gif says it allAnd there was Erik Scottwho was a complete bore and repetitive It was not fun being in his head He reflects a lot And then goes into his other book Yup Mr Scott Hildreth plugs his other book in this book Not once not twice Well I can’t really tell you how many times because I didn’t finish I guess if you want to plug your book in your other book its ok But to go into detail about the book and describe it as a masterpiece and powerfulblah blah blah“Broken People It’s a freaking masterpiece This is the third time I have read it I’m highlighting uotes in it“You have to read it it’s the most powerful moving and inspiring book I have ever read It’s a novel but it reads like something that could be so true” Kelli To believe that after 36 years of living a simple book written by a simple man me bullshitcould change me The thought was unnerving Erik In my opinion It's never a good idea to plug your book It’s kind of tacky really tacky And then there was Erik’s constant I mean constant uestioning Fuck I thought I was playing Jeopardy with Alex Trebeck But I was so bored with this story I said fuck it I’ll play your gameErik You’re standing in front of me with my arms around you I look you in the eyes and place my hands on your shoulder and say “ Get down on you knees you sexy little whore and suck you daddy’s dick like a good little girl” Turn on or Turn offTURN OFF It is never a good idea to refer yourself as “Daddy” or a woman as “ A GOOD LITTLE GIRL” UNLESS YOU’RE A STRIPPER WITH DADDY ISSUES We’re in a movie theater watching a movie You’re wearing a dress I lean over and whisper in you ear “ Slide over here and get on my lap Ride my cock Turn on or Turn offBeen there done that NextOh I got a good laugh with this convo with Erik and KelliErik AnalKelli yesMe yeah No surprise thereErik Bondage Kelli YesMe Sure why notErik Wearing a CollarKelli Yes Are we going in alphabetical orderMerolls eyes Erik nipple clamp being beatenKelli Yes yes yesMe no one fucking beats meErik Being gagged in any fashion wearing a leash being humiliatedKelli imagine a bimbo bouncing her boobs Yes Yes yesErikcutting tattoo threesomes foursomes gangbangs watersportsKelli Yes to everything But everything involving other people we’d have to discuss Me And I am not even going to add how much Kelli loves cock Hey so do I But I don’t need to constantly hear about it and how much she’s good at it Kelli I love it as she stroked her throat “ Feeling a cock slide in and out my throat makes me so wet I love my eyes watering and acting like I am gagging even if I am not gagging naturallyOh yeah Bimbo doesn’t have a gag reflux The Story and Writing very stilted Let’s sum it up in Kelli POV my version So like I met this guy at daddy’s job And he was soo hot that I had to meet him so I can suck his massive cock bc you know I can suck a cock like no other We went on a couple of dates We fucked on those dates and oh don’t forget I also sucked his cock WE had some deep convo’slike for reals And well like now we are totally in love He inspires me to be the biggest and best cock sucker EVERIs this review mean Probably But the author was warned and knew what was coming he actually was a good sport about it He might change his mind after this review I personally felt this was not some profound inspiring book like I heard Let’s call it what it is SMUT A smut book I like smut; Just not this kind of smut I don’t need to read Ben Stein and Courtney Stodden make some cheesy porno Oh in case you’re wondering how Kelli became so smart Just read Broken People See Scott darling I just helped plug your other book in my review Thank me later wink Now I haven't read it but if you believe what this book says then 'Broken People' will change your life FOREVERlike TOTALLYI can’t say what happens after 60% but I can take a good guess Let's end this review with a joke from Kelli

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This is the first book in a series Erik Ead ePUB #8608 of three in the life of Erik Ead Erik is a psychiatrist He rides a motorcycle in a Motorcycle Club He is tattooed He is confident to the point of perceived arrogance Erik does not believe in love and he doesn’t live in a mansion Baby Girl PDF he rides a motorcycle in a MC He does not have an airplane Erik is extremely confident real and knows what he wants He wants a woman to submit with no commitment for love Erik will settle for nothing less than owning KelliKelli is a college graduate scheduled to go to a university at Girl Erik Ead ePUB #8608 the end of the Baby Girl is the story of Erik and Kelli Two people who want similar things in life Erik is thirty six years old a biker covered in tattoos a psychologist and a dominant He doesn’t do long term relationships but he lets it be known upfront Kelli is fifteen years his junior She is a recent college graduate her father owns a BMW dealership that he plans on her taking over in the near future She also doesn’t do relationships Just sex And lots of it When they meet it is lust at first sight They spend time together but their relationship is purely sexual They are both okay with that in fact that is what they both prefer This is not your typical romance but the time Erik and Kelli spend together the their ideas about love and relationships start to change Could Kelli be different from all the other woman Erik has been with He feels different with her For the fist time he misses someone when they aren’t with him It’s a big deal And for the first time Kelli finds her self wanting to be with a man please him and not just sexually Neither of them have been in a normal relationship so they have a long journey ahead of them if they want to make this work “Looking beyond life’s imperfections allows one to be able to find happiness Life is not perfect ever For me remembering that life is flawed people are flawed and therefore relationships are flawed allows me to look at the flaws and imperfections as part of life itself A perfect life includes all of the flaws associated with what and who you surround yourself with My life and my means of living it are no exception I was as all people are flawed I accepted myself as being flawed no differently than I accepted others as being so” It seems that people are either loving or hating this book I for one am right down the middle This is just my honest opinion For those of you that loved it I think thats awesome For those that hated it I appreciate your opinions and honest reviews For me its easy to write a review on a book I hated or loved It is hardest for me to write a review on one that is right down the middle so bear with me I didn’t hate it there were things I liked but I also can’t say I loved it There were some things that just didn’t work for me What didn’t work for me Personally I couldn’t make a connection to either one of the main characters at first It took me a bit to connect with and like Erik but I did It took me even longer to warm up to Kelli but once again I did As overconfidentcocky as Erik seemed in the beginning he really grew on me I ended up liking him a lot by the end of the book There are also a few editing issues I try not to judge too harshly on that especially with self published books but I know it really bothers some people so I thought I’d throw it in there Then there is the kids issue view spoilerI have absolutely no problem with people not wanting kids I think as long as they are upfront about it with their partners it’s all good It works for a lot of people especially if they are on the same page with that But to say you hate kids in general I guess some people do but for some reason it just rubbed me the wrong way It didn’t effect my rating or anything just thought I’d throw it in there hide spoiler

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Baby Girl Erik Ead Trilogy #1Summer She meets Erik who is older than she is Immediately she is intrigued by him Kelli has never been in a relationship at all Kelli has spent her life being promiscuous and using men for sex Kelli after meeting Erik wants to do nothing but please him Kelli doesn’t uite understand why and waits on Erik to explain to her why she is the way she is and what to do nextLove isn't real Love is what people say to you so they can keep fucking you So they can keep your interest I don't want lies I want my ass slapped my hair pulled and treated like a little whore – Kelli with an “I”When these two begin to spend tim WARNING sexual content of this book is descriptive and not watered down If you aren't comfortable with descriptive raw true to life descriptions of a Ds relationship do not proceed with reading this book This book is real raw and true to life These people hurt They are in pain They have sex to mask the pain The make progress they begin to recover and this novel depicts that progress If you have ever wondered if you are truly a submissive one read of this book and you'll know THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE MIND FUCK HEAD FUCKALTRERNATING POV's from malefemale This is written from the minds of the characters this is the author's style if you don't like this style DONT READ IT For those that do it's a great readBaby Girl tells a true to life tale and has descriptive sexual scenes It is the beginning of the progression of what is intended to be a NSA Ds Dominant Submissuvesexual relationship for the summer between a 36 year old alpha male and a 22 year old rich college gradNON VIOLENT NON ABUSIVE NO HEAVY BDSM YES MIND FUCK YES SEX SEX IS DETAILED AND OFF THE CHAIN Bring a fan FARMHOUSE SCENE WILL REUIRE A SHOWER WHEN COMPLETEHe comes from a single parent upbringing mother and after graduating med school his mother was killed in a car wreck leaving him without parentsShe is the daughter of a wealthy BMW car dealer recently graduated college and home for the summer She is scheduled for Grad School at the end of the summer and agrees to be in a No Strings Attached NSA relationship with the alpha male for the summer id he accepts herWhat unfolds are the real life intricacies in a Ds relationship and what makes them workfailDescriptive psychiatric element descriptive sex and in depth discussions about relationships expectations and BDSM expectationsThis is Erotica you can actually relate to and in the style of this author an Erotica you can find a little of yourself in Without a doubt you will in multiple chapters find a bit of yourself and finish having an understanding of who you really are regardless of your sexual preferences baby girl is a must read for the Erotica reader