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Walker – A wallflower in the spotlight can do one of two things wilt or blossom Violet Greenfield's life changes forever when a lady in giant Chanel shades tells her she could be IT the nextNew York City wants to put Violet on a plane and whisk her into the world of high heeled boots and oversized sunglasses Tall skinny Violet who's been P L A I N practically forever And guess what She's going I thought this book was exactly what I needed right now It was cliché and extremely middle grade but I kind of loved it I found this book years ago and I put off reading it but I've recently experienced a big life change and I wanted to remember what life was like in the mid 2000s And it was fabulous This book had me laughing out loud reminiscing for flip phones tube tops and 13 Going on 30 vibes and missing my high school years Which by the way I'd never thought I'd miss Violet's all too fast senior year made me nostalgic The drama of her Chapel Hill High School was petty and lame but it was better than the New York City Modeling world It was pretty typical that a tall girl who's felt out of place all her life would bump into a high and mighty modeling agent at her local theater job and get discovered therefore becoming a model The premise was a little unoriginal but like I said I ended up loving this book And even through all the euphemized language and sugar coated situations I could hear Melissa C Walker's voice and it was one I wanted to listen to I mean the lack of adult content almost made me upset Violet is 18 for God's sake Throw some expletives in there some dangerous settings or a little bit of drugalcohol abuse I have a feeling at least for celebrities in New York City those sorts of things would be totally commonplace Almost all models have eating disorders but it wasn't addressed as much as I would have liked it to be When Violet woke up in the model apartment with a fuzzy memory and an even fuzzier head it's not because she stayed up too late When Veronica was laying out on her bed unresponsive and she had to be rushed to the ER it wasn't just because she was emotionally unstable I'm sure that in a real life situation they would have been drinking getting high or binge eating So I could have done without the kiddie version of the story but I still liked the author's voice It was like she had been a small town girl turned superstar herself I thought it was somewhat strange that Violet had been this nobody for her entire life but as soon as she got to New York she was pampered and built up from scratch She was all of a sudden someone and I'm not sure that a new hairdo and some makeup and better clothes can do that so magically It was still pretty easy to get swept up into the story and believe every word of it though I still wonder about that one conversation that Angela had the night she went out to eat with Violet and Mrs Greenfield where she was talking about a pampered princess turning into a slaughtered lamb It could've been Violet but having read the whole book I know it's not I hope that's at least mentioned in one of the seuels Honestly Julie and Roger were pretty great friends especially Roger so I don't see how on earth Violet ever wanted to be a BK or be friends with the BKs There was no sustenance with them Tina and Jasmine were mindless drones and Shelley was an airhead that fed on fame and beauty In short they were all wannabes Pretty apropos for their time period And the Bee's Knees I'm pretty sure that term was outdated by the 50s even so by 2006 I'm still contemplating whether or not Roger wrote that anonymous I 3 Violet Greenfield on her locker I feel like that should also be brought up in one of the seuels In fact there's a huge cliffhanger at the end Sure it's a good stopping point where Violet has come back home she's gone to the prom she's made up with Julie and she's dancing with Roger but she was obviously developing feelings for her best best guy friend she could ever ask for And don't even get me started on the Epilogue She was going to go to UNC at Chapel Hill like the boss ass chick she is but then Angela just had to call to tell her that a foreign designer in Brazil wants her to model his clothing Good Lord Angela get a life Everything's coming up Violet Greenfield but you just have to have your Vivacious Violet to keep your career spinning Whatever even happened to Veronica By the end I was truly on her side She was a sad pitiful creature in the beginning what with giving Violet bad information about go sees putting her down with verbal abuse talking about her mental health to Page Six and even pretending to be her friend but I finally saw past it She was just hurting She always has been hurting She just needs someone to be there for her so that she can become a good person Someone like Dubleve I support their friendship though I feel like if Sam was at their apartment than she had been Violet would have had a stronger relationship with Sam too I think one of my favorite characters was Mario the Chauffeur He was super cool and he was there to tell Violet that she was strong And the Violet at the end of the book was strong and I was proud of her For overcoming the trashy person that she became as a model Someone who totally blew off her real friends and accused anyone who was the least bit concerned about her of being jealous That version of Violet was someone I hated and had no empathy for The I got into the book the confused I became about the boy situation Obviously Roger liked her but she didn't like him Brian was one of those guys that says hey to you once and you feel like you'll be married within the year but nothing ever really comes of it and it turns out you only liked the idea of him Peter was by far the worst however He did indeed badmouth Violet in the tabloids and only was with her to build her up making himself famous He was inevitably cannon fodder and sooo not worth it He may have made her feel special and pretty but it became evident that he was always bad news Julie and Jake were a little surprising at first but I do believe there was some foreshadowing back in the very beginning of the book that I had forgotten about I'm excited for the seuels and I definitely liked this novel I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a cliché but it's a good cliché and it's better than the others

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E Moss but taller and without the PR problems That's how Violet winds up with a business card in the front pocket of her jeans on her first day as a senior in high school Angela Blythe from Tryst Models in Violet on the Runway is the story of Violet Greenfield She's very very tall and very thin and because of this insecure One day while working at her local movie theatre I would love that job Violet is discovered by Angela Blythe of Tryst Models This begins her whirlwind journey into modeling in New York City I really enjoyed this book You get to put yourself in the shoes of someone realizing every girl's fantasy What would it be like to become a model in New York City I really looked forward to enjoying the luxurious life with Violet being pampered and fussed over and going out on the town I also liked the pop culture references I just started reading the next book in the series Violet By Design Violet reveals that her public favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums That is my favorite movie I did miss Violet's friends Julie and Roger I think I have a crush on him while she was away in New York and lost touch with them Eventually they find each other again and for that I was very glad I wanted to pinch Violet but nobody is perfect and she soon realizes her mistake I really liked watching Violet grown into a young adult She learns a lot through her experiences Not everything she encounters in the modeling world is a dream come true But Violet handles it and becomes a better person for it She also becomes a confident person that can stand up for herself

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Violet on the RunwayA wallflower in the spotlight can do one of two things wilt or blossom Violet Greenfield's life changes forever when a lady in giant Violet on ePUB #9734 Chanel shades tells her she could be IT the next Kat There was a point in the middle of reading this book – a clump of about 50 pages – where I was genuinely enjoying it Then Walker slathered on a ridiculously boring ending and the whole thing just caved in on itself To say that Violet On the Runway is merely predictable is too kind it’s so predictable that it becomes a big fat dollop of clichéIt has been suggested that there are certain subjects that – despite an author’s lack of talent – will hold a reader’s attention easily For me and I’m sure any number of likeminded others modeling is one of those subjects All the drama glamour and intrigue is hardwired into the industry In short it’s hard to screw up That this book manages to be boring is a feat in and of itselfThe character development of Violet who goes from an insecure nobody to a famous model and ultimately stronger person is well done Unfortunately none of the supporting characters are given than 2 dimensions let alone any real development Roger is a lackadaisical wannabe hipster; Julie is the overenthusiastic school newspaper editor They’re such lazy caricatures that it’s impossible to connect with them Oh and of course Roger is sekritly in love with Violet Eurgh Can we please get an “unpopular” heroine who’s not secretly adored by her surprisingly handsome male best friendDespite the clichés the boring characters and the poor pacing the thing that really bugged me about this book was how completely Walker appeared to be walking on eggshells as she constructed this strangely moralistic tale Violet becomes distant from her family pisses off her friends gets a few hangovers and begins dieting – but she does not do anything that a parent might be genuinely concerned about I mean come on This is modeling one of the most callous and potentially poisonous professions around Even Veronica the character constructed as the “bad version” of Violet – the one with a drug problem and eating disorder – is lacking in nuance and believability I can only repeat this sentiment how did Walker manage to make a story about modeling so banal The fact that Violet at the age of eighteen seems completely un preoccupied with sex is another rant for another dayYA novels should not be so “careful” about the message they might be sending to young readers that they lack realism and nuance This is unfortunately exactly the trap Walker falls into In short Violet manages to be mediocre in content and moralistic in tone Not a great combinationPS I also feel the need to point out nepotism wherever I spy it in the publishing world Though nepotism in publishing is so rife that it’s hardly worth getting bitter about The fact that Walker previously edited a teen magazine which undoubtedly gave this book a glowing review when it was published is fairly obviously the reason such a mediocre writer has found a readership bile