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Book ✓ At the Back of the North Wind Ë George MacDonald By a brief glimpse of the beautiful country at the back of the north wind This Victorian fairy tale has enchanted readers for than a hun I recently had an intense life changing revelation I nearly went insane and spent over 2 weeks in the hospital diagnosed with hypermania I found At The Back Of The North Wind in the hospital I think left for a purpose and it described my situation perfectly I did not dievisit the back of the North Wind but the North Wind was synonymous for me with the voice of God that resonated in my head providing infinite wisdom It turned me from a pond into a river and all my fears and limits became intransigent no longer This was what happened to Diamond Diamond the Horse represents Christ and Diamond the boy the enlightened man He goes from fearful timid and non communicative to fearless infinitely courageous and ultimately communicative The room of boards over the stable was his mind It is oriented in a specific position and cites Orion I think MacDonald may have meant Cygnus a star formation seemingly referred to in Egyptian pyramids; the allusion was attributed until fairly recently to Orion and the North Star as landmarks The garden outside the house is Paradise the garden of innocence and his and Her's The North Wind's story is that of Adam and Eve told backwards He hears the voice of God eats the fruit choice and chooses to accept God with unwavering faith He comes out of his shelter like shedding his clothes and assumes a new dimension With it comes total enlightenment and benevolenceSpoil Alert The ending is not in the least sad or regretful except that Diamond's family doesn't know the truth of heaven and consciousness's affinity for transmutation Diamond through his infinite love inspired and transformed the lives of those around him He is loved by all that choose to give him a chance but only understood perhaps by the other enlightened character his writer benefactor MacDonald refers to the Ancient Greeks perhaps the most recent perfect civilization on Earth The Cynics like Diogenes strove to achieve one of the aspects of Diamond's enlightenment total happiness and connection to self and environment Today people are basically beasts controlled by riders We are so out of touch with our senses and selves that it is like riding an animal much like the drunken boor of a horseman In the end Diamond sheds his body and becomes one of the frolicking angels He moved his own rock and went INTO the cave The reverse of Jesus but the cave for him was HIS heaven or afterlife or rebirth; he found the one that fit and chose to take it just like the other angels This writing is sedimentary; an amalgamation of layered meanings that can be appreciated by youngsters and scholars alike It is extremely beautiful

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Epub ä At the Back of the North Wind ï 230 pages Download ë ❰Epub❯ ❧ At the Back of the North Wind Author George MacDonald – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Diamond son of a poor coachman is swept away by the North Wind a radiant maternal spirit with long flowing hair His life is transformed Dred years and combines a Dickensian regard for the working class of mid 19th century England with the invention of an ethereal landscap It took me awhile to read thisI am a busy mom and it was important for me to find the time to read and savor this in silence which doesn't always happen for me I was disappointed when I couldn't take the time to read this book It is beautifully written It is a fairy tale for both adults and children It makes me want to be like Diamond not fearing anything and living in the moment Would read it again George MacDonald is so descriptive in his writing At times it seemed as if I was there with Diamond

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At the Back of the North WindDiamond son of a poor coachman is swept away by the North Wind a radiant maternal spirit with long flowing hair His life is transformed At the start for the first half of it I struggled to push my way through At the Back of the North Wind I thought it tedious and drawn out But by the time I had waded into the middle I found I was swimmingI just finished this book and I have to tell you I have no way of using my tongue to convey how I feel and what this book has done in me I sit without words but without the ability to contain the rush of thought and emotion that crowd me on all sides I look about and the only thing that can settle me and uiet me is a morning sunbeam passing through the curtains to the floor I know that sounds rhapsodic and romaunt I'm caught up and enjoying every minute of it like a man in love But though my culturally inherited masculine reflex wants me to say no and erase all of this how could I hide from you that bit of mysticism which I am presently enjoying?Well let me try to do some justice to this thing we call a review and actually talk about the book I have one thing to tell you primarily complete the story I read the last chapter twice Mull it over Let thoughts on the whole story come and give yourself time to think about them to philosophize and wonder And then digest your thoughts This is one of the greatest stories of any kind I have ever known of course this is only my estimation and it is thus no surprise to me that CS Lewis wrote what he did of MacDonald's story makingWhat he does best is fantasy—fantasy that hovers between the allegorical and the mythopoeic And this in my opinion he does better than any man Most myths were made in prehistoric times and I suppose not consciously made by individuals at all But every now and then there occurs in the modern world a genius—a Kafka or a Novalis—who can make such a story MacDonald is the greatest genius of this kind whom I know—This from a professor of literature at CambridgeI felt like I had experienced a holy moment when I finished the very last sentence of the last chapter—though I wonder if later my words here will seem surfeit But I know they can't because as Diamond and the North Wind explain in the latter portion of the book whether the dream is true or not the thing it has done and the thing it stands for is true; and if the thing is true mightn't we also say that the dream is true?At the Back of the North Wind did nothing less to me than to make me aware of the wondrous ordinary—that the ordinary is never actually ordinary but full of wonders for those willing to perceive them It also made me ever conscious of a different way of being as I fell in love with the character of Diamond a character that is so contented in trust and fulfilled in love that it cannot but live for the good of others finding not that its own pleasure and good is overlooked but that the good of others becomes its own pleasure and good and that it cannot even feign to fear anything finding that it is always watched and always loved by capable hands and full heartI will leave you to decide whether you will read the book You will or you won't—there are other ways to come to these things yourself and other places to find great stories though such transcendence is rare But I don't feel any embarrassment in admitting the influence this book and George MacDonald's other works each in their own kind have made on me