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read Redefining Realness My Path to Womanhood Identity Love So Much More doc Ú Hardcover ↠ janet mock æ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Redefining Realness My Path to Womanhood Identity Love So Much More By Janet Mock – In 2011 Marie Claire magazEs and vulnerabilities of trans youth and brave girls like herself Despite the hurdles Mock received a scholarship to college and moved to New York City where she earned a master’s degree enjoyed the success of an enviable career and told no one about her past She remained deeply guarded until she fell for a man who called her the woman of his dreams Love fortified her with the strength to finally tell her story enabling her to embody the undeniable power of testimony and become a fierce advocate for a marginalized and misunderstood community A profound statement of affirmation from a courageous woman Redefining Realness provides a whole new outlook on what it means to be a woman today and shows as never before how to be authentic unapologetic and wholly yoursel ind this and other Reviews at In Tori LexWe can all benefit from educating ourselves about what it means to a Trans person in our society Janet details her evolution from being a boy who knows she's a girl to living in her truth and learning what that is It was really jarring to imagine having to hide facets of your personality because society doesn't believe you should have them The violence that is committed against Trans people shows the high intolerance our society has for difference Janet weaves her life's story with educational statistics and uotes that help highlight the lived experiences of Trans youth

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Ducation and resources necessary to help her thrive Mock navigated her way Realness My Path to Womanhood PDF or through her teen years without parental guidance but luckily with the support of a few close friends and mentors she emerged much stronger ready to take on and maybe even change the world This powerful memoir follows Mock’s uest for identity from an early unwavering conviction about her gender to a turbulent adolescence in Honolulu that saw her transitioning Realness My Path to Womanhood PDF or during the tender years of high school self medicating with hormones at fifteen and flying across the world alone for sex reassignment surgery at just eighteen With unflinching honesty Mock uses her own experience to impart vital insight about the uniue challeng I’ve been interested in this book ever since hearing Janet Mock talk on The Colbert Report segment here I loved her willingness to laugh at herself her attempts to focus the disconcerting Colbert her willingness to articulate identity issues on a show that specializes in sarcasm Only in her late twenties she’s written the story of her process of gender identity to date in Redefining Realness an autobiography that is occasionally as telling for what is included as minimizedRedefining Realness starts with an Author’s Note an Introduction and finally an untitled preface of New York City 2009 and her decision to share her past with a boyfriend who has become very close As she takes a deep breath into disclosure the narrative dives into her past transitioning to Part One Honolulu first grade 1989 Having been born with male genitals Janet was named ‘Charles’ after her father but recalls feeling female gendered since her earliest years She relates a story where a childhood friend Marilyn dared her to put on a dress hanging on the clothesline It became a Big Deal with Grandma catching her her sister tattling and her mom having a Conversation The anecdote becomes a point to begin educating the reader about the process of gender definition the cultural norms that assign items as gendered hair clothes walk etc and how they are reinforced through our daily acts The juxtaposition of the intellectual deconstruction with her life events foreshadows a pattern continued through her narrative Janet segues into her parents’ history her witnessing of her dad’s ongoing affair her mother’s discoveries leading to suicide attempts and dissolution of the marriage The separation precipitated Janet’s dad moving to Oakland and once her mom was pregnant with a new child and in a new relationship Janet joining him The rest of the narrative covers time in Oakland with her dad and his addiction issues and the move to Texas and his family Part Two begins with Janet’s return to Hawai’i in 1995 Throughout her moves Janet relates moments where her gender identity was a struggle Part Three begins with her claiming the name ‘Janet’ out loud to her high school as a sopho and the steps that followed as she became out about claiming a female identity and seeking to make her identity a biological realityTwo completely random observations Interestingly though Janet doesn’t overtly discuss it many of those early gender moments are centered around hair whether admiring the silky long hair of her mother or her father punishing her by taking her to the barber for a short haircut I found it particularly interesting as hair is a powerful touchstone in African American culture and Janet seemed to seize on it as part of establishing her femininity Second Hawaiian culture and perhaps culture of the late 90s seems to be far comfortable with gender ambiguity than most areas in AmericaWhat can you say about someone’s heartfelt autobiography I’m not ualified to judge anyone’s life; what I look for in autobiography are the moments of emotional honesty that cut to the heart of human experience that acknowledge the complexity of what it means to be human with all of our good intentions and sad mistakes Mock’s autobiography largely succeeds here although with an emotional brevity that somewhat limits the feeling of engagementI appreciated Mock’s attempts to transcend the specifics of the individual experience reflecting on the larger social issues that contextualize her experience For instance in the section where she discusses her childhood sexual abuse she also relates some facts about sexual abuse offenders In the section on sex work she also integrates discussion of defined womanhood as well as the economics of survival sex work At times the deconstruction provides excellent insight into the situation from a cultural perspective; at other times it makes for sweeping generalities that minimize the emotional complexities Occasionally the pieces also feel a little bit Gender Studies 101 although I acknowledge my intellectual exposure in the genre is greater than many readers’ it lacked some of the subtlety and finesse I expected from someone blurbed by bell hooksMore disappointing are a couple sections that are minimized particularly the less than one page mention of losing her virginity at the age of sixteen I don’t think it is voyeurism as much as wanting to know how she negotiated an emotionally loaded experience in any human’s life beyond a passing note of “weeks later I lost my virginity” But memory is tricky and in my own case what I think I remember about my own experience is no doubt different than my memories of it in my twenties and then again in my thirties Is it fair to ask that Mock share it I don’t know but for most of us gender is tied up in sexuality and in Mock’s own story she makes it clear that while it is related it is also complicated I think I wished for of those sorts of discussions than experiences of buying her first lip gloss or hanging at the MAC makeup counterBy the end I admired Mock’s willingness to share so much to acknowledge the times she was perhaps understandably focused on her survival at the expense of others the very definition of adolescence and to recognize and celebrate her multiple identities Very briefly as part of her narrative of the sex trade Mock acknowledges with amazing honesty “kindness and compassion are sisters but not twins to have compassion for these men would mean that I’d have to know them and they would have to know me” It proved a telling line although likely not uite in the way she meant it I found at times she was very self critical sounding unforgiving for perspectives I’d attribute to the arrogance of youth I give her credit–I don’t know that I’d ever publish an entire book exposing my childhood as well as innumerable coming of age vulnerabilities I hope she can find some compassion for herself

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Redefining Realness My Path to Womanhood Identity Love So Much MoreIn Marie Claire magazine My Path ePUB #180 published a profile of Janet Mock in which she stepped forward for the first time as a trans woman Those twenty three hundred words were life altering for the Peoplecom editor turning her into an influential and Redefining Realness MOBI #233 outspoken public figure and a desperately needed voice for an often voiceless community In these pages she offers a bold and inspiring perspective on being young multicultural economically challenged and transgender in America Welcomed into the world as her parents’ firstborn son Mock Realness My Path Epub #220 decided early on that she would be her own person no matter what She struggled as the smart determined child in a deeply loving yet ill euipped family that lacked the money e Note It has been three years since I read and reviewed this book Re reading my review and the comments now I think there are a couple points where I was bit too relentlessly critical even a bit petty For the most part I still hold my disagreements and opposition But for context I would like to add that at time of reading I was homeless And the best thing people could offer me were useless transgender memoirs rather than something practical to me like money and safe housing Part of my criticism is influenced by this and yet my viewpoint is no less valid as a criticism of misdirected narratives and conventional ways of thinking about transgender people and the typical disregard for our population as one in constant increasing crisis I have a problem with how assimilation afflicts and fractures my community when those who could be radical representatives and are in a position to lift up their community members instead accumulate capital for themselves and abandon the rest of usFurther the negative reactions I have received for this review simply delve into character attacks transphobia and transmisogyny against me I'm sure there's a way to disagree with transgender people on certain issues without perpetuating the same attitudes and dynamics that are killing my people I first heard of Janet Mock many years ago from her article I read it around the same time CeCe Mcdonald was kidnapped by police so it was an awakening time for the politics of my then vague transness Now though when reading this for my studies in college I realize my fears that Janet Mock wrote a bourgeois memoirFrom the very first sentences advertising about buying dresses she didn't need and reading things on her Iphone I knew I was delving into a rich people's book Now I hoped she had presented this beginning to suggest she grew out of it yet she hardly develops to oppose the materialization of her world Soon all the way to the end I found she is shallow weak materialistic body shaming and body policing and hardly the trans radical this community needs She wants to get married and be subservient to men while others like her are fighting for their very lives At one point she says I wish he'd just lean over and kiss me already how about you tell him you want to kiss to practice common consent and if affirmed then do so yourselfThere are repeated slurs throughout this book which she is self entitled to exploit as a way to show everyone how offensive these slurs are There's loads of repetition wherein she talks about the slurs used against her mostly words which don't apply to her and therefore she has no right to use about how her perception of women is that they are subservient to which she suggests has changed and yet is proven false with how she acts around men and every once in a while trophy mentions something about intersectionality and racismAt one point she even suggests that only transwomen fought in battles like in compton and nyc This is extremely offensive and copies the same behaviour of rich gay white cis men who say only THEY fought there The point is WE ALL FOUGHT Why Because no matter how many reforms we fight for or how many of you get married we're all targeted for being different and will always be attacked so long as we're different and we'll especially be attacked by those in power policeAnother thing I find particularly insulting as a transperson is her perpetuation of and support for the idea that it's a transition for usothersthe family too This is a pathetic loathsome thing a transperson can hear from others trying to justify their misgendering and misnaming And yet she remains subservient to her patriarch father who has never respected her and she believes she should feel bad about how she avoided her abusive addicted ignorant father and gave him an ultimatum for her safety She feels bad about how her father and the rest of her family are mourning her old self She has clearly internalized transphobiaA simple reason I dislike Janet Mock and her book so much is that Janet Mock is bourgeois She has had many privileges despite her background and identity most importantly an accepting family except her father She mentions ueeryouth homelessness the most important issue for me once at the end and this as with her mentions of intersectionality and so on are just an afterthought She fixates on trans bourgeois issues like surgery to the point of endangering her own life just to get it only to perpetuate hierarchy and transphobia by feeling 'better' than the 'non transitioned' folks who don't pass in the system of oppression like she does She does what I've found many transwomen and any person of gender with dreams of assimilation seem to do create a hierarchy of self entitled attention wherein her group is said to be the most oppressed and most important when this is destructive and untrue Her views of body shaming transphobia classism her wealth and attention all distract the community and the world from the ongoing crises of homelessness violence and death happening against these amazing and variant people I don't care about the life of ignorant rich people be they trans or cis I care only about the lives of those who struggle most the youth these people abandon as they pull the camera closer to their selfish faces This book is not radical enough Janet Mock is not radical enough and many ueer people and young people as a whole will continue to suffer in devastating poverty because of it