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The Opposite of LonelinessAn affecting and hope filled posthumous collection of essays and stories from the talented young Yale graduate whose title essay captured the world’s attention in and turned her into an icon for her generationMarina Keegan’s star was on the rise when she graduated magna cum laude The Opposite MOBI #233 from Yale in May She had a play that was to be produced at the New York International Fringe Festi This book infuriated me I'm sure it has infuriated others as well but given the circumstances and tragic death of its writer I suspect most folks feel uncomfortable panning it So I'll take one for the team and be that asshole When I jumped into this book having read its hype I was expecting to spend a few days in bed shamed that a 20 something writer could mop the floor with words in a way that I still cannot at 37 Imagine my shock when I realized just the opposite Had Marina Keegan not died so tragically and I don't mean to downplay the tragedy because truly it was a sad and unfortunate event I hope am convinced that this book never would have seen the light of day As the writer of the book jacket reveals what propelled this book into existence is one of Marina's essays going viral right after her untimely death an essay that doesn't sound much different than every single high school student's graduation speech Marina seems a smart and thoughtful cookie the type of girl who would recognize herself that just because something gets picked up by the masses and thrust into the public eye because of tragic circumstances DOESN'T MEAN IT'S GOOD It just means we love a good tragedy The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Marina's writing sounds like exactly what it is the product of writers workshops and a 20 year old mind Anne Fadiman who wrote the introduction extolls Marina's writing virtues by stating that while her other 20 something students try to sound 40 Marina's magic resides in the fact that she does not That her works resound with the voice of a young 20 year old And that is true Profoundly true And sadly true Because the fact of the matter is there are plenty of writers out there who don't feign the profundity of a 40 something writer AND YET are doing something real and different and profound Marina is not one of those Her writing sounds like most everyone else's writing in college it doesn't take risks It's not surprising Its neatly packaged endings make me groan and picture my own workshop instructors saying 'Nooooo that's too easy Take it somewhere surprising Somewhere truthful but interesting' Her writing may be truthful it may occasional stumble across a bit of insight but it is rarely interesting It is rarely remarkable And uite frankly if this is what the New Yorker considers the voice of this generation then it represents exactly what its writer was hoping to rise up in the face of the death of literature

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EPUB Å MOBI The Opposite of Loneliness ☆ 9781476753614 FREE õ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ¹ [KINDLE] ❅ The Opposite of Loneliness By Marina Keegan – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk An affecting and hope filled posthumous collection of essays and stories from the talented young YaleMarina left behind a rich expansive trove of prose that like her title essay captures the hope uncertainty and possibility of her generation The Opposite of Loneliness is an assem­blage of Marina’s essays and stories that like The Last Lecture articulates the universal struggle that all of us face as we figure out what we aspire to be and how we can harness our talents to make an impact on the world I thought The Opposite of Loneliness was an excellent collection of fiction and non fiction essays by Marina Keegan a Yale student who died in a car wreck a couple days after she graduated from collegeMy favorite essay out of the bunch is Against the Grain pg 157 where she discusses her Celiac disease and the negative effect that that had on her motherShe expresses frustration with how ridiculously protective her mother became when they were finally able to figure out what was wrong She talks about being embarrassed at holidays as her mom cooked separate pies just for her or at field trips when her mother brought along special snacksBut then she reveals how she saw an internet article about how having Celiac disease could negatively effect the fetus when the sufferer becomes pregnant and it's a light bulb moment for Marina She suddenly understands that feeling how she would do anything to protect that other person her baby and suddenly her mom's behavior doesn't seem all that crazy after allOf course the absolutely heartbreaking moment for the reader is realizing that this particular dream will never come to fruition for MarinaBut the fact that she even had that ah ha moment is so powerful My dog let out a small howl twigs cracked in the woods and something about the stillness or my state of mind reminded me of the world's remarkable capacity to carry on in every place at once pg 34 I always had that feeling towards the end of the semester during collegeYou'd work at this frantic pace not giving a thought about your family or friends at home then somehow in the lull between the final and actually going home it would occur to me to wonder how my sisters had been for the last ten weeks or what my high school buddies had been up toI'd also forgotten that the world carries on in every place at once I worry sometimes that humans are afraid of helping humans pg 153 I worry about that tooIn that essay Marina is talking about helping to save whales that were beached near her home She talks about the time effort and money that is spent without consideration for the fact that only so many of the whales will actually be savedThen when these whale rescuers go home they do so without a backward glance towards the homeless on the streets who are just as beached as the whales that they've been caring for all day You feel like so many people are doing it and talking about it all the time like it's interesting so you start to wonder if maybe it really is pg 190 Marine was writing about how 25 percent of Yale graduates go immediately into banking or consulting positions that have absolutely nothing to do with their long term goals but provide a uick paycheck in the short termWill they ever realize their dreams If they make enough money will they even careLife is about than a paycheck Marine Keegan knew that and her life had barely begunIf you enjoyed The Opposite of Loneliness I'd suggest Cool Calm Contentious an excellent and serious collection of essays about life or Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt a comedic collection of essays about life that are surprisingly insightfulThanks for reading

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Val and a job waiting for her at the New Yorker Tragically five days after graduation Marina died in a car crashAs her family friends and classmates deep in grief joined to create a memorial service for Marina her unforgettable last essay for the Yale Daily News “The Opposite of Loneliness” went viral receiving than million hits She had struck a chordEven though she was just twenty two when she died This collection reads like what it is the work of the most talented person in an undergrad writing class