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K #229 rely on themPhillip Pullman’s spellbinding His Dark Materials trilogy has captivated readers for over twenty years and won acclaim at every turn It will have you uestioning everything you know about your world and wondering what really lies just out of reach So this is a bind up of all three books in this series and it's a reread for me I first read these when I was very young maybe 1112 and I remember absolutely loving them This still remains true to this day and they are excellent books the second time through too Also being 10 years older now than when I first read it helped me to notice a lot of the subtle references to religion souls sex body image and so on None of these were things I was even considering when I was young but now these things become a vital part of the story making this book one which bridges the gap between fun for kids and interesting for adultsThis is the story of Lyra and later Will They are both children one from an alternative world Lyra where they have deamons which act as an eternal companion and soul and one from our world Will We meet only Lyra in book #1 but by book #2 and #3 we have a lot of Will's involvement too and it uickly becomes a series about friendship strength of character love and adventureThe character and worlds within this feel very genuine and expansive and I definitely connected with some truly horrific moments of the plot and felt deep sorrow joy and sadness for the different characters at differing momentsOn the whole and excellent one to reread and a solid 45s on the reread becuase of all the new things I picked up and loved the second time through Highly recommended

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His Dark Materials Northern LightsThe Subtle KnifeThe Amber SpyglassMaterials Northern MOBI #245 The Golden Compass The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass are available together in one volume perfect for any fan or newcomer to this modern fantasy classic seriesThese thrilling adventures tell the story of Lyra and Will two ordinary D I can't believe I had never reread this series Such a fascinating world such a good story

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mobi Ô doc His Dark Materials Northern LightsThe Subtle KnifeThe Amber Spyglass 9780440238607 Free õ Philip Pullman Û ☂ His Dark Materials Northern LightsThe Subtle KnifeThe Amber Spyglass PDF / Epub ✐ Author Philip Pullman – Johns-cyArk Materials Northern LightsThe Subtle PDF or children on a perilous journey through shimmering haunted otherworlds They will meet witches and ard bears fallen angels and soul eating specters And in the end the fate of both the living and the dead will His Dark eBoo In just under a month La Belle Sauvage The Book of Dust #1 will be released so I thought I’d do a summative review of my experience with this trilogy Here’s what I thought of each book I read them over a period of four years and my reviews are what I thought at the time; they’ve not been edited since Book 1 The Golden Compass 5 This novel is an absolute work of pure genius and is in my top ten reads of all time Before I go into the depths of character and plot let me start by saying this book is up there with other fantasy hard hitters by this I mean books like The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia the books that define the genre This is high praise indeed and this novel is worthy of it The protagonist of the book is Lyra a young girl who is parentless and seemingly friendless She has grown up in an Oxford College and has developed a detachment to her guardians She spends her days enjoying her youth and harassing those that turn out to be some of her greatest allies For her this book is a journey of self discovery a way of exploring the limits of her character and potential Her adventure sees her befriend an armoured polar bear and become the wielder of the golden compass This is initially described as a lie detector but it is apparent that the depths of its power have not been fully explored It lay heavily in her handsthe crystal face gleaming the brass body exuisitely machined It was very much like a clock or a compass for there were hands pointing around the dial but instead of the hours or the points of a compass there were several little pictures with extraordinary precision as if on ivory with the slenderest sable brush She turned the dial around to look at them all There was an anchor; an hourglass surmounted by a skull; a bull a beehiveThirty six altogether and she couldn’t even guess what they meantThis book retains all the classic elements of fantasy magic mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena The world Pullman has created is physically intertwined with our own; there are references to cities and countries in which his idea has been planted Each human has a daemon that is essentially their soul These take on the form of an animal that is representative of the person for example someone who is enthusiastic and friendly has a colourful cat whereas as solider has a wolf or a hound The author does very little to explain this It is just thing “thing” that we are told about at the start but through the book but we begin to see the significance of it The fact that children’s daemons change is a subtle hint how children can be influenced and have not found their identity where as adults are secure and confident In this the author has created an air of mystery as we explore the true meaning of the bond as we read further The plot is fantastic The author manages to surprise the reader on several occasions as he drops several massive plot turns This sees the story go into unexpected directions From the beginning of reading a book you begin to predict what will happen Some books are completely predictable and obvious in their direction; this one was not I physically gasped at some moments as I found myself awed by the author’s storytelling; this is when several characters origins in relation to Lyra are defined The book begins as a simple rescue mission but ends as a story that is uestioning the morals of all characters involved The fate of the characters is destined in the mysteriousness of the northern lights; the gateway to beyond This is one of those books that is applicable to all ages; it originally appears to be a children’s book but it can be enjoyed by anyone Much of the content in here touches on themes that most children would not comprehend fully never mind be able to philosophise about The author considers spirituality religion morals and the existence of the soul amongst other things Most children would not pick up on these references and understand the significance of them; however they would still adore the bookThe book can be seen as two separate entities existing at the same time; the first and most obvious is the one that appeals to children; the saving of innocents from despotic adults with lots of exciting characters The second is on a deeper scale; the author explores the conflicting powers of science and religion manipulation and morality in terms of actions being for a greater good In this the author is a genius he has wrote a book that can be both a children’s bed time read and an adult’s point of pondering Book 2 The Subtle Knife 3 When I read this the first time I completely overlooked a main component of the book I approached it as if was the second book in the series a massive mistake I wrote a review criticising the fact that the novel felt awkward; it had no beginning or end it just felt like the typical content you’d find in the middle of the story The ironic point of this is that most critics take the trilogy as one whole book rather than three separate works And this really is the best way to approach the story The Golden Compass is the beginning of it all the setting of the stage This then is the middling part of the work The second protagonist of the series the Adam to Pullman’s Eve takes the lead here Initially I was very resistant to this idea I had grown to respect Lyra; she’s a really strong heroine but after a while it started to make sense Pullman has expanded his story considerably Lyra has three chapters told from her perspective The same amount roughly speaking is told from the perspective of Will The rest of the chapters are from side characters of the previous book So there’s a strong move away from a Lyra centred story I have mixed feeling about this It felt like an odd authorial decision At times this felt like an entirely different series altogether again something I eventually got over There is no sense of closure at the end of this The first book had a strong ending but this has very little This book seemed to be a mere set up for the next instalment which makes it rather difficult to review; it’s like picking out the middle bit of a story and trying to criticise it as a separate entity from the rest of it it’s not easy to do Any criticism you make are negated by the fact that this is not a separate book it’s a chunk of a greater work So I’m going to read the third book before I speak any about this I need to see where these elements Pullman added go to Perhaps a review of all three works together would be the best option At this moment though I find the witches one of the most interesting aspects of the work I’m not entirely sure what to make of them as of yet Hopefully the third book will give me all the answers I need All through that day the witches came like flakes of black snow on the wings of a storm filling the skies with the darting flutter of their silk and the swish of air through the needles of their cloud pine branches Men who hunted in the dripping forests or fished among melting ice floes heard the sky wide whisper through the fog and if the sky was clear they would look up to see the witches flying like scraps of darkness drifting on a secret tide Book 3 The Amber Spyglass 3 I’ve been putting this book off for almost four years I’ve been truly terrified to read it for such a long time The first book The Golden Compass is one of the best fantasy novels I have ever read I adore it The second book is something else entirely I was horrified when I read it and truly disgusted with the unexpected direction the series took I did not want to read this one because I did not want my memories of the first book shattered completely So I finally picked it up and I approached it expecting to hate the thing I expected it to be worse than the second book but my expectations were unfounded The biggest problem this trilogy has is the fact that it’s not really a trilogy It’s essentially one big book one story Each book is not self contained but needs to be read in seuence; they are not structured like individual books the story keeps flowing to the last page And this book whilst nowhere near the same level of mastery the first book possessed was not entirely bad It managed to piece everything together uite nicely but this series had the potential to do so much I was delighted with the first book for many reasons One of the main things that impressed me was the strength of its protagonist She’s a very young girl who is very much human She is not a messiah figure and was prone to make mistakes but she was also capable of moments of real brilliance I rooted for her I wanted to see her grow and conuer those that would seek to use her for their own ends She had power in her With the introduction of Will she took a backseat in the story he became the main hero and overshadowed her completely She seemed happy to follow his lead and became subservient to his decisions This was a big mistake Whilst Will did actually develop some personality in this book it was at the tragic cost of Lyra’s Pullman seemed unable to balance the two personalities together without one unfortunately dominating the other And the ending they pushed towards was so very how shall I put this closed It was not the ending this series needed I feel that Pullman sacrificed the situation he had blooming to fit the writing into the allegory he had been devising since the first book It became too forced one the story would have been much stronger if it was allowed to breathe and go where it needed to go The redemptive themes towards the end seemed drastically out of place Two characters that clearly didn’t care much unexpectedly had a change of heart I found it a little unbelievable You may wonder why I even bothered to give it three stars I’m wondering that myself I think a lot of it has to do with Iorek Byrnison He was in the last book and his presence here helped pull the story up in my estimation But His Dark Materials will always be a series that ruined its own potentialI’m excited to read the new book but I’m also a little bit nervous I’m not sure if I will actually like it I have very mixed feelings about this trilogy as if you read my reviews here you can probably tell The start was spectacular but then it went in places I didn’t think it should go I know man readers agree with me but there are also many who love the series as it is I hate the direction it took and I hate how the female protagonist was a shadow of her former self by the end dominated by Will’s personality Four stars is a very fair rating I think for the series as a whole is my opinion The initial brilliance was distorted as the series expanded but in reality all it did was detract the magic and limit the power of the storytelling I will approach the new book with an open mind and I hope that it is as fantastic as it could be