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Beautiful Player Book Ý 432 pages ✓ [Download] ➼ Beautiful Player By Christina Lauren – A bombshell bookworm A chronic Casanova And a lesson in chemistry too scandalous for schoolWhen Hanna Bergstrom receives a lecture from her overprotective brother about neglecting her social life and A bombshell bookMent get out make friends start dating And who better to turn her into the sultry siren every man wants than her brother’s gorgeous best friend Will Sumner venture capitalist and unapologetic playboyWill takes risks for a living but he’s skeptical about this challenge of Ha 5 Player Stars Hanna decided that she needed to be a little “sexier” and confident in bed so she asks for the help of Will the biggest player and sexy guy she knows They know each other since childhood and it seems to be the perfect plan Just have sex learn go back o being friendsWill thought the same until he realized that their “deal” isn’t working any And how can they player convince the girl that he’s ready to stop the game and having something real Wow this book was an amazing surprise Not only I really like both characters yeah I wanted to beat them at some moments but overall they were pretty good This was without a doubt my favorite book of the series so far So if you’re looking for a steamy sweet addictive and “friends to lovers” story this is a great bet Rating 5 Stars Steam HOT Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler

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A bombshell bookworm A chronic Casanova And a lesson in chemistry too scandalous for schoolWhen Hanna Bergstrom receives a lecture from her overprotective brother about neglecting her social life and burying herself in grad school she’s determined to tackle his implied assign FIVE STARSBR with my Lovely Alice I had heard from a few friends that this one was their favorite in the series I didn't think it could be possible after meeting Max Stella in Beautiful Stranger because I have a major weakness for British men Holy Crap I LOVED THIS BOOK HARD I can't stop thinking about it I fell absolutely head over heels in love with Mr Will Sumner Get a load of that name Even the name is god damn SEXY AS HELLI now understand why my lovely buddy reader Alice was reading this for the second time I plan on reading this one many times over There are several types of themes I go gaga for in a story and one of them is when there is romance with the best friend of the heroine's older brother I unfortunately am the oldest sibling but when I was younger I had always wished I had an older brother who would bring his hot friends over so that I could just drool all day over them Hanna Bergstrom aka Ziggy is the lucky lady in this story She has always carried a major torch for Will Sumner since she was 12 years old Will was her brother Jensen's college roommate and he would come to visit and even spent the summer with them once while he interned for her father What a lucky girlIf you've read the previous book you know that Will is a ladies man A player He has never had a serious relationship However he's not a douchebag about it either Will is always upfront with the ladies and he treats them with respect He's actually very charming Hanna reaches out to Will one day after being lectured by her brother that she is not living her life She's going to Grad school in NYC and spends all of her time working in the lab She is a science geek So Jensen tells her she should reach out to Will and have him help her to get out there and socializeSo we know that these two are going to have sparks flying between them and I could definitely feel them the moment they meet up in Central Park for a run Will had never noticed HannaZiggy before because she was seven years younger and at the time just a kid but now he is noticing the 24 year old version of HannaI loved how Hanna was so innocent but very openly curious about the ways of sex She has had sex before but definitely not with anyone who truly knew what they were doing like Will So Hanna asks Will to be her life coach Show her the ways of dating casually and eventually she wants him to teach her all about sex as well They decide to have a sort of friends with benefits arrangement MY GOD I loved every freaking sexy time scene between them Our Will likes to get a little rough and damn did it make him even delicious to me I found myself having to take a few breaks to fan myself because these scenes were making me feel very much overheated Will falls for Hanna rather uickly but the two of them keep giving each other mixed signals although I mostly did think Will was making his feelings and desires pretty clear to Hanna but she was rather clueless She also knew he was the Player and had a huge fear of getting too attached to him because she didn't want her heart to get broken I definitely wanted to shake her uite often There were moments I wanted to do the same to Will but holy hell he would say the most amazing things to Hanna that just had me swooning Hanna I don't know if I've ever wanted something than I want you I really don't think I haveI think about just kissing you for fucking hours Do you know that kind of kissing Where it's enough for so long you don't even think of doing anything else There is angst in this one and at times I was really dying I was waiting for these two to stop being chicken shit and take a freaking chance on love Sometimes the greatest things in life are worth the risk It just seemed like they were never going to be on the same page They seemed to always be reading each other wrongI was just sucked into this story and with every chapter that passed I was falling so much in love with it and with Will Enough to even put him on my every growing Top Ten Fave Book Boyfriends list I am uite sure that I have exceeded TEN by now He kept making me swoon and I did highlight many passages in the story I just love this man and wish that he were real and we could have beautiful babies together LOLIt wasn't just a physical attraction between us Of course I'd been attracted to women before But there was something with Hanna some chemistry in our blood something between us that snapped and crackled that made me always want just a little than I should take She offered her friendship I wanted her body She offered her body I wanted to hijack her thoughts She offered her thoughts I wanted her heartOverall this was just PERFECTION to me I want to thank my Beautiful Friend Alice for reading with meWe had a blast chatting about our WillPick this series up if you haven't done so alreadyEvery woman needs to meet these men

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Beautiful PlayerNna’suntil the wild night his innocently seductive pupil tempts him into bed and teaches him a thing or two about being with a woman he can’t forget Now that Hanna’s discovered the power of her own sex appeal it’s up to Will to prove he’s the only man she’ll ever ne 45 Sweet and Sexy StarsLike always I am late to this party I read about the Stranger and the Bastard but someone missed reading about the Player Ms Lauren’s writing is always extremely hot and entertaining Through in a “brother’s best friend” type story and I am SOLD I love these types of books These books give the sneaking aroundforbidden love and usually a happy ending for the girl or guy who always had a childhood crush In Beautiful Player we meet Hanna or Ziggy as her family likes to call her she is a nerdy girland I mean this in the best possible way She is crazy smart eccentric and has no filter I loved these ualities in Hanna The things she said had me LMAO Actually yeah I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone so much I would beg for it A cookie Yes A cock No” She is in school getting her doctorate when her older brother decides to have an ‘intervention” He wants Hanna to get out of the lab meet people live a little Nothing extreme just live her life instead of focusing on solely on school He suggests she meet up with college buddy Will Will Sumner knows hot to show a girl a good time and Hanna still remembers the stories and watching Will when she was growing up She takes her brother’s advice and decides to call Will at like 5 in the morningsee eccentric Will decides he will help Hanna and they begin running together in the morning This is when Hanna and Will get to know each other gradually through conversation Will is attracted to Hanna but doesn’t feel right about having feelings for the younger girl who happens to be his buddy’s younger sister Hanna has always had a crush on Will but knows he is a player so nothing serious could ever come form her feelings So she is fine with being friends and having him teach her how to be social and eventually date Yes this is when things get a little complicated for the two Having to fight their attraction for each other when everything is telling them to just let goLike I said before I love this type of book and really enjoyed this one in particular It is a sweet story yes but also incredibly hot I highly recommend if you are looking for a sweet read that is also off the charts sexy