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Epub ´ Neanderthal Seeks Human ☆ 403 pages ¸ Johnscyclingdiary Þ ❴Reading❵ ➺ Neanderthal Seeks Human Author Penny Reid – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk This is a previously published edition ASIN B00BUWA58EThere are three things you need to know about Janie Morris 1 She is This is a previously published edition ASIN BBUWAEThere are three things you need to know about Janie Morris She is incapable of engaging in a conversation without volunteering TMTI Too Much Trivial Information especially when she is unnerved No one un 5 ‘by the mighty power of Thor’ stars Neanderthal Seeks Human really is a smart romance Smart funny sexy and all around wonderful I listened to this on audio and towards the end found myself doing extra housework and keeping busy just so I could finish it It was one of those addictive reads I didn’t want to put down Janie Morris is one of those heroines you want to be BFF’s with She’s uirky intelligent hilarious and just so fantastically random Janie has been having a rough time All within a day she’s broken it off with her boyfriend lost her apartment and got downsized from her job The only upside of all this is that uinn ‘Sir McHotpants’ Sullivan security guard gets to watch it all uinn is that guy Janie ogles at work He’s sexy strong and he just gets to her After Janie gets laid off she goes out with a friend only to run into him again uinn They fall into this friendship of sorts Janie is still awkward as all get out but uinn finds it endearing Janie isn’t one of those girls whose heart flutters when she sees a guy Never has been But with uinn things are different She feels different around him When Janie starts working at a new job with guess who uinn things get a little tricky uinn is a wonderful character I loved how he appreciated Janie for who she was There was a twist or two with him that readers will catch on to uick but Janie overlooks She is so taken by this man He does things to her makes her feel things she's never felt before I loved watching Janie and uinn’s relationship grow I loved all the humor the laugh out loud moments I especially loved how relatable Janie was I also feel a little smarter after reading Like I have all these random facts in my head now If you’re looking for a fun and feel good read that will make you laugh and smile nonstop with a fantastic heroine and a sexy alpha hero this is the book for you The writing was smart the characters endearing and it was just so entertaining I can’t wait to continue on with this series and I’m especially glad there is another Janie and uinn book I’m not ready to let go of these two “God uinn you have no idea how permanent I’d like this to be I’d like us to be Twinkies and cockroaches death and taxes”

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An aka Sir McHotpants witnesses it all then keeps turning up like a pair of shoes you lust after but can't afford The last thing she expects is for uinn the focus of her slightly albeit harmless stalkerish tendencies to make her an offer she can't refu 4 Hotty McHotpants STARS “Men should come with manuals subtitles and reset buttons” I'm still smiling So adorable and cute and funny and weird A really fantastic read or listen if you will I did a little mix of ebook and audiobook here and it was delightful The narrator had an amazing voice and I really enjoyed listening to her I actually lost uite a few hours over the last two days being sucked into Janie's world and I don't regret one second of itNeanderthal Seeks Human was my very first full Penny Reid book I know that's crazy right Well I read The Hooker and the Hermit before but that was co authored with Ms Cosway In any case I'm really pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read the rest in the Knitting in the City series Let's talk story “She said I owned the clothes of a radiologist and the shoes of an OBGYN; which is like the medical doctor euivalent of saying that I dressed like a librarian with a propensity of fuckmeboots” Janie Morris has the worst day of her life She broke up with her boyfriend after he cheated on her Her heels broke on the way to work The outfit is ruined by spilled coffee She just got fired from her job and then on top of that Mr Hotty McHotpants decides it's the right day to talk to her for the first time It's all a nightmare reallyJanie is the epitome of uirkiness and has an extreme case of foot in mouth syndrome She is highly intelligent but euipped with barely any social skills Anytime she tries to talk to a man it ends up with a verbal diarrhoea and not just any old kind of rambling No Janie is a special girl with a very exceptional brain She knows things random things and she likes to share Especially when she is nervousI have to say she takes some getting used to I'm sure there are people who find her annoying and can't stand her unusual kind of crazy but I fell in love with her very early on Not going to lie there were times when I wanted to strangle her but then she did something so sweet that I just fell hard all over again “My brain finds you interesting than all the really interesting trivial facts I could be contemplating or researching at present” uinn Sullivan Mmmmh What can I tell you about Sir McHotpants He is very yummy to look at Obviously Janie catches his eye as he works in her office building as an afternoon security guard and on that faithful day she gets laid off Mr McHotpants escorts her out of the building After that well let's just say their paths cross again and again wink winkuinn is the silent stoic type Very little words but his actions speak volumes He is kind considerate and has the patience of a saint but he is also very much in control with a dash of dominance on the side I really really liked him And the two together Magical “I wondered what steps I could take to remove the word ‘moisture’ or even ‘moist’ from the English language; I really hated the way it sounded and always went out of my way to avoid saying it I also really didn’t like the word slacks” Neanderthal Seeks Human is one of those books where you should carefully consider your preferences before you pick it up Are you in the mood for cuteness overflow Are you willing to hear endless rants witness ridiculous misunderstandings and sugar sweet chick flick goodness Then go right ahead and get on it If any of those things make your teeth ache stay far away from it Just FYI It's a feel good read through and through Light funny sweet What else do you wantOh I knowdid I mention Janie has a posse of knitting girlfriends Well they all play a significant role and the ladies get books of their own Next stop Friends Without Benefits but first the Neanderthal Marries Human I'm going to be stuck in chick flick heaven for a while Send help ;D

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Neanderthal Seeks HumanNerves her than uinn Sullivan and She doesn't know how to knitAfter losing her boyfriend apartment and job in the same Neanderthal Seeks Epubday Janie Morris can't help wondering what new torment fate has in store To her utter mortification uinn Sulliv 25 stars I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer over here but with all the hype with this story I was just expecting This book is described as a smart romance when in reality it is simply the typical trope of the billionairemillionaire player guy with baggage who doesn't want to settle down for anyone but makes an exception for his special snowflake who happens to be a naive virgin esk young girl aka Fifty Shades of Grey And Jane is too tall with too big of a butt and boobs that are too big but doesn't realize she is attractive at all of course I'm not saying that this book is bad because it isn't but it isn't anything out of the ordinary even including putting a geeky socially EXTREMELY unaware girl as the MC I couldn't understand how she didn't pick up on her security guard view spoileractually being the big boss hide spoiler