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read SHaDOW GAME kindle ↠ Paperback é darryl sollerh ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ SHaDOW GAME Author Darryl Sollerh – When Jarret a seasoned assassin agrees to do one last hit in Indonesia and discovers his hands have gained the power to heal his carefully planned secret worlWhen Jarret a seasoned assassin agrees to do one last hit in Indonesia and discovers his hands have gained the power to heal his carefully planned secret world is thrown into chaos Desperate to understand Sollerh has an intriguing writing style it gives a mysterious feel to his work He jumps from scene to scene bringing you forward through his uniue concept As a reader you feel like you’re in a haze right alongside the main character You’re just floating by observing the story His descriptions give a grey overtone to the whole story The story becomes exciting and fast paced the further in you get The character development in this novel is uite uniue Everything is left in shadows What’s there is taken at face value It makes it difficult to identify with the characters but adds to the feeling of floating throughPlease note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review

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What's happening to him he seeks out a local mystic a Dalang of the spiritual Shadow Puppet Theater and his mysterious mesmerizing daughter only to soon find himself healing the sick of Jakarta's slums by Let me begin my review by stating that suspensethriller with a sprinkling of assassination is one of my favorite reads Although not so much for location I do very much savor great detailreason in plot and character No matter the shocking twists or multiple branches in which the storyline takes me I want to follow the thread of reason throughout the author's journey I found this slightly lacking in an otherwise entertaining story Somewhat like Hansel and Gretel somewhere along the way my bread crumbs disappeared and I was left to wander along to the end of my adventure blinking wide eyed with puzzlement at what was nonetheless a very beautiful forest and an enjoyable hikeThank you to Goodreads for the journey

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SHaDOW GAMENight while by day planning the hit on the very political opposition reformer who could help them driving Jarret to a mental emotional and spiritual crisis from which there is no escape save the Shadow Gam This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Reader's Favorite“Shadow Game” by Darryl Sollerh is a powerful example of what may happen to a professional assassin when his conscience begins to take over Jarrett has a very lucrative career assassinating people that his contact Helen assigns him to kill But he’s had just about enough of the business and he has saved enough money to live comfortably for the remainder of his life He determines to tell Helen that he’s through when he returns from his current assignment Helen has other plans however and convinces him he must do one last job for her or she will be in serious trouble with her clients When he tries telling Helen he won’t do the job she threatens the lives of two people with whom Jarrett has formed a close relationship Some very complicated issues come to light as Jarrett realizes he is in too deep to back out nowDarryl Sollerh has created a realistic character in his assassin Jarrett as well as giving Jarrett a credible “change of heart” about his assignment and his life’s work Various small things inconseuential of themselves begin to add up to suggest a set up where Jarrett himself may be the intended target Sollerh has done a meticulously convincing job of developing a complex set of variables which limit Jarrett’s options significantly The final two chapters of this story could not be any true to life than they are as far as probable outcomes are concerned There is an element of “happily ever after” but not for everybody and perhaps not for whom you might expect “Shadow Games” is not a lengthy story but it is a very good story I most strongly recommend it for fans of excitement and suspense