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Kindle ☆ Feminism Is for Everybody Ý Bell Hooks Acclaimed cultural critic bell hooks offers an open hearted and welcoming vision of gender sexuality and society in this inspiring and accessible volume In engaging and provocative style bell hooks introduces a popular theory of feminism rooted in common sense and the wisdom of experie Not until recently had I emerged out of the rock I was living under and located the everydaysexism twitter account Keeping an eye on their retweets for a little less than two weeks enabled me to discover that women are not only forced to endure the lecherous male gaze often called 'stare rape' these days on public transportation made the object of innuendo laced denigrating remarks since puberty but also masturbated at in public without their consent not even women over 60 had been spared How blissfully ignorant I was of this last facet of everyday sexual harassment I went on a kind of mad rampage immediately flooding my timeline with a deluge of tweets on the subject appealing to of my followers to follow the everyday sexism account A day later when I had checked back in eagerly in the hopes of noticing any visible change NOTHING Not even one person among my followers I have nearly 1600 which maybe just a handful but it's not a very teeny number either had honored my reuest apart from the 3 who were already following them all of them women or women's issues related accounts yes Zanna is oneIt was then that I realized 'feminism' in the 21st century is actually like a hip new item of home decor that you place on a wall cabinet among the other borrowed trendy opinions you profess as personal philosophy then forget about Whenever some horrendous instance of brutality against a woman makes the morning news headlines everyone's 'tch tch ing' fake concern for civilization resurfaces spills over into the realm of their office lunch hour debates and after a while dies a natural death Then they go back to the comfort of their tweleb status by posting the same old 'jokes' about dumb blondes unreasonable wives sluts 'cunts' boobs and what have you each of which are guaranteed to get at least 20 retweets Lulz just chill we're all kidding here getting our kicks out of reinforcing the same old stereotypes that have done considerable damage to society since the dawn of time No harm doneIt is this same all pervading reluctance of acknowledging the efficacy of a concept like feminism as a panacea for sexism violence and all the other concomitant shit women face every single moment of their lives that forms the backbone of bell hooks's workShe merely chooses to use 'white supremacist capitalist patriarchy' as a refrain so as to hammer this information into our brains Yes the recurrence of this phrase gets dull after a while yes it is somewhat annoying but no it is not irrelevant Especially since bell hooks seems to support the branch of feminism which brings the concept of euality for everyone including homosexuals in all walks of life sexual economic social and religious under its envelope She summarizes the inception and journey of the feminist movement through the decades how it made its first proper appearance second wave in the US in the 60s with the waves of bra burning she is not against bra burning btw angry women who had major grievances against a domestic arrangement where they held little to no power how initially they believed 'feminism to be the theory and lesbianism the practice' how it has undergone gradual improvement to evolve into the polished academic discipline that it is today how it was seen as an anathema in the past and how it continues to face a steadily growing list of challenges apathy of mass media being a major one She deftly interweaves feminism with the idea of politics class struggle physical beauty love religion marriage reproductive rights parenting masculinity and race to present before us a realistic picture of what truly internalizing its precepts can mean for us and our future But all the conventionally known preachings of the book aside she makes another very pertinent point about stripping the verbiage of jargon from all the academic work on feminism to make them accessible to students and laymen alike and working together to raise awareness of how feminism isn't inherently 'anti men' or 'anti religion' or even simply restricted to serving the interests of women in civilization how feminism is for everybody Today in academic circles much of the most celebrated feminist theory is written in a sophisticated jargon that only the well educated can read Most people in our society do not have a basic understanding of feminism; they cannot acuire that understanding from a wealth of diverse material grade school level primers and so on because this material does not exist We must create it if we are to rebuild feminist movement that is truly for everyone To come to the negatives there are almost none except the monotonous drone in which Hooks drives home her points which makes the reading experience little less than enjoyable the drabness of her prose and the way her repeated references to her own writings reek of self importance And to further account for that missing star I have this teeny niggling doubt about her defining acts of 'domestic violence' even those carried out by women against other women and children as 'patriarchal violence' She reckons some women have been so rigorously conditioned by the patriarchal world order based on principles of domination through violence and other acts of intimidation that they re enact the same in their daily lives while dealing with people inferior in status to themselves Which I agree with but my limited knowledge of the world and its assorted contradictions tells me it's not just the men Some primeval inclination towards violence and skewing the power balance in any relationship is embedded in the human psyche in general irrespective of sex But that aside the overarching message one gets from hooks's outlook is that the traditional notions of 'manhood' and 'masculinity' have to be flushed down the toilet for feminism to even have a chance at victory And there's no second guessing it

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Book ↠ Feminism Is for Everybody 123 pages Download Ù Johnscyclingdiary ã [Reading] ➶ Feminism Is for Everybody ➬ Bell Hooks – Acclaimed cultural critic bell hooks offers an open hearted and welcoming vision of gender sexuality and society in this ins Nce Hers is a vision of a beloved community that appeals to all those committed to euality mutual respect and justice hooks applies her critical analysis to the most contentious and challenging issues facing feminists today including reproductive rights violence race class and work Wit I love bell hooks She is a little less hardcore and not so angry in this book which makes it accessable to the masses I guess she did that on purpose given the title of the book Feminism is for Everybody Her earlier works are great if you want a taste of angry lesbian black feminist And who wouldn't want a taste of that?

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Feminism Is for EverybodyH her customary insight and unsparing honesty hooks calls for a feminism free from barriers but rich with rigorous debate In language both eye opening and optimistic hooks encourages us to demand alternatives to patriarchal racist and homophobic culture and to imagine a different futur Review will come up soon Till then check this passage out We have not amassed enough testimony to let the world know the sexual pathologies and horrors women endured prior to the existence of dependable birth control It evokes fear within me just to imagine a world where every time a female is sexual she risks being impregnated to imagine a world where men want sex and women fear it In such world a desiring woman might find the intersection of her desire and her fear We have not amassed enough testimony telling us what women did to ward off male sexual advances how they coped with ongoing marital rape how they coped with risking death to deal with unwanted pregnancies We do know that the world of female sexuality was forever changed by the coming of feminist sexual revolutionAND this Often I tell the story of being at a fancy dinner party where a woman is describing the way she disciplines her young son by pinching him hard clamping down on his little flesh for as long as it takes to control him And how everyone applauded her willingness to be a disciplinarian I shared the awareness that her behavior was abusive that she was potentially planting the seeds for this male child to grow up and be abusive to women Significantly I told the audience of listeners that if we had heard a man telling us how he just clamps down on a woman’s flesh pinching her hard to control her behavior it would have been immediately acknowledged as abusive Yet when a child is being hurt this form of negative domination is condoned This is not an isolated incident much severe violence against children is enacted daily by mothers and fathersAND AND AND THIS Problematically for the most part feminist thinkers have never wanted to call attention to the reality that women are often the primary culprits in everyday violence against children simply because they are the primary parental caregivers While it was crucial and revolutionary that feminist movement called attention to the fact that male domination in the home often creates an autocracy where men sexually abuse children the fact is that masses of children are daily abused verbally and physically by women and men Maternal sadism often leads women to emotionally abuse children and feminist theory has not yet offered both feminist critiue and feminist intervention when the issue is adult female violence against children In a culture of domination where children have no civil rights those who are powerful adult males and females can exert autocratic rule of children All the medical facts show that children are violently abused daily in this society Much of that abuse is life threatening Many children die Women perpetuate this violence as much as men if not A serious gap in feminist thinking and practice has been the refusal of the movement to confront head on adult female violence against children Emphasizing male domination makes it easy for women including feminist thinkers to ignore the ways women abuse childrenA thought provoking and lucid guide to intersectional feminism that stresses on male allies and is to a large extent male centric in terms of toxicity faced by men trapped in patriarchy