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Download ð Cities at Sea Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [Read] ➵ Cities at Sea ➼ Martin Simons – A thousand years hence all the major cities of the world are at sea floating on huge rafts using ocean currents to navigate Sal a young girl on thDrift off independently Sal finds a lover and gives birth but a violent storm damages the raft severely and they struggle to avoid sinking They can survive only by beaching themselves Sal the young navigator plays an important role in achieving this The remnants of a land based tribe are encountered but dangers must be faced from marauding gangs of pirates The rafters make plans for rebuilding their city and returning to the sea. Exciting and imaginative Australian science fiction A thousand years in the future after sea level rises people live on floating cities Collouially known as rafts Life on a raft is uite ordered Each is commanded by a captain A few landlubbers scratch a living on infertile scraps of land disdained by raftersThe details don't bear close examination but this isn't a scientific forecast the work throws up speculations as a what if It's a bit than B movie thrills With substantial chapters this reads like traditional speculative fiction rather than modern young adult dystopia There is sex than I would expect in a teen adventure story but it's not very explicit The writing was always sure convincing me of surprising dramatic events In the second half readers may find there is too much attention on titular rafts and not enough on peopleIn the first half there is a tone of techno boosterism like 60's science fiction Sometimes this reads as hubristic but the far future isn't the only time over optimistic about technology and society The plot eventually turns the complacent world of the protagonist on its head Perhaps this credulity gives the carefree life described by the narrator as near utopia an Eloi like appearance Ugliness is disappeared from sight by secret medical procedures Through the novel a theme of doing it for yourself without passively relying on machines developsIn the advance review copy from the publisher that I read there were uite a few typos even misspelt major character names I hope these will be fixed before publication

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Ities at PDF or old woman but when she leaves her laboratory is arrested as a deserter and mutineer She is flown back to her home raft for trial After a tribunal she is released after all to join Jezzy and like many others is modifed as she desired There is a strong public reaction against Jezzy s operations In fear of being marooned to die on land Jezzy and her young changelings break away their section of the Shanghai raft away. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 175 of 5This was a very interesting idea for a YA novel but it fails to trust that the YA reader is capable of complex thoughtA thousand years in the future all the major cities in the world are floating on giant rafts using ocean currents to navigate A young girl Sal meets with a genetic scientist Jezzy who has been working on a human modification to give humans the ability to breathe under water creating a mermaid essentially Sal wants to be among those given this new life but society frowns on itAuthor Martin Simons creates some very interesting characters in Sal and Jezzy and the basic idea of creating a mermaid like race from humans is intriguing but Simons rushes through this and all his other world building ideas What is up with the cities on rafts idea The very title suggests that this is a book about he cities on rafts But inside the story is about a girl and her goal to a new life as a water breatherThe SalJezzy aspect of the story was easily the most interesting but even this really felt like it was missing something very important A goal An objective of some sort followed by something preventing the protagonists from achieving their goals These things are not here; not discernible at leastThe objective that sticks out in my mind is Jezzy's desire to see her teenaged genetically modified mermaids bear young She believes that their offspring will carry the genetic code to be the first naturally born water breathers This could be a worthy objective if handled well but it isn't Instead it's just another aspect of a story that lacks focusI liked the initial concept and some of the characters showed a lot of promise but the author doesn't pick a plot line to run withLooking for a good book Cities at Sea showed some promise with interesting characters and a rather uniue premise but author Martin Simons doesn't bring them together in a cohesive mannerI received a digital copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Cities at SeaA thousand years hence all the major cities of the world are at sea floating on huge rafts using ocean currents to navigate Sal a young girl on the Sydney raft training as a navigator visits Shanghai which is the largest raft city of all on holiday She hopes to find the famous genetic scientist Jezzy who will modify her body to give her gills She wants to be like a mermaid free to live in the sea with the fish She does meet the C. DNF at 15%Couldn't get into this at all There was so little world building I couldn't picture anything Imaginative plot but the execution was poor