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read El reino del dragón de oro mobi ✓ Paperback · isabel allende ↠ ➵ El reino del dragón de oro Download ➾ Author Isabel Allende – Alexander Cold and his best friend Nadia the heroes of Allende's City Of the Beasts are reunited in a new adventure ThiE niche of El reino PDF the world a forbidden kingdom tucked into the frosty peaks of the Himalayas Their task to locate its fabled Golden Dragon a sacred statue and priceless oracle before it is destroyed by the greed of an outsiderWith the rei SummaryThis is a thriller and adventure set in the Himalayas as a nefarious group attempts to steal the legendary and magical artifact the golden dragon from a small remote peaceful Buddhist kingdomThe story opens with Tensing a wise Buddhist monk and Dil Bahadur his pupil who is also a prince of the aforementioned kingdom left to the monk's tutelage for 12 years from the age of 6 so that he may be well prepared to lead his people when the time comes The two of them come across a community of Yetis who are in crisisElsewhere Alexander Cold returns to New York after the events of the last book City of the Beasts with his grandmother Kate After several months of being back in their old lives Alexander Nadia and Kate are reunited in a trip to India where they get far excitement and adventure than they had expectedGeneral ThoughtsI appreciate that the plot was very well paced and exciting I appreciated the details in certain parts especially at the beginning when Tensing and Dil Bahadur are traveling and we get a sense that anything and everything that must come from an animal—be it food clothing or oil—would come from a yakAnd then in other parts I cringed at the details More on this laterI liked many of the characters—Tensing and Dil Bahadur I liked from the start and my liking of them is what carried me through most of the book Kate felt like a very strong character whom I felt I should like but for some reason I was fairly ambivalentAlexander and Nadia—I felt nothing for these characters They felt generic and uninteresting However I see this as not a flaw in the writing but a factor of my not having read City of the Beasts which is where I assume we were supposed to grow to know and love these characters and carry over that affection into this bookOn the Cringe Worthy DetailsI read several reviews before I read this book including this one In essence this review pointed out that the depiction of India was insulting the portrayal of Buddhism was a conglomerate of many different religions lumped together with a bunch of New Age nonsense slapped on top and Kali is relegated to some sort of evil pagan deity As you can see in the comments if you choose to read them I don't uite agree with this reader's vehemently negative perspectiveHoweverWhile I can see what I think was meant where there are descriptions of mobs of beggars and what sounds like a nonstop onslaught of people trying to sell things and monkeys everywhere these descriptions are also exaggerated and sensationalist than could possibly be accurate For instance there is a depiction where it sounds like a group of beggars is about to murder a teenager by piling on top of him This sounds ridiculous It is true I think that this depiction reflects the culture shock of a person who has no familiarity with India But after this brief depiction the story moves elsewhere to the fictional kingdom of the golden dragon Therefore this culture shock reflective India is the only face of India depicted This was a little bit off putting to me as I imagine it would be to anyone who has affection for the countryAs for the Buddhism that isn't really Buddhism—well I felt no particular annoyance there In this book Buddhism seems to be a convenient deus ex machina that gives characters any and all powers including clairvoyance telepathy complete control of the body and so on My frustration was with the inconsistencies within this story for instance though there are passages reflecting on how as Buddhists they will not harm a single insect and are strictly vegetarian they are still depicted wearing yak hides Why they need these hides a

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No del dragón PDFEPUB #228 aid of a sage Buddhist monk his young royal disciple and a fierce tribe of Yeti warriors and armed with the power of their totemic animal spirits Alexander and Nadia fight to protect the holy rule of the Golden Dragon I haven't really finished this book but I have only 20 pages to go and will probably finish them tonight as I have the test on it tommorowLet's see this book Meh If you want to read this book know two things; first off if you have finished reading the 50 page first chapter you have accomplished a feat worthy of applaud The first chapter bad But the rest of the book is fairly tolerable The second thing is that Isabel Allende is no genius She took a cliché topic wasted it on The City of the Beasts and then re wasted it on The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon Fine she intended this to be a young adult book I think she misreads the name young adult Most 14 year olds will not be in for a novel like this; some of its ideas are so abstract yet cliché cliché cliché that they might bore some She took a young adult topic and wrote how she is accostumed to write Adult bestseller Which is NOT young adult A neat explanation to why this book did not become a bestsellerWhat I think is funny is that Isabel Allende is so obvious in her desperate desire to be considered something than an author of bestsellers That's funnyI'm sorry that this review has been so inconclusive So I guess I should round it up What this book is is a good topic that we have all read before bad writing that we have all read before yet it's not the kind of book that is simply impossible to finish Not at all In some parts it was fairly amusing although entertaining might be a stretch Obvious things are unecessarily repeated every 100 pages provoking a dude do you friggin' have Alzheimer's You already said that The unrealistically obvious characters and names can be obnoxious at timesSo in conclusion you could do better than pick this book But it won't be suicidal Although if you read The City of the Beasts it could be debatable Do you notice how even the TITLES are similar How easy is that

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El reino del dragón de oroAlexander Cold and his best del dragón PDFEPUB #236 friend Nadia the heroes of Allende's City Of the Beasts are reunited in a new adventure This time Alexander's fearless grandmother and International Geographic are taking them to another remot Isabel Allende is one of my favorite authors and I wasn't sure how I would react to a book that seemed to be written in response and on the coat tails of the multi series sci fifantasy books such as the Harry Potter seriesThis book does not disappoint but I would not place it anywhere near the authors mature and sophisticated books such as Daughter of Fortune and The House of the Spirits My critisism comes from direct comparison to books that author has already written If I had read Kingdom of the Dragon before anything else I probably would have enjoyed it a lot than I didIsabell Allende is a great story teller but I found this story to be too over the top Rather than containing the plot and exploring the story the story seems to unravel itself too uickly taking on the components of a typical Hollywood Action Movie It almost seems overproduced in a way The story starts off strong but as characters are introduced the plot seems to start spinning out of control to the point that I got drawn out of the story Obviously this is a work of fiction but the story would have been a much better read if the author would have kept control of the story instead of letting the story exaggerate itself on its own; particularly towards the end where everything lines up in perfect symetry like the ending of aa Indiana Jones flickI finished the book in a day but it was like eating a Big Mac I was full but not very satisfied