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Inscriptions for Headstones kindle è Paperback å [Reading] ➹ Inscriptions for Headstones Author Matthew Vollmer – Thirty short essays crafted as epitaphs each one unfolding in a single sentence Matthew Vollmer is the author of the short story collection FUTURE MISSIONARIES OF AMERICA a debut woWith David Shields Vollmer is also the co editor of Fakes An Anthology of Pseudo Interviews Faux Lectures uasi Letters Found Texts and Other Fraudulent Artifact WW Inscriptions for ePUB #9734 Norto Story #2 was among my favorite things that I've read all year The rest of the stories were also very good All of them written as epitaphs they started off thinking about guardian angels but midway through started to focus on fatherhood as the main theme

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Igh praise Expertly structured and utterly convincing these stories represent the arrival of a strong new voice New York Times and vital and bristling with vivid imagery and detail Library Journal spread out your reading of this and take a breath with each story

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Inscriptions for HeadstonesThirty short essays crafted as epitaphs each one unfolding in a single sentence Matthew Vollmer is the author of the short story collection FUTURE MISSIONARIES OF AMERICA a debut work that earned h Epitaph VIII “ and why doesn’t he look up at the stars often and acknowledge the vastness of space and in turn meditate upon his own relative insignificance and subseuently feel blessed and lucky to have beaten the odds of never existing”It was a few mornings ago while routinely walking our dog Bob Earl through the Catholic cemetery behind our bedroom window that my wife remarked arms expressively wide how vast this space is that we humans inhabit Her comment in particular was induced by her hallowed admiration for the magnificent moon still present in the northern sky This particular morning the sun cast its spell on the old rubble limestone walls surrounding this rolling hillside containing white marble headstones an elegantly manicured lawn and the fantastic assortment of trees scattered about this sixty acre paradise of a final resting place I did not answer with anything of note back to my wife as I was listening not just to her voice and what she said but for the sound of silence rustling through the trees We both do that sort of thing with each other Profoundly at least to me a day later I discover this book Inscriptions for Headstones through my goodreads pal Lee Klein Soon I am drifting through sentences every bit as beautiful and timely as my wife’s response to that specific morning’s majesty I do not think I have read a better all around book in 2012 than this one I expect that says something given the number of books I certainly have read not to mention the uality of writer I am generally exposed to on a daily basis That no doubt will give reason for select readers of this criticism of mine to abruptly disagree wholeheartedly with my initial assessment of this book and leave this page before their heads pop off Here is another caveat for those of you still with me This Inscriptions for Headstones is one of the most lovely and honest books I have read in my lifetime I am fifty nine years old This is a book I do wish I would have written myself A brilliant plan by Vollmer to get down in words the songs of his heart uite the memoir even if little of it proves to be true Nothing sentimental or creepy to turn the tide of warm and fuzzy feelings into tumbling waves of insecticides Thirty highly skilled epitaphs too large to fit on a typical headstone unless they were super sized to the degree my experience with houses fries and soft drink containers have been over the last twenty years I spent segments of three consecutive days in order to take my sweet time in reading these epitaphs or inscriptions on headstones and I could have easily devoured them all in one sitting But that is not my esteemed style when I am on to something bigger than my own valued time of escape from mundane living I also write somehow in a similar vein to this professor of language though my brain has in no way a master plan like Vollmer does for what I am giving to the page But then in defense I understand that even Professor Vollmer himself suggests to his students to just go ahead write and that writing is a good way to begin a composition Basically I suppose we just might let the chips fly The fly for me is in the reviews I find myself composing Often when writing criticism or putting down a thought or two about something I recently read it triggers an emotional response from me The response is spontaneous and surprising which encourages me enough to go on with the exercise unto its end and discover what I could possibly have been getting myself into or away from Predictably when I read these epitaphs of Matthew Vollmer or something written by Lee Klein or Thomas Bernhard Gordon Lish or Robert Walser David Foster Wallace and even Hunter S Thompson I remember in flashes pieces of my own past that I think could have been written by any of these aforementioned characters And that is the point I think All these people I am interested in are vital characters on the page but who happen to write not only well but honestly It isn’t the truth we are looking for but something that feels like it And if we were all a little smarter we would insist on reading this type of material instead of so called experimental or traditional drivel we are all too accustomed to reading these days And of course Matthew Vollmer’s work might be found in some of these same literary magazines I am complaining about but the trouble it takes to find a writer like him by subscribing to these awful things is no longer worth its time nor money to me I rely instead on my new friends A certain and select few who unfortunately happen to write for no monetary gain usually but offer their wisdom and experience for what is important on the page You should all know who you are and if not you don’t know what you are missing