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Read Retribution eBook ´ Paperback Ë ❮Download❯ ➼ Retribution Author Jilliane Hoffman – KlappentextDer Alptraum jeder Frau Du kommst abends in dein Apartment Du bist allein Alles scheint wie immer nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten lassen dich stutzen Du kümmerst dich nicht darum Du gehst schla KlapBesteht kein Zweifel ihr gegenüber sitzt der Mann der sie vor Jahren eine ganze entsetzliche Nacht lang gefoltert und vergewaltigt hat Wider alle Vernunft will C J nur eins Vergeltung Dabei vergisst sie dass Rache auch blind machen kann Blind gegenüber der tödlichen Gefahr die für sie von Cupido noch immer ausgeh Psychological Thriller that I really enjoyed Kept you into the book from the first to last page For a new writer and her first book I am envious of the suspense and surprises that she was able to capture in this novel The character is a law student who is brutally raped 12 years later with her name changed and looks different she is a successful assistant district attorney who has landed a case of a possible serial killer and rapist that she recognizes as her rapist Should she do the right thing and tell her boss that she shouldn't be trying the case and turn the case over to someone who is less capable Or should she keep uiet and make sure this monster goes to jail Very interesting what would you do

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KlappentextDer Alptraum jeder Frau Du kommst abends in dein Apartment Du bist allein Alles scheint wie immer nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten lassen dich stutzen Du kümmerst dich nicht darum Du gehst schlafen Und auf diesen Moment hat der Mann der unter deinem Fenster lauert nur gewartet C J ist Staatsanwältin in Miami un Retribution is a fascinating debut novel I was hooked from the first page to the very endSet in NYC law student CJ Townsend survives a brutal rape and disfigurement committed by a masked intruder who is never caught Unable to put it behind her she moves to Miami and takes a job at the State Attorney's office where her past comes back to haunt herUnputdownable

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RetributionD sie ist ein As Eines Tages schnappt die Polizei bei einer zufälligen Verkehrskontrolle einen psychopathischen Serienkiller nach dem seit Monaten gefahndet wird Weil C J die Beste ist betraut man sie mit der Anklage Aber als ihr der Mann vorgeführt wird den sie im Polizeijargon Cupido nennen ist sie wie gelähmt Es Hahaha don't bother with this juvenile mess What a vapid offering The writing was terrible it was a bad book Also there was no mystery there to speak of Anyone who has ever read a book or two or is familiar with a working of a simple mystery novel would be able to figure out who the increasingly cartoonish killer isPlus I think Hoffman needs to see someone professionally Almost every character cardboard as they were was overly sexual Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with that We are sexual beings after all and sex in books humanize otherwise fictional characters it makes us see them as humans But there are other ways of characterizations There are other things in life better things tangible things Trust me sex is way overrated Also never trust anyone who says trust me You are all so gullible heheNow uasi erotica is not a bad thing in itself it can serve a purpose and might work too Just the end result here is unintentionally hilarious the writing really laughable You look at the author she seems like a sweet old lady you wouldn't think she'd be so sex crazed I wouldn't want to call her a nymphomaniac that's derogatory Kongos's Egomaniac sure but not a nymphomaniac Because Everyone should be able to express themselves sexually without being shamed for it It's not nice Just the author needs help The main baddie did something to one of his poor victims something that years later I found out had an actual name I am not clutching at my pearls it was just so egregiously shocking and in very poor taste Not to mention so completely unnecessary that it stood out for me So when recently I came across the terminology its meaning in the Urban Dic and thought to myself so that's what he did Like I said the author needs to see someone Avoid these safe books maybe if enough of us did that the publishers would stop spewing out these low uality contemporary novelsLast words final thoughts Any writer that uses the term panty creaming good looks ought to be disbarred from writing Is what I think