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Hidden WingsPieces scatteredWhisked away to Alaska to an aunt she’s never met Emma starts over Secrets unveil themselves and nowshe doesn't even know who or what she isA centuries old prophecy places Emma in the heart of danger I know what you're thinking But Mary you said you would finish all your ARCs Plus look wings You love wings First clearly you know a lot about me It's a bit creepy but mostly I'd like to apologize for forgetting your name which I probably have Second you would be right I did in fact swear that I would finish all my ARCs and I do love wings So how on Earth can I justify not only DNF ing this but also DNF ing it only 10% in? 10% Yeah Do you know the last book that I put down that I didn't even get far enough in to know the plot? If you do tell me because so far as I remember I don't think its ever happened So let's break down all the problems that I have with this book a mere ten percent in Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of gifs because words alone cannot tell you how much I am upset over breaking my promise to myself and doing it twenty pages in a book Emma's parents JUST died and shekind of caresI'm not saying she doesn't care but she definitely thinks about how unfair it is to go to Alaska Beautiful Alaska holds no sway over this chick and she proceeds to whine about Alaska Never mind that dear old mom and dad were killed in the crash No Let's talk about What am I going to do without my best friends if I go to ALASKA?She offers thought to what people are going to look like in Alaska than the fact that her parents you know just died I was going to Alaska for heaven's sake I'd never heard of any hotties from Alaska All I pictured were big scruffy men in red flannels with facial hair And that was just another downer to add to my already huge and continuously growing pile of negativesListen I have not lost a parent so I have no idea what kind of pain comes with that I also am not looking forward to finding that out But I have lost a close relative and moved and let me tell you those two things don't even come fucking close on the emotional level I understand denial but this isn't denial This is purely glossing over the fact that her parents died because mother fucking Alaska AND if it IS denial then the author needs to find a way to show me that which leads me to the next pointShowing versus telling is not a GOD DAMN OPTIONIt's the foundation of writing fiction If you don't understand it fine I have problems writing it sometimes But you practice and practice and eventually you get good at it I'm not asking for perfect I'm asking for a basic acknowledgement of the fact that Show v Tell was on the author's mind while writing This was clearly not the case Jeremy is a nerd I know this because Emma told me in an internal monologue I also know he's not touchy feely because guess what? Emma told me Jeremy was like my nerdy brother and this gesture to comfort me was his most sincere given he wasn't a touchy feely kind of guyMary you say you're being unnecessarily nit picky here It's not fairAlright I don't think so but let's say I'm being nit picky Then there's Jeremy Needles our nerdy sidekick aka The Nerdmeister Even a makeover wouldn't work for this guy Nerdiness was too deeply embedded into his genetic make up He's tall stick thin and his only noticeable muscle is his brain which is covered with untamable curly brown hair Every day he wears his bright orange coke bottle glasses on a large pointy nose and had barely there lips His true loves are his books and anything electronicDoes anyone else think this reads like a character breakdown from an RPG? Do I care about any of the above information? Fuck no In fact now all I'm thinking is that this guy suspiciously sounds like Steve Urkel and that's a stereotype and not a real fucking characterIf you're wondering Jeremy's paragraph above is preceded by a paragraph in the same style talking about Lia Ling Dialogue should sound like PEOPLENothing and I mean nothing turns me off a book than craptastic dialogue and let me tell you this book has it in spades Dialogue is an art form it's hard to master but fairly easy to at least have a basic understanding Write dialogue how some people talk Not all people A ton of people sit and repeat themselves or go off on tangents or what have you BUT I should be able to hear a real person saying these words I cannot find one single person that sounds even close to these characters and even if I could these would not be people that I would engage with I would assume these people are stereotypes What ever Jeremy she huffed holding her hand up in his face Nice try but thanks anyway And thanks so much you know for grabbing my stuff You guys truly are the best friends everWow This cast will definitely brighten the whole state of AlaskaWe're going to miss you too What are we going to do without you our last crucial year? We're finally going to be seniors There's a word missing Not a typo That's how it reads in the bookHow could I ever forget you two craziesI'll admit that I'm being nit picky but dialogue is such a big thing for me and I hate to see it so poorly executed Tell me that these sound like seventeen year olds in California I just couldn't believe it not with this dialogue Add into the stereotypical character development and I feel like these guys are literally just pulled from tvtropes Remember when Emma hated Alaska? Insert hot guy hereYup Suddenly Alaska doesn't look so bad when she's being escorted by Kade our resident hot guy who will probably end up being a supernatural creature He looked a little older than me had dark perfect features and flawless porcelain like skin Long eyelashes framed the brightest hazel eyes I'd ever seen in all my seventeen years Dark denim jeans and a fitted black V neck sweater adorned his tall frame His physiue was statuesue but his skin was palealmost colorless I assumed it was because he came from Alaska No sun for half the year That had to explain itEmma forgets that staring is rude and Lia is the same and Jeremy acts jealous because that's what guys do Apparently And they've got that whole electricity thing going on too Because hot guy is here the sadness that Emma feels leaving her best friends lasts like five paragraphs and then she's got that shit under control So let's go over the emotional scale of this bookParents dying is less emotional than moving to Alaska which is less emotional that leaving your best friends but a hot guy walking into a room and shocking you trumps leaving your best friends Because seriously a day after your parents die and suddenly you feel the need to jump a guy because dear God he's that fucking good looking Kade stared out his window as did I constantly trying to fight my body's irresistible urges to jump on him wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him It was pure craziness the things I wanted to do to this complete and total stranger The scary part was that I was envisioning it like it was actually happening What the heck was happening to me? Ever since I met him my emotions wrestled against meYOU PARENTS JUST DIED GET SOME GOD DAMN PERSPECTIVE HEREI can't do it I just I can't even I might finish this book it's only 200 pages but I'll have to hate myself before I attempt it again

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Read reader ´ Hidden Wings Kindle Edition Ç johnscyclingdiary ô ❮Ebook❯ ➮ Hidden Wings ➯ Author Cameo Renae – Seventeen is a life changing age for Emma WiseAs her family's sole survivor in a car crash she is left with a broken arm and a few scrapes Creatures of horrifying and evil proportions are after her and it will take Emma her aunt and six gorgeously captivating Guardians to keep her safe But if she can survive until her eighteenth birthday things will change Filled to the brim with cliches and cringe worthiness Hidden Wings was a rollercoaster ride of face palmingThere are no words I mean I've read plenty of mediocre Nephilim stories But this was like someone had mixed Twilight with a rushed fanfiction Needless to say despite my very best efforts to enjoy it I couldn't uite find it within me to rate this book anything above 2 starsLet's go over why this book fell short1 The cliched 'girl has cardiac arrest when faced with hot male' moment 'As soon as he stepped through the doormy breath seized''I was suddenly bewitched by his beauty; frozen in a trance''His closeness immediately made me dizzy and sent my world into a state of euphoria''Breathe Emma Breathe Breathe And try to act normal''I couldn't speak and felt like I couldn't breathe' There's But you get the idea2 Stating the obvious 'He reminded me of Dwayne Johnson who used to be The Rock in wrestling' Gee Thanks for the popular culture lesson You'd literally have to live under a rock to not know who The Rock is And even if you didn't is it really necessary to explain every reference the main protagonist makes?3 Uncontrollable urges 'Kade stared out his window as did I constantly trying to fight my body's irresistible urges to jump on him wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him''It took everything within my being to keep from turning around wrapping my arms around him and planting a kiss on his full lips''I fought the sudden urge to wrap my arms around his neck pull him to me and plant a kiss on his beautiful full lips' 4 The way nothing seems to be good enough for the female protagonist Emma Have you ever been to Alaska Emma?Never and I'm not really looking forward to it I don't care for places where the wildlife eats people Of course Emma People live in Alaska because the thrill that they could possible become some animal's dinner is irresistible facepalms5 Weird descriptions 'You'll be homeschooled he mumbled with an exasperated look of sorry' How does that look even work?6 Girl assumes that guy is either a vampire or a werewolf No other explanation comes to her mind7 Female protagonist insists on tagging along on dangerous mission only to be a total burden and screw everything up8 Star crossed loversAll eight factors combine to make a story that would have been so much better had the main female protagonist been completely deleted from the story I mean the guardian like guys were funny Her aunt was kinda cool The evil guys were sort of wimpy but they didn't annoy me Hopefully the other books in this series work on Emma's character development

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Seventeen is a life changing age for Emma WiseAs her family's sole survivor in a car crash she is left with a broken arm and a few scrapes and bruises But these are only outward marks; inside her heart is broken and the I read this book for a bookgrouo challenge I felt it was okay and it's also free on kindle US if anyone is interested Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾