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Troll Or DerbyRious troll Or will she be lost to the lures of roller derby and the blonde temptress April foreverAxel Howerton says Red Tash delivers again with this tale of rockin' rollin' and full metal fantasy I love this damn bookMercedes Yardley This book has it all Prophecies Destinies Royalty trust revenge Sex drugs and rock and roll are doused in humor and lit ablaze with uirky snark I blew through this book incredibly fast because I couldn’t put it down If you want a solid fun read then pick up Red Tash’s Troll or Derby Braine of TalkingSupecom Book Revie My review was first posted on Northern Plunder you can read of my reviews there tooI was super duper lucky enough to receive a copy of Troll or Derby for review from the author herself and couldn’t wait to jump into a new world of Red’sLate last year I won a copy of This Brilliant Darkness which I enjoyed and upon starting Troll or Derby I was engulfed by her writing againShe is definitely one of those authors who has a style to her work – I’m not sure I can pin it down to a certain thing or two its just thereAnyhow the this story follows 15 year old Deb as she aims to save her popular sister from a terrible “meth” lab fire Yes whilst her sister may be popular she’s also gone and gotten herself mixed in with the wrong crowd – drug dealersOh but that is not the worst of it they’re trolls tooCould it be any worseWell actually it can she ends up being kidnapped by the trolls from hospital whilst Deb tries to warn her mother where her precious Gennifer is which doesn’t go down smoothly at allNeedless to say the journey Deb takes only gets stranger and magical the further she skates to the rescue of her sisterBut what I liked the most was how there was never a dull moment on any page the speed was constantly rising right up until the last word and I was so excited to know how it ended I stayed up late reading passed out before finishing and woke up the next morning to find out I had three pages left bad luck or whatThe book also has alternating narratives as one chapters is by Deb the next by Harlow – the loveliest Troll you’ll ever meet – and so on and so forth which was a great way to present the story as we got to see it from Deb’s point of view who knew nothing about the magical realm and also from Harlow who was a lot educated even if he didn’t have the best of memory he really helped to fill in the blanksSuch a brilliant uick read that leaves on a lovely cliffhanger ready for the seuel which I have high hopes for and look forward to see certain characters develop – specifically Othello and Harlow some

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READER ½ DOC Troll Or Derby ✓ 9781477583722 ì ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Troll Or Derby By Red Tash ✪ – In Troll Or Derby fifteen year old Roller Deb is singled out by town bullies for both her skates and for being different When her popular homecoming ueen of a sister is kidnappedWs says Roller Deb is the perfect amalgam of Heather Graham Boogey Nights and Ellen Page Whip It she's a sexy ass kicking heroine and I can't help but adore the chick All that unleashed power is both scary and fascinating it feels like staring into the sun And Harlow with his swoon worthy name is the kind of troll you want to fall in love with I was actually imaging them to be Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta in Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise as the villain McJagger Overall the story is crazy exciting and so fast paced you'll just keep on flipping the pages Original and EntertainingI would like to start this review by stating that I'm also an author I do this not for promotion but to illustrate how much I love Troll or Derby When JK Rowling came out with the Harry Potter series I was angry at myself Why didn't I think of that This is the exact feeling I had while reading Red Tash's Troll or Derby I wish I'd had this idea I also wish I was the main character Roller DebRed Tash created a world unlike any other It seems as real as the world in which I live every day even though it is a strong urban fantasy Obviously there are no trolls or fairies in my world but if in some True Blood esue revelation that world suddenly came to light with all of the details in Tash's descriptions and dialogue I'd buy it And then I'd be jealous that I was just a lame old EnglishThe story is rockemsockem Having read This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash I was already familiar with her writing style but she has really improved in this second novel It was a lot easier to get into her rhythm this time around and it was never stagnant I was constantly rocked by rad events or details Keeping a chick's teeth in a sack around your neck is truly the best way to make her your wifeI have already recommended this book to people and I will continue to do so It is obvious that Red Tash has a long and awesome career ahead of her I will look forward to every new work

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In Troll Or Derby fifteen year old Roller Deb is singled out by town bullies for both her skates and for being different When her popular homecoming ueen of a sister is kidnapped by Troll Or Epuba scuzzy drug dealer Deb must flee the trailer park in which she's grown up and rescue her Along the way Deb becomes enmeshed in the magical realm of trolls and fairies and the blood thirsty version of roller derby at which these beings excel But spending too much time among the fairies comes with a price Will Deb choose to save her sister with the aid of a myste You can also find this review at Detailed Review I love everything about this book The cover the story the characters the setting you name it If I was given the chance to say about it I would just say that it was