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Is That a Gun in Your PocketEms right West makes his move He’s happier than a colt in clover Mae’s skeptical they can make it as a couple After all town gossip says the good sheriff is hard on the ladies But when three bad coyotes invade Mae’s life West tries to prove to her that a man who’s hard in the sack can be oh so easy to love I really liked this book Hot cowboy comes to the rescue all the time I mean who wouldnt It was kind of confusing what happened to Mae's sister and brother in law and it was kind of explained towards the end Other then that it met my smut reuirements

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DOC Õ READER Is That a Gun in Your Pocket ☆ FREE · JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ✓ ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? By Cerise DeLand ❃ – A Texas love affair between the hottie sheriff and his luscious next door neighbor What’s a girl toA Texas love affair between a Gun Kindle #213 the hottie sheriff and his luscious next door neighbor What’s a girl to do when she has Is That eBook #239 the hots for the local sheriff and he’s playing it cool Mae Montaine knows the man has a gun in his pocket and he’s That a Gun PDFEPUB #235 always happy to Sheriff West Farraday Had Suffered Just Watching His New Next Door Neighbor She Had Dropped Everything And Had Come To Texas From New Jersey When He Informed Her That Her Sister And Brother in law Had Died In A Car Crash And Left A Toddler Mae Montaine Gave Him Plenty Of Sleepless Nights With Her Sexy Body He Admired Her Dedication To Care For Her Niece And Settle In Winston Instead Of Taking The Little Girl To Live In New Jersey Mae Also Gave Him Pause As She Was A klutz he Bailed Out Of Jams And Now There Was A Five Foot Blaze On The Other Side Of The FenceMae Montaine Just Knew The Hunky Sheriff Thought She Didn't Have A Brain When He Constantly Bailed Her Out Of One Mishap After Another Truth Was She An Account By Day And Volunteered At An Animal Shelter Back Home She Didn't Know Anyone When She Came To Town She Had Wanted To Make A Good Impression She Had Hoped That The Sheriff Had Feelings For Her More Than A One Night Stand But Her New Friend Told Her West Was Commitment Shy Then She Discovered A Large Sum Of Money In Her Sister's Joint Checking Accountwhew Definitely Hot Steamy Action From Ms de Land But What Else Would You Expect From This Author Mae And West Bump Heads And Disagree On Issues Until Mae And Little Emma's Lives Are In Danger Then Nothing And No One Could Stand In West's Way To Get To The Females He Loved

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See her So why won’t he come over and see her sometimefor a date A hug A kiss More West That a Gun in Your PDFEPUBFarraday yearns for the All American knock out who lives next door but Mae’s got problems and secrets He’d love to help her outof her problems And her clothes Then into his bed When the timing se This was a great read it was uick not too complex and fun I love all the tension between the hero and heroine HOT HOT HOT I think this book is perfect for when you are lazing around and you need a cowboy fix I highly recommend you give this one a chance YUMMY Hero ahead