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EBOOK ↠ EPUB Night of the Wendigo ê Ì WILLIAM MEIKLE Ì [Reading] ➬ Night of the Wendigo ➳ William Meikle – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Four hundred years ago a Scottish cargo ship fell prey to a Wendigo at an early settlement on the Hudson River Now a team of archaeologists have uncoveFour hundred years ago a Scottish cargo ship fell prey to a Wendigo at an early settlement on the Hudson River Now a team Uh yeah this was cool and not what I thought but I loved it This is not your typical Wendigo story I thought we would be off in the woods somewhere with said Wendigo hunting people and what not but nope There is to it than that and there is than one The story is still about the Native American myth but with a little twist to it And it happens in the city and it happens in the snowSome peeps found an old sunken boat when they was tearing down the boat dock to build another one Then the archeologists came in to see what all had been found They probably should have left well enough alone Well okay one person went stupid and did something that caused all kinds of crazy creepy and scary things Isn't there always some idiot Even smart people do stupid things A lot of people died I won't say how because you need to tuck in and read it and get a good scare on My favorite characters were Mike Mina Jackie Jon and Old Tom And there was this nameless man that I liked that didn't make it Sucked And some other people I liked that didn't make it I have to add that I love Winter even though we don't really get one any but this kind of Winter I would rather not be anywhere in the vicinity when it happens Anyway I loved it it was creepy good and I plan on reading from this author I love me some scary stories MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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Of archaeologists have uncovered the boat and let loose the evilSoon Manhattan is hit by an ice storm like no other Beside Creepy and full of action Night of the Wendigo is a strange and exciting horror novel with a lot of suspense

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Night of the WendigoS the wind and ice there is something else moving in the storm Blue cold things Night of PDFEPUB or with razor sharp teeth Night of the Wendigo by William MeikloOpened July 12 2014 Closed July 14 2014Recommended by Horror Club friendsEncouraged by author's Goodreads AWOW Just an amazing story and as usual the excellent characters with fine and dandy development The story was a roller coaster of a read Started out by giving a lot to anticipate and then just took off and I soon discovered I'd left my breath back at the ticket standOne of my favorite parts of this story was the journal from the early 1600s I love how people back in the day felt it was so important to bury their Christian brethren and without the proper burial the deceased could not complete their trip to every lasting life with the Almighty Of course there were other interesting facts in the journals but that one always amazes meThe interaction between the characters brought the story to a level of believable reality I could see all the characters clearly in my mind Also the storms with all the effects were written so well I practically got physically chilled a couple of timesI gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads as I thought it was amazing 4 Stars on Shelfari and Recommended