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Eden author Stanisław LJemnicom Edenu odsłaniać się stopniowo z dramatycznym napięciemPolityczne porządki na planecie przypominają czytelnikom wizje Orwella ale najważniejszy jest tam sceptycyzm co do szans wzajemnego poznania jauż sama odmienność This is an incredible book My favorite sci fi authors are a pair of Russian Brothers Boris and Arkady Strugatsky and a Pole Stanislaw Lem The latter was responsible for such masterpieces as Solaris and The Futurological Congress To these I must now add EdenA space ship with a crew of six crash lands on the beautiful planet Eden But what they find is almost totally incomprehensible to them large ominous plants; factories that produce strange products whose morphology varies; cities full of strange large characters which the crew calls Doublers; odd manned and unmanned vehicles that criss cross the landscape At one point the Doctor exclaimsEven if the beings of this planet were created in test tubes or made in some stranger manner I see only three possible types of behavior to attempt to communicate with the strangers to attack the or to flee It turns out however that a fourth type is possible total indifferenceToward the end of the book one of the Doublers sneaks into the ship and manages to communicate with the crew revealing a society that is fortunately unthinkable on planet earthI believe I read the last 150 pages of the book in a kind of delirium because I was impatient to discover whether the crew of the crashed ship could make something of the odd planet upon which they found themselvesEden is a highly original work of science fiction one that is so imaginative that I am hard pressed to name any American authors who could match it

epub Eden author Stanisław Lem

kindle Ð Eden author Stanisław Lem × Hardcover æ johnscyclingdiary À [PDF] ✍ Eden Author Stanisław Lem – Co sprawia że powieść czyta się z nie słabnącym zainteresowaniem Z pewnością niezwykła wyobraźnia autora który tworzy zmysłowe bogate wiStosowanych technologii sprawia że przybysze i miejscowi do końca nie potrafią naprawdę się porozumiećPozycja zawiera takżePo co ludziom fantastyka Rozmowa z Borysem Strugackim Smutek Edenu Posłowie prof Jerzego Jarzębskiego Stanislaw LemEdenEden is a first contact story The premise is simple; while performing an observation mission a spaceship crashes on a unexplored planet called Eden The spaceship is badly damage but not beyond repair so as the crew begins to patch up the ship they also set out to explore this bizarre world I am a little familiar with Lem so I started the book knowing that I would not be provided all the answers I wasn't wrong of course Eden is an alien world in the most profound sense of the term not merely strange or odd but completely incompatible with the frame of reference of the crew and by extension with our own Indeed Lem almost lost me in the first part of his story Words hardly do justice to his incredible imagination and this is the type of story that would have been well served by a graphic medium Therefore Eden is inaccessible not only for the protagonists but also for the reader and of course this is not accidental There is all kind of stuff going on always vaguely sinister and eerie A giant rogue factory that seems entirely automated mass graves strange vegetation All sorts of signs of massive conflict on a genocide scale or perhaps of giant industrial processes gone awry eons ago and persisting in some formidable mistake Eventually the crew will meet the doublers denizens of Eden and strive to understand their intentions and behaviour uite unsuccessfully of course So yeah I got lost a little bit but you have to tip your hat to Lem for creating a really alien environment The endless science fiction fallacy that inhabitants of other planets would be just like us but with longer ears or different forehead is really annoying That's probably what I like the most about Lem; his stories do not fall in that trap We can't communicate with the aliens we are meaningless to the universe It's anti anthropomorphism It is not a character driven or a plot driven novel and this also probably contributes to the story being not easily approachable The work I read from Lem so far always has philosophical implications this is also the case here There are uestions about knowledge communication and technology It is impossible to understand others without imposing our own perceptions even when we listen and interpret we can't edit ourselves out This is obvious while we have tools to communicate our ability to interpret has not necessarily followed suit the last few chapters where Lem shows us sketches of the social organisation of Eden and the anonymous power are worth the price of admission

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Co sprawia że powieść czyta się z nie słabnącym zainteresowaniem Z pewnością niezwykła wyobraźnia autora który tworzy zmysłowe bogate wizje planetarnej natury i kultury a zarazem umiejętnie dozuje napięcie pozwalając ta I'm not sure how to rate this book Some books build their story like sculpting as you can see it slowly taking shape from two piece of rock to work of art Or painting where you can see whole picture slowly being formed Eden is like photography in small time span masterful pictures is created on what it was before just dull piece plastic and silicone does this metaphor make sense outside my head I don't know but I'm rolling with it anyway Eden has masterful last chapters but before that it's dull but necessary piece plastic and silicone There is no character development no beautiful prose and Eden is strange and unrelatable place that doesn't make much sense This last one thing is actually deliberate and essential element What it builds up to in those last few chapters is than 5 stars before than it's between 2 and 3 They are necessary but still made uninteresting to read