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eBook É Scottish Rite Maggie Devereaux #1 Kindle Edition Read ä johnscyclingdiary ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Scottish Rite Maggie Devereaux #1 Author Stephen Penner – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk PARANORMAL MURDER MYSTERY SET IN THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS American graduate studenAncient rite for summoning a demon Maggie will have to open her mind to the possibility that the magic in the spellbook is real because the magic may be the only thing that can save her from becoming the killer’s next victim Mixed feelings about this book Too many Americanisms to ring true being set in Scotland Can't American readers cope with the English language over here in the UKI found the last scenes almost laughable especially as the build up had been truly scary in partsBut great character in Maggie; interesting setting in Aberdeen and other areas; good plotting and topics mixing Gaelic and old magicOverall 3 out of 5 Could do better

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PARANORMAL MURDER MYSTERY SET IN THE SCOTTISH Maggie Devereaux PDF #205 HIGHLANDS American graduate student Maggie Devereaux fulfills a life Scottish Rite eBook #192 long dream when she travels to Scotland to study abroad Her Very enjoyable As soon as I finished this book about 5 minutes ago I went and got the next book downloaded to my Kindle There is something about mysteries in a foreign country that makes stories like this so much richer I suppose it is the fact that they have a traceable history going back thousands not hundreds of years I look forward to starting the next book

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Scottish Rite Maggie Devereaux #1Dream turns to a nightmare however Rite Maggie Devereaux Kindle #180 when a serial killer begins murdering women at the school When Maggie discovers a lost book of Highland magic she grows convinced the killer is following an Mystery Paranormal RomanceThis is one of the best paranormal mysteries that I have read in a long time and some of the novelty of the story is that the author used many Gaelic words with the interpretation immediately following which gave the story a truly feel of Scotland Margaret Maggie Devereaux a young American woman working on her PhD in Celtic languages enrolled in the University of Aberdeen in Scotland to finalize her reuirements Her recently deceased grandmother Kate NicInnes Ingram encouraged her to do this and gave her five Gaelic books She taught Maggie to read and speak it and she gave her a pendant identifying the clan she came from Kate also beueathed her estate to Maggie which allowed her to study full time Upon moving to Aberdeen she lived with her cousins Alex and Lucy MacTarry She met a nice intelligent handsome Scot lain who worked for the MacTarrys in their storeAt the university she met another American girl Kelly Anderson and two nice young women of Scotland Ellen Walker and Fionna FitzSimmons In the course of her studies she went to the large public library of Aberdeen which housed many Gaelic books in old Gaelic middle Gaelic and modern Gaelic In the basement of this library where the light was so dim she could scarcely read the titles she found a truly old book with leather covers so encrusted with dirt and slime she could scarcely handle it It took her three days to translate the title because it was old Gaelic and to her amazement she discovered it was a book of dark spells Three young women were murdered and the way their bodies were left it appeared to be ritual murders And this was the crux of the story Who was performing the murders Were they ritual And for what purpose Maggie used her talents and education to bring the murderer to lightThe story was complex characters colorful and fascinating and the story became a page turner for me The inclusion in the novel of many places in Scotland with their descriptions and the addition of the Gaelic verbage made this novel entertaining and intriguing than many mysteries with or without the paranormal I recommend it