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Den lille havfrue kindle î Hardcover read à hans christian andersen ß ☄ Den lille havfrue PDF / Epub ✓ Author Hans Christian Andersen – Once there was a little mermaid who fell in love with a human boy The story may be familiar but Lisbeth Zwerger's art maGnature style Known for her popular and award winning editions of classics such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland Zwerger is herself the recipient Den lille PDFEPUB or of the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for lasting contributions to children's lite I am going to have to stop telling people The Little Mermaid is my favourite fairytale and start telling them it's one of my favourite stories I really do like the tale I like the danger to it the sadness the abandonment of family and life the loss the pain and the darkness So much longing in this story longing for what you don't have and then what you abandoned to get what you do have it's a cycle I find it really meaningful and raw and I love when magical tales can make you feel that way But at the same time the actual fairytale itself is a bit boring It takes a long time to get to the point and then the ending comes pretty uickly And then there is a uick hash at tidying up everything in the last page so it's of a bittersweet ending than anything else I kind of wish that it went all the way with the ending pathway it seemed to be on I also feel like the pacing was off And the story was just a bit boring throughout the way it was told was not as captivating as it could've been It was atmospheric but it wasn't absorbing like I wanted it to be Hmm mixed feelings

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Rature The Little Mermaid is sure to win her new fans and to delight her old ones The text is an all new translation by Anthea Bell and includes many lovely and poignant details that may be new to even those who think they know the little mermaid's story well A hauntingly beautiful story paired with achingly gorgeous illustrations I'm sorry to say that this is the first time I've read the actual story of the Little Mermaid previously acuainted only with very general retellings and the Disney movie version which is delightful in its way This version purports to be closest to Andersen's original as it makes only slight adaptations from the mid 19th century translation by Mary Howitt a correspondent and friend of Andersen who introduced his work to the English reading public It is deeper sadder and stirring than the happy ever after versions indeed this little mermaid not only seeks the love of the prince but the immortality that will be hers if she obtains it otherwise mermaids turn to seafoam after their three hundred year life Wow Santore's illustrations are so beautiful I snapped up this edition based on the cover art and am not disappointed by the rest of the illustrations Some of the full page spreads are so enchanting I'm not sure I'd recommend this version to most children The complex plot point of immortality aside which some parents may or may not wish to delve into the story is extremely wordy and long I even put off reading it since I could read about seven regular picture books in time it took me to read this and some pages have only basic margin illustrations and the rest is all text Also parents should note that the mermaids in this version have none of the Disney G rated seashells covering their breasts usually there is a wisp of hair over the center area but it could still be viewed by some as too risue for children Also some of the parts with the sea witch might be a little too creepy for sensitive youngsters These parental cautions aside I highly recommend this story to adults or older children seeking the real story of the Little Mermaid accompanied by artwork you will not soon forgetNOTE TO SELF Search for Chihiro Iwasaki illustrated edition

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Den lille havfrueOnce there was a little mermaid who fell in love with a human boy The story may be familiar but Lisbeth Zwerger's art makes this fairytale seem brand new This Jubilee edition celebrating years of Hans Christian Andersen is superbly illustrated in Zwerger's si Hmm I think it´s wrong to compare it with the Disney version of The Little Mermaid although I didn´t expected Andersen´s version was so what shall I call it fcked up The point of view of the Little Mermaid herself was wonderful she was sweet and good hearted But the prince omg Why would you love such a person I mean The prince said she should remain with him always and she received permission to sleep at his door on a velvet cushion What is she A dog And the ending was an anticlimax but okay I suppose that´s because I saw the Disney movie