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After the Rain Virginia's Civil War Diary My America #2Ivil War MOBI #233 the final months of the Civil War Virginia nad her family move to Washington DC where the cold winter brings uncertainty and hardship Virginia takes a job as a servant in a wealthy home to help her family But just as things start to improve as her father gets a job and th The book is interesting because it's about a girl's daily lifeThey go to Washington to liveSometimesshe don't want to be herself because their family is a little poorShe wants to be in an richer family like a family she had seenThe life in Washington is not easyThe president Lincoln was shot and deadShe feels very sadHer brother got marriedTheir first Thanksgiving they was not very thankful because they didn't have much money to liveBut they love each otherIf you want to read another review you can read it in book 3

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FREE MOBI Ë DOC After the Rain ê MARY POPE OSBORNE ☆ [Reading] ➱ After the Rain: Virginia's Civil War Diary (My America, #2) ➹ Mary Pope Osborne – Part of the My America relaunch in Ms Osborne's seuel to My Brother's Keeper Ginny moves to Washington DC where she must face E war finally comes to an end the tragic assassination of Ginny's beloved President Lincoln occurs In this her second diary chronicling the Civil War Ginny learns that life is constantly changing Indeed even as Lincoln dies her nephew is born Throughout Ginny faces life with hope and courag This would be a good book to use for a genre in historical fictionInstructional possiblities could be Read aloud to students in lower gradesKeeping a diary of current eventsHave students write a historical piece on what their leves would have been like during the Civil WarCompare and Contrast student's life with Virginia's

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Part of the My America Rain Virginia's Epub #220 relaunch in Ms Osborne's seuel After the eBook #9734 to My Brother's Keeper Ginny moves to Washington DC where she the Rain Virginia's MOBI #239 must face changing times marked by the assassination of President LincolnIn the Rain Virginia's C This book is an OK book I like it because it has many details and expresses the character's feelings clearly I don't like it because it's too short and the plot is super unclear It's just a bunch of details mushed together into a mess of details I recommend it tono one