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Earth GirlJarra is stuck on Earth while the rest of humanity portals around the universe But can she prove to the norms that she’s than just an Earth Girl?2788 Only the handicapped live on Earth While everyone else portals between worlds 18 year old Jarra is among the one in a thousand people born with an immune system that cannot survive on other planets Sent to Earth at birth to save her life she has been abandoned by her parents She can’t travel to other worlds but she can watch their Actual rating 45I started reading this book with less than stellar I am completely incapable of writing a review without at least one bad pun expectationsReally? I mean Earth Girl as a title? I know prejudice against the titleKhanh you stupid immature little girl I have my reasons though There have been few pieces of YA sci fi fiction based on interplanetary plots that have been worth the time they took to read The other reason was because the title brought to mind the kitschy movie Earth Girls are Easy and so I just wanted to laugh at the title of this bookDespite my reservations this book is so so much better than I expected I came in with a lot of terrible expectations about this book I started reading Earth Girl just hoping for a good laugh at best and truly expecting the worst I told myself hey at least if the book turned out really badly I could use that as an excuse to get a drink as I continued on Or 5 There's a silver lining behind every cloud that comes from the foil wrapped seal of my preferred brand of liuor I do kid I'm not an alcoholic despite my multiple references to drinking I swear ReallyInitially it was a little jarring as future slang and terminology and the history of the Earth and the colonies are thrown at us Don't let the first few pages of the book turn you off as it did for me Our main character Jarra uses a lot of slang a lot of her world's terminology and it really can throw you off Teenagers everywhere always have their own little popular vocabulary and Jarra is no different Zan Amaz Nardle etc are thrown at us and I admit to rolling my eyes so far back into my forehead after reading those phrases that I might have appeared possessed by an evil spirit to an unsuspecting bystander The names also took uite a lot of getting used to since they are not common names typically used today at all but they are not vanity Mary SueGary Stu names either There is no Pagan no Xander no Destiny no Nevaeh none of that stupid shit here My immune system can't survive anywhere other than Earth I'm in prison and it's a life sentenceJarra was a wonderful character She's so full of self righteous anger and who can blame her really? She's an ape a slang for those who are unable to survive outside of the immediate environment of Earth and thus like others of her kind considered disabled People with this condition are highly looked down upon they're viewed as mentally incapable weak with poor mental capacityTo be crude having a nean or an ape child in the future is like having a disabled child in the past when we were so much less accepting of anything or anyone who is different For the parents it brings up all sorts of issues there's blaming Whose fault is it that their child is born an ape? Is it the mother's gene pool? The father's gene pool? Is it something that the mother does wrong during pregnancy? Did she travel somewhere and contract something? Did she eat a certain food Karanth jelly? There is blaming all around and the result is not good The majority of parents who end up having a child with this disorder end up divorced and most choose to give up the child who is then brought down to Earth assigned a ProMum and ProDad for parenting duties a few hours every week and generally forgottenJarra grows up in this environment and euipped with this knowle

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PDF ☆ BOOK Earth Girl ✓ JANET EDWARDS ✓ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☄ Earth Girl Author Janet Edwards – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Jarra is stuck on Earth while the rest of humanity portals around the universe But can she prove to the norms that she’s than just an Earth Girl?2788 Only the handicapped live on EaVids and she knows all the jokes they make She’s an ‘ape’ a ‘throwback’ but this is one ape girl who won’t give inJarra invents a fake background for herself – as a normal child of Military parents – and joins a class of norms that is on Earth to excavate the ruins of the old cities When an ancient skyscraper collapses burying another research team Jarra’s role in their rescue puts her in the spotlight No hiding at back of class now To make life complicated she f 35 stars This was a really sweet and enjoyable book with a nice feel good vibe to itThere isn't any contrived plotting or angst thrust upon the characters just Jarra trying to work out for herself what she is going to do in the situation she has got herself into and coming to terms with who and what she is YA SF doesn't often take the path of exploring people trying to live a relatively good life in an upbeat manner and focus just on the characters so that made for a refreshing change of pace

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Inds herself falling in love with one of her classmates – a norm from another planet Somehow she has to keep the deception goingA freak solar storm strikes the atmosphere and the class is ordered to portal off world for safety – no problem for a real child of military parents but fatal for Jarra The storm is so bad that the crews of the orbiting solar arrays have to escape to planet below the first landing from space in 600 years And one is on collision course with their shelte Honestly I'd sort of dismissed this book because I saw the pretty cover and then never heard another thing about it Only when my friend Kayla tweeted me about how good this book was and how much she thought I would like it did I look into it again That was when I realized why I'd heard so little buzz about it the cover I was familiar with was for the UK edition and it's only just now publishing in the US So basically Kayla knows me well and this book is stellar see what I did there?; pay attention to Earth GirlThe world building in Earth Girl is astounding Seriously there's so much going on in here and with so much of it well explained Though the Earth and surrounding solar system are nothing like they are now I always felt completely grounded in Edwards' world At no point did I feel like there was clunky infodumping or that I was at a loss confused about why something was happening There are some infodumps but they're done in the guise of a classroom lesson so they work perfectly I'm not going to try to explain all of it to you because there's too much and I would make it really complicated; if you're curious trust in Janet EdwardsThe biggest theme tackled in Earth Girl is that of racial tensions Well I'm not sure if racial is precisely the right world but the strain between people from different planets and cultures Although all originally from Earth the humans who still live there are seen as neans a shortening of neanderthals or apes No one would live on Earth at all any since other planets have been located with far better conditions but some people are unable to survive anywhere else because of a rare condition Even among those not dwelling on Earth there are stereotypes pertaining to every planet like the idea that all Betans are promiscuousJarra is one of my new favorite heroines She does not let people mess with her one bit sarcastic and no nonsense Who doesn't love a heroine who throws a guy who tries to get fresh across the room? Well probably lots of people but I for one think that's awesome Handicapped the term used to describe those unable to survive off of Earth Jarra resents the way her kind are viewed and decides to do something drastic to prove a point She enrolls in a history degree for a college on another planet since the first year is taught on Earth If no one notices that she's an ape then obviously the stereotypes are wrong At the end she plans to revenge herself on these narrow minded exos a slur for those who don't live on Earth by revealing the truth Over time though it becomes clear that there is to every person than stereotypes a lesson that's always important to rememberThough it's not the main focus of the story Earth Girl does have one heck of an adorable romance Jarra in spite of herself is highly attracted to Fian a guy who just happens to rather resemble her favorite vid star They develop a really natural bond by working to gether and playing together I really love the way they swap episodes of their favorite shows secretly pointing out their crushes on one another These two have some great banter and I am a big fanThough Earth Girl is nigh perfect for me I do think it might be tricky for those with a bit less patience for science fiction There are a lot of pages of description about the methods by which historians research p