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While America Sleeps eBook ↠ Hardcover ß [Reading] ➰ While America Sleeps ➸ Russ Feingold – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Former senator Russ Feingold looks at institutional failures both domestic and abroad since the 911 terrorist attacks and proposes steps to be taken—by the government and by individuals—to ensure FL inability to keep our eyes on the international ball seems to have growneven worse in the years following More than ten years after one of the greatest wake up calls in human history our nation seems to have again grown complacent about the issues that suddenly seemed so urgent immediately after While America Sleeps suggests ways in which we can awaken a new national commitment to engage withthe rest of the world and one another in a less simplistic and thoughtful way Feingold’s hope is that when the history of this era is written it will be said that our country was taken off guard at the height of its power at the turn of the century and stumbled for a decade in an unfamiliar environment but in the following decade America found a new national commitment of unity and resolve to adapt to its new status and leadership in the worl Still in the process of reading this book what I've read so far makes me want Russ to run for President If memory serves me correctly he was the only Senator to read the Patriot Act and voted against it

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Ch and the media to the way we have spoken of the war on terror the nature of Islam and American exceptionalism too often we have not made the best choices in confronting in Churchill’s words the “new conditions under which we now haveto dwell” Senator Feingold explores the way in which the American public has been fed inadeuate informationor mere slogans to explain Al aeda and related events This compares unfavorably with the candor often associated with for example FDR’s fireside chats during World War II Lumping Al aeda into a catch all category known as “bad guys” failing to make it clear that Islam itself is not a threat to our way of life and underestimating the extreme difficulty of fully invading individual countries as a way to root out international terrorism are examples of this misdirection Moreover our genera In my cheesehead mind Russ Feingold can do no wrong He was an excellent Senator and this book hits home for both the left and rights out there interested in the post 911 climate of the country There were many insightful interactions between Senator Feingold and fellow politicians detailed in the book bringing a new perspective of many right leaning leaders I would normally disregard I hope that this book is read by people of all political affiliations not just leftists to act as a catalyst of potential hopeful thinking bipartisan success stories to come And just as an aside how about Feingold 2016

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While America SleepsFormer senator Russ Feingold looks at institutional failures both domestic and abroad since the terrorist attacks and proposes steps to be taken by the government and by individuals to ensure that While America ePUB #9734 the next ten years are focused on solving the international problems that threaten AmericaIn While America Sleeps Russ Feingold details our nation’s collective failure to respond properly to the challenges posed by the post era Oversimplification of complicated new problems as well as thecynical exploitation of the fears generated by have undermined our ability to adjust effectively to America’s new place in the world This has weakened our efforts to protect American lives our national security and our constitutional values Ranging from institutional failures to “get it right” by Congress the executive bran you may know feingold as the ex senator from wisconsin he was one of our most liberal and loved by me for it and was beaten for reelection in what 2010 2008 AHH who cares like i said our most liberal and really our last liberal this book is a rather boring unless you like the whole insider look at how the senate works and what they did when jet planes started crashing around them and anthrax started making them itch and foreign relations committees etc etc etc re hash of the last couple of decades in usa and world from his pov so for 200 300 pages you get the dope on senate junkets junketeers how important it is to know and understand our neighbor countries our friend countries our enemies how muddled headed usa politicians are and greedy toolast few pages his conclusion is usa needs to become better educated empathetic work and live in other countries to spread the love and better understand the world outside strip malls and fat asses amen to all that but let me just drone these little kids then i'll get right on that