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Reisende auf einem Bein kindle ê eBook Free ´ johnscyclingdiary ✓ ❰BOOKS❯ ✮ Reisende auf einem Bein Author Herta Müller – Irene protagonista de 35 de ani a acestui roman îl cunoaşte la mare pe Franz un tânăr turist german pe care îl găseşte bIrene protagonista de de ani a acestui roman îl cunoaşte la mare pe Franz un tânăr turist german pe care îl găseşte beat într o cârciumă şi îl ajută să ajungă la hotel Aşteptându şi actele pentru emigrare Irene stabileşte împreună cu Franz să se revadă amândoi în Germania după ce ea va fi părăsit „cealaltă ţară“ Reisende a To say that Traveling on One Leg was a gloomy novel would definitely not be off the mark But it is heavy in a good and honest way It is rooted in the author's own life experiences and those of the Romanian citizens whom she depicts as also having transplanted themselves to other countries Because truth is the foundation of this novel it gives this work a heavy hearted edge that as a reader is not all too easy to digest The other reviewers I agree hit the mark with their assessments of this excellent novel in essence that it is extremely personal and that the evocative nature of loneness and disjointedness is thoroughly yet tangibly conveyed More than a novel the reader is almost transported into a nightmarish dream seuence where life and living is the nightmare It is a novel that is poetically written in a hardened verse format The language of poetry is short trenchant having to pack a wallop with the fewest words available to the author; the writer has to be extremely selective in her word choice and Herta Muller is selective evinced by this novel that does thrust a forceful literary punchThe story revolves around the female protagonist Irene a transplant from the repressive country of Romania whose presidential figurehead is a ruthless paranoid and self absorbed dictator Ceausescu who espouses backward socialist ideologies Anyone who lives under the unfortunate umbrella of his leadership don't have much hope of living a life of freedom individuality prosperity and a go at it alone work ethic Hence people try to defect and Irene is one of those who does Yet her homeland is not the enemy; it is the victim Irene is just an offshoot of the country a tree branch connected to the trunk the country The disease is communism and it is affecting every fiber of society But when she emigrates to Germany as Muller herself did in 1987 she is not greeted into a land of golden opportunity She is a legalized émigré who has been uprooted from all that is familiar to her And although she is free from the harm that communism carries she can not relate to her new homeland for there is no pride no connection nothing She has her baggage mentally and physically speaking and her memories And nothing else She is like a newborn babe who has to start anew However the contaminated mother's milk of her homeland has infected her development in ways than one Being an isolated loner is just a tip of the icebergWhile in Germany she befriends three men Franz Stefan and Thomas all of whom seem mentally crippled in their own right And as misery loves company she is drawn to them for the individuality And though their individuality is not one of an uplifting nature individuality Irene never encountered in Romania she is attracted to that characteristic in them regardless As people are not automatons for they are flesh and blood and capable of joys sorrows and growth she sticks with them and by them But it is really pointless She is like a ping pong ball going back and forth trying to find some measure of concreteness to firmly clasp onto In a nutshell it's hopeless with these three guys She is in a void a kind of limbo where all she can really do is reflect remember and analyze If you would see the city from the inside it would be different Irene is a name of a faraway city if you get close to it it becomes different It's one city if you go by and don't enter it and another if you get moved by it and don't leave it It's one city if you come to it for the first time and another if you leave it never to return A different name for each Pages 81 82 Irene escapes the daily nightmare of faux cultural social and political assimilation when on page 144 she states Neither dead nor aliveIt was almost joy She literally has to be an empty vessel and not be beholden to anybody or anything in order to feel truly free But that is next to impossible and only fleeting at bestTraveling on One leg was a fascinating read whereby no core action marriage careerism childbirth as taken by Irene could be specifically defined The whole work for me seemed so dream oriented It was like a person was trying to keep the insanity that no one else except Irene could see or feel at arm's length I could almost visualize Irene waking up form a nightmare while living in Romania about what life in Germany could be like Overall the book was very powerful maybe even so than than The Appointment and The Land of Green Plums In any event it is a hard book that one will not easily forget It is dreary and yet it makes me so grateful for my life and what I have in it Mission accomplished

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Zile metropolei şi dorul de ţara de origine atent ţinut sub control sunt descrise într o proză concisă minimalistă dar cu „o comoară de imagini de neuitat Publishers Weekly O carte despre alienare căutări şi mai ales despre singurătatePublicat în Călătorie într un picior este primul roman scris de Herta Müller după ce a părăsit Români I must admit that this type of writing just isn't usually my cup of tea mostly because it makes me feel like I'm reading something that was written in a hurry and that will easily fade from my mind But there is some beauty in simplicity There was a contagious state in this book and that is the state of confusion mixed with the impression that I am constantly lost as well while reading it If you would ask me what I remember about 'Traveling on One Leg' I would tell you I remember a story about loneliness and confusion in difficult times I remember a woman who can't find her place She can't find her place in a new country or in her old country neither can she find her place near one of the guys around her She feels like an anxious observer when she's talking a walk and she feels anxious about the idea of missing home And I do believe that the main reason why she feels so alone and confused is caused by her inability to find her place in her own skin Maybe that's why she feels the need to go further away

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Reisende auf einem BeinUf PDFEPUBLa aeroport nu l va întâlni însă pe Franz ci pe un prieten al acestuia Stefan După mutarea în Berlinul de Vest prin Stefan îl cunoaşte pe Thomas un şomer homosexual cu care reuşeşte să comunice Serpentinele amoroase anxietatea generată de confruntarea cu birocraţia hărţuitoare pentru imigranţi analiza lucidă a vieţii de pe stră Müller is never an easy read but I find her spare prose and bizarre vision of the world both impressive and deeply disturbing Some reviewers have described this as a book about madness Perhaps The madness if one can properly call it that results from political dislocation and alienation Irene a Romanian German has fled her homeland to take up residence in West Germany much like Müller herself She becomes involved with three different men none of whom seem particularly fond of her and she wanders lost in her new rather barren landscape But for me it is always Müller's peculiar verbal style that engages Passages like these appear on every pageThe distance was in the eyes too And also later when the refugees weren't walking in Flottenstrasse any When they went to the post office or talked too loudly on the phone from a rough neighborhood And wrote signs of life on cards to another country p 21Thomas knew this boy with the peaked cap He lived in every city He was one of the many you lose track of while they are still alive p 62She opened her mouth as if to yawn She didn't yawn It was her way to line up the words in her mouth before she spoke p 65Müller is a writer who sends me back to my German textbooks Is there a greater compliment a reader can pay a writer than to want to read her in the original language