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G Nina Sankovitch’ssoul baring and literary minded memoir is a chronicle of losshope and redemption Nina ultimately turns to reading as therapy and the Purple PDF #10003 andthrough her journey illuminates the power of books to help us reclaim ourlive Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is a book for people who love to read From the first chapter with the author's description of a day spent on a bench by the sea reading Bram Stoke's Dracula ultimately finishing the last of its' 400 pages in her hotel room that night I was totally caught up in her story After Nina Sankovitch's beloved older sister Anne Marie dies of cancer at age 46 Nina spends the next three years cramming as much as possible into her days not just to escape the pain of losing her sister but also to try and live life double for her sister and all that she missed as well as for herself Exhausted with grief unabated Nina decides to use the love of books that she shared with Anne Marie as an escape back to lifein her words to engulf herself in books and come up whole again She decides to read a book a day for a year She started a web site titled Read All Day whose motto is Great good comes from reading great books What lover of books couldn't identify with thatAnd so Nina begins her year on her own 46th birthday not looking to assuage her grief but as she puts it hoping for answerstrusting in booksto answer the uestion of why she deserved to live and how she should live Delving into not only the books she read but also her memories of her family specifically her sisterThe author's love of the written word is evident in her finely chosen almost poetic prose Her year of magical reading is itself a magical read In the author's honor I read it all in one day Highly recommended

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Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading“NinaSankovitch has crafted the Purple PDFEPUB #236 a dazzling memoir that remindsus of the most primal function of literature to heal to nurture and to connectus to our truest selves Thrity Umrigar author of The Space Between UsCatalyzedby the loss Three years after her sister Anne Marie died Nina Sankovitch was living a helter skelter life making a mad dash away from the grief and pain unable to accept her loss She knew she needed to ditch the hectic schedule hold still reflect and make some sense of her feelings A year of reading and reviewing one book every day was the method she chose to give herself that healing time and escape back into life In Tolstoy and the Purple Chair she shares her experiences while living that year the memories it sparked and how it allowed her to accept the unfairness of her sister's death and feel whole again If you believe in books as therapy or you're working through grief of your own or you just want to breathe new life into your reading program this could be a book for you It doesn't fit neatly into any category It's a grief journal and a family history built around observations on a year of maniacal reading while maintaining a household with a husband and four young sonsThe narrative doesn't always follow a logical progression and the structure can be confusing but once I adjusted to that looser style I enjoyed all the anecdotes There are moments of sweetness and humor that will make you wish for a big sister like Anne Marie There are fascinating and sad stories about their Belarusian father and Belgian mother And there are the universally recognized book lover bonding stories such as the book she stole from the library and still has; or the friendship that ended because she badmouthed someone's favorite bookThis is a difficult book to rate and review because it describes such a personal journey She has lost a sister I have not She is an overachiever whereas I am a sloth If I thought I had to read and review a book every day it would feel like a ball and chain For her it was a healing path Her reading tastes are very different from mine and I didn't buy a lot of her conclusions But when I visited her blog and saw her review of The Tomb in Seville by Norman Lewis I felt an instant connection I thought I was the only person in the whole country who cared about that book I wanted to call her up right away and ask if she'd also read Naples '44 and what did she think of it And THAT for me is what Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is really all about Books are a bridge and an anchor They can bring us new friends with whom we may have nothing else in common and they can give us a lasting connection with those we have loved most deeply whether they are still living or not Sail on sweet Anne Marie Your little sister has done you proud

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FREE PDF ¾ BOOK Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading ✓ NINA SANKOVITCH ò ★ Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading PDF / Epub ✪ Author Nina Sankovitch – “NinaSankovitch has crafted a dazzling memoiOf her sister a mother of four spends one year savoring Tolstoy and eBook #187 a greatbook every day from Thomas Pynchon to Nora Ephron and beyond In the tradition ofGretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and Joan Dideon’sA Year of Magical Thinkin Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is the disjointed memoir that nobody asked for There's not enough substance in this book to warrant a novel The author has a husband and a home; so do lots of other people She popped out some kids; also something lots of people have done Her beloved sister died Condolences Sankovitch but many of us know that pain too And she read one book a day to cope with her grief while sitting in a purple chair that smelled of cat pee Since most of us don't read than one book per day and we tend to avoid chairs that reek of urine Sankovitch decided she was just different enough from the rest of us to justify writing a personal memoir Every once in a while the cat would pee just a tiny little bit on the purple chair