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The Bosss Surprise Son Book í 192 pages Download ò Johnscyclingdiary À [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Bosss Surprise Son ⚣ Teresa Carpenter – If it isn't bad enough that Savannah Jones has succumbed to the old cliché of falling for her boss now she's expecting his bFor reasons he doesn't fully understand and she won't marry him out of duty It's stalemate Unless this brooding boss can let go and tap in to his inner doting daddy? The story is ok A bit cliche at times and a little drawn out At first the POV is fairly evenly split between the two but from about half way through until almost the end the POV is pretty much all Savannah I would have preferred from Rick If you like a bit of heat and sexiness you will be disappointed this tends to stop as you get to the bedroomThere are six brothers and there is a book for each of them I have not read any of the other stories

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If it isn't bad enough that Savannah Jones has succumbed to the old cliché of falling for her boss now she's expecting his babyEveryone knows that gorgeous dynamic R Heroine with silly insecurities It had its moments and I enjoyed reading certain parts Overall it was a drag

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The Bosss Surprise Son Ick Sullivan is a confirmed bachelor wedded firmly to his work So convinced there's no happy ending for her Savannah tries to resign uietly Only Rick won't let her go Usually I shy away from stories where the main characters get together because a surprise pregnancy occurs doing a one night moment of passion This one took a slightly different approach to this popular trope The majority of the book is about Savannah and Rick's growing attraction and evolving relationship and then the one night moment of passion happens view spoilerAs expected both characters have their own relationship hang ups that they need to conuer Surprisingly Rick was able to overcome his once he realized he was about to have the family he believed he didn't want or need Of course he screws everything up right off the bat by proposing immediately after discovering that Savannah was pregnant although misguided at least he was willing to take responsibility In my opinion Savannah had relationship hang ups than the workaholic Rick She felt betrayed by her father for disappearing into work instead of facing his grief and supporting his children I also think she felt she was cheated out of her original dreams because she took up the mantle of parent to her brother and sister From this she developed an independent personality that refused help from others either because she felt she could manage on her own or because she lacked the ability to trust Her trust issues almost cost her Rick because she couldn't see he had changed All she could see was what he was before she became pregnant and not how he was after she moved in with him The most frustrating scene for me was when she decided to have a surprise dinner for Rick's birthday and he came home late because he went out to dinner with his brothers Even though she hadn't told him she wanted him to come home and she understood the relationship Rick had with his brothers especially his twin she still felt betrayed when he didn't come straight home To his credit Rick wanted to be home with her and ducked out early to be with her but she still felt unhappy At this point I wanted to shake her for being so blind to Rick's feelings but I also wanted to shake him for not telling her sooner that he cared for her and loved her Frustration with Savannah aside she was a good character She was strong independent and smart She put her dreams on hold for her family but that didn't stop her from trying to learn about everything that interested her in order to be ready to chase her dreams once her brother and sister were safely grown up and starting lives of their own I like how Rick appreciates her for skills and intelligence even though he finds her personality to be a little loud hide spoiler