14th January 2020

Another indoor session

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13th January 2020

Bloomin horrible windy day, I settled for a Zwift session after work…

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12th January 2020

The plan was to meet up with Gary and Simon in Calne and cycle the long way to Merkins for a spot of coffee/bacon, then meander home…

I met up with Gary and Simon as planned, we made it about 5 miles from Calne and Simons Di2 stopped working (I still think good old mechanical is the best option), we turned around and battled a headwind back to Calne, We decided to take a more direct route to Merkins, the headwind was brutal, and to make matters worse it started raining, I decided a stop at Lacock for Coffee/Cake was in order, then I simply had enough, so headed more or less back home…

Very disappointing ride…

Oh and the shifting on the Day One Alfine started to play up again, I changed the cable when I got back home, if it continues playing up, it is to dangerous to use…..

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11th January 2020

I started off with the Club Chain Gang, but a lack of pointing out obstacles, and a severe lack of thought for anybody else using the roads left me cold!

The last straw was as we encountered some flood water, no warnings given, a car coming the other way was not called out, it had all the makings of a potential disaster, I decide to drop way off the back and let them get on with it, I carried on on my own, and probably got more benefit from battling the winds single handedly!

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10th January 2020

Busy day, coupled with a severe case of cant be arsed!

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