17th June 2017

Got up early and wombled to the house of pain for some bread, croissants and pain of chocolates for breakfast 🙂

I couldn’t face cycling up the fresh gravel surface dressing of the Col de Pailheres again, so I drove over it with wifey, following the route we took on the Raid Pyrenees four years ago…we HAD to stop at the Menhir de Counozouls 🙂

The scenery and houses changed from mid Pyrenees “French” style to Mediterranean, shallower pitched roofs with terracotta and yellows everywhere, the temperature also climbed!

When we arrived at Argeles-Sur-Mer, I went out for a bike ride, it ended up being MUCH shorter than intended, 38 degrees C was even to much for me! I ended up with an unquenchable thirst, and the warm water in the bottles just didn’t do it for me!

I ended up spending the afternoon in the pool!

Strava session here…

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
01:31:39 01:15:24 17.20 13.69 28.63 524.93
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

Tomorrows ride will be FIRST thing in the morning.

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Cycling Stats 14/08/17

Road (+ Roller) miles…
4,198.78 Miles in 2008
9,504.17 Miles in 2009
10,808.93 (763.77) Miles in 2010
11,790.49 (287) Miles in 2011
10,906.37 (682.2) Miles in 2012
9,242.14 (842.63) Miles 2013
10,833.49 (83.7) Miles Cycling 2014
9,957 Miles Cycling 2015
10,180.9 Miles Cycling 2016

7,703 Miles Cycling 2017

Equilibrium Disk
Chain 1: 1929.2
Chain 2: 1031.6 #
Chain 3: 1120.3

Croix de Fer
Chain + Cassette: 227.9