20th August 2014

The cycle club forum had the following post for today…

On the Wednesday 20 August starting at 1830 hrs (6.30 p.m.) the Steel Is Real 10 mile Time Trial will take place on UC865 (Malmesbury RAB course, not Lyneham Banks and not the combined 13 mile hilly alternative).  Riders may ride any bike they wish this evening but only bikes which are not aero [no tri-bars, no deep section wheels, no shaped seat posts], are not carbon and riders in leisure riding atire (e.g. no pointy helmets, no skin hugging lycra, no plastic over their shoes [unless it is neoprene in the event of heavy rain]) will count towards the event. Clip on shoes and handle bar shifters are allowed.

Panache and style will be appreciated but there will be no time adjustments made for this as the complex scoring system used in the past defeated even the Racing Secretary when it came to working out the handicap.

So come on, dig out that old faithful and revel in the nostaligia for days of yore when Rule 5 applies with every turn of the pedal.

So it seemed like a reasonable idea to drag the old Peugeot Optimum 14 out of its retirement and give it a quick going over 😉


At 5:45 I set off to the start…

Distance: 7.87 mi
Time: 28:22
Avg Speed: 16.6 mph
Elevation Gain: 154 ft
Calories: 262 C
Avg Temperature: 60.2 °F

Route here…

It has got noticeably colder over the last couple of days and I felt the need to wear arm warmers ;-(

I signed in had a chat, picked up my number (5) then rode the short distance to the start of the course, then I waited, those around me burnt energy warming up, by cycling up and down the road, I preserved my energy by doing nothing 😉

With the first four riders of up the road at 1 minute intervals, it was my turn to go, I had only ever done this course once before and I it’s unreasonably hilly ;-( ohh and its starts off on an incline ;-(

After a painfully slow start I got in to a bit of a rhythm, until the Col de Little Somerford, where try as I might to hold a decent cadence I ended up standing and grinding up the hill, I accelerated and got going again nicely on the flattish main road, a quick glance behind and I was getting caught 🙁 a few moments later and I was passed, thank god it was a light carbon fibre aero thing, being ridden by Spartacus 🙂

After another irritating and slowing climb I descended to the Malmesbury roundabout, great the roundabout was empty, nightmare there were traffic lights off the roundabout, they were red and there was a long queue of traffic ;-( I had no choice but to slow to a crawl, I passed all the traffic and was at the front of the queue, after stopping for a second or two, I assessed the roadworks, the lane was conned off, but there was no holes in the road, I decided to carry on on the closed portion of road, I had lost precious time, but better to be safe than sorry!

I turned off the main road and accelerated down Grange Lane, at the bottom of the decent became the inevitable climb, Ahhhhhhhh I was overtaken! I blame the traffic lights! I carried on grinding up the hill, and used by density to its full on the descent 😉

I gave it my all on the final hill, and then set about trying to catch up with my overtakee, but I had to slow down for horses….

The Garmin had the 10 miles as…

Distance: 10.13 mi
Time: 29:42
Avg Speed: 20.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 423 ft
Calories: 445 C
Avg Temperature: 54.4 °F

Route here…

As per every time I have done a TT, I always feel that I didn’t give it my all, and looking at my average speed I am absolutely certain of it!

I milled about for a while, then set off back home.

Distance: 6.75 mi
Time: 22:22
Avg Speed: 18.1 mph
Elevation Gain: 164 ft
Calories: 214 C
Avg Temperature: 52.7 °F

Route here…

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