19th August 2014

Got in from work a touch late ;-( got changed and took Milo out for a quick run 😉

Distance: 3.62 mi
Time: 35:56
Avg Pace: 9:56 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 131 ft
Calories: 456 C

Route here…

I felt completely recovered from Sundays big ride today, I am still amazed at how quickly the body adapts and recovers, I think I would have been OK yesterday if I had eaten properly on Sunday’s ride, and more importantly if I hadn’t thrown up what little I did eat when I got back home Sunday!

I won’t attempt to rewrite what has already been written by far better wordy people than me about Tommy Godwin, have a read of Dave Barters article here…, and Raleigh’s article here…

Late last year I stumbled across a challenge published and sponsored by Raleigh, here… to celebrate Tommy’s achievement by completing just a single ride that matched Tommy’s daily average for over a year, a mere 205 miles!

I plotted a route that was reasonably well known to me and more importantly reasonably flat and hence quick! It was just unfortunate that the planned day of the ride was also a windy day! great for the first 100 miles unfortunately the second 100 was damn hard work!

What did I learn from this, well I can cycle over 200 miles and still enjoy cycling, I could set my sights higher and do 400K, 500K ,600K Audaxes, but I still think 12 hours in the saddle is enough for one day! so although I am more than capable of longer distances I wouldn’t enjoy it! could I do 205 miles every day for a year…definitely NOT, Tommy Godwin was a legend and deserves to be remembered.

His record of 75,065 miles in 365 days is phenomenal,  having ridden just one of his days millage is a target so high that its almost unfathomable, it pales my 53,000 miles in 7  years into insignificance! and I thought I cycled a lot!

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