30th November 2010

I worked in Stevenage today – A rather unpleasant 240 mile round trip 🙁

When I got home I ate tea then chilled out in front of the fire 🙂

I just can’t face the turbo/rollers until tomorrow!

As its the end of the month its stats time…

Firstly for the month…

Count: 12 Activities
Distance: 556.01 mi
Max Distance: 98.78 mi
Time 35:16:19 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 17,350 ft
Max Elevation Gain 5,535 ft
Avg Speed: 15.8 mph
Max Speed: 41.1 mph
Calories: 39,227 C

I am a little disappointed at the much lower mileage this month, but I was ill and it has been bloomin cold!

And the stats for the year….

Count: 227 Activities
Distance: 10,308.51 mi
Max Distance: 189.68 mi
Time 651:06:04 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 359,641 ft
Max Elevation Gain 10,703 ft
Avg Speed: 15.8 mph
Max Speed: 50.9 mph
Calories: 758,241 C

I have some good rides planned for December 🙂 Unfortunately I will also have to start using the rollers 🙁 I wonder if wifey would by me an i-magic virtual trainer for Christmas? (I guess not)

I have ordered a wireless cadence computer, I can’t face fitting the wired cadence computer to the carbon bike!

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  1. welshcyclist says:

    Great stats, I’m hopeless at recording them, either forget to turn cyclecomputer on, or to record readings doah….

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