4th November 2018

Out for a quick Unicycle session before bike ride..

Had all good intentions of cycling to Merkins for Bacon and Bucket of coffee, got as far as Corsham, resembled more of a drowned rat, didn’t relish the idea of stopping and getting cold, so headed more or less home…

Strava session here…

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
03:43:25 03:39:20 54.33 14.86 34.00 2,440.94
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

On a plus note, it did mean I went out for lunch with wifey ­čÖé

After Lunch I had another Unicycle session, and had another breakthrough, I managed a few revolutions along the support fence without touching it, I think a few more wall sessions, and I will try and break free!

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