7th October 2018

What a smashing bike ride, bit of a chilly start but well worth it 🙂

I can say “Balls Green” and “Cockadilly” without being rude 🙂

I set of from home at 7:30 meeting Simon at his mansion at 8am, I had received a text from Paul saying he was wimping out as it was cold, so we didn’t wait for home at Callows Hill…

Only when cycling does one head North and East for a destination in the South West!

We headed through Balls Green and stopped at a really (no REALLY) nice cafe at Nailsworth (The Canteen) – Stunning Bacon Sarnie :-),  the climb out of Nailsworth warmed me back up, we headed through Cockadilly and down Frocester Hill, through Slimbridge and stopped at the target destination….Hill for the WI Cake sale 🙂

OMG it was awesome, I was a bit of a pig….

The Cherry Cheese cake, Mint Chocolate slice and Cherry Coconut slice all fitted on the plate so could have been that bad (Shame I didn’t see the Treacle Tart until I went back in to return my empty mug)

And then it was gone!

From Hill we headed south to Olveston and Coalpit Heath (Hard to think we had a mining industry in this area!)

After Pucklechurch (It bother me greatly the Church isn’t called Puckle but is St Thomas a Becket) we stopped at another fine cafe for Coffee (Oohps I may have had a slice of chocolate cake as well!)

It was then a short sprint home  🙂

Strava session here…

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
08:22:08 06:31:30 101.16 15.50 38.92 5,439.63
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.


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