9th July 2017

Got up early and cycled over to Calne to meet up with Simon, I had to be back home for a Wurzels concert, so didnt want to hang about to much…

We had a jolly nice, and reasonably quick ride around the White  Horse route, making it to Cricklade for about 11:30, with a fecktard in a Tractor attempting to Kill Simon n me by giving us feck all room, wouldn’t have been to bad, if we hadnt actually pulled over in a wide spot to let him pass safely! he was obviosuly determined to hold his line!

After a spot of lunch we set off and made it to Foxham for 13:15, so it seemed appropriate to have a swift pint of apple juice 🙂

Strava session here…

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I made it back home with plenty of time to get to Monkton Park…

The Support act were awesome… Nuttyness a Madness Tribute band 🙂

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