23rd November 2014

I decided to go out on the club leisure ride today, problem is it’s a bit short…so I decided to get up and go out early for a pre-cycle ride cycle ride ;-)

I set off at just gone 7am on the chain gang route, it was damn hard work and so sloooooow :-(

I cut a few corners of and ended up arriving at the leisure ride start with 34 miles on the clock and 10 minutes to spare ;-)

The club ride was interesting, it took me down some local roads I have never been down before! I would have though I knew them all by now!

After the tea stop I rode with the group for a short while, then took my own way home, Interestingly I passed them all heading the opposite way down the B4040, and I arrived back at the Rugby club at the same time as them ;-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

80.01 mi Distance
15.4 mph Avg Speed
2,857 C Calories
5:12:27 Time
2,454 ft Elev Gain
42.1 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

Dragging the Genesis Day One around and do a group ride with other people was damn hard work! my legs are aching a wee bit now!

I did take some video, I must do some editing ;-)

22nd November 2014

Got up early and headed out on the Chain Gang route at 6:30 am, was back home by 9:15 ;-)

40.87 mi Distance
16.9 mph Avg Speed
1,772 C Calories
2:25:07 Time
942 ft Elev Gain
51.2 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

When I got back home, I showered and changed then took the dog’s out for a nice walk ;-)

I had to do some work late afternoon, once that was done I finally got around to sorting out one of the troublesome security camera’s, I decided to connect it to wired Ethernet, the WIFI on the camera was proving to be to flaky.

21st November 2014

Worked from home today…I woke up early to go for a bike ride and felt absolutely exhausted, so rolled over and went back to sleep!

It was chucking it down with rain at lunchtime so I decided against going out!

This evening was doggy training classes so I just didn’t make it out on the bike today!

20th November 2014

I had to work in Milton Keynes today, as it was very last minute and I had things to do over lunch, I didn’t take a bike with me :-(

I did however leave at the earliest opportunity and managed to squeeze in a bike ride when I got back home ;-)

21.43 mi Distance
15.7 mph Avg Speed
664 C Calories
1:22:05 Time
423 ft Elev Gain
45.2 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

There was a VERY noticeable winter chill in the air today, it was the first time since last winter that I felt the need to keep my T-shirt on under my cycle top!

19th November 2014

Worked from home today…

I was up at 5:30am and out on the bike at 6, for a pre work 40…

It was damn hard work! I was going to edit some video for teh blog, but I am feeling pretty darn tired ;-(

The Garmin had the ride as…

40.34 mi Distance
15.5 mph Avg Speed
1,139 C Calories
2:36:05 Time
994 ft Elev Gain
42.1 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

I gotta go to Milton Keynes tomorrow, but a bike ride just isn’t practical, maybe I will make it back in time to go out pre evening meal.

I got around to looking at the Equilibrium disk rear brakes this evening, the pads were in place and everything looked fine, I am baffled to why the brakes went so wildly out of set-up just by removing and refitting the wheel!

18th November 2014

Got in from work, got changed and took Milo out for a swift run ;-)

Today I decided to run around the park, well actually around,around,around,around,around the park, each lap is .5 mile and it’s just over .5 mile to and from the park ;-)

The Garmin had the run as….

3.22 mi Distance
9:36 min/m Avg Pace
429 C Calories
30:55 Time
90 ft Elev Gain

Route here…

Whilst I was in the shower it dawned on me that I could just run a lap on the roads around the house, door to door is exactly 1 mile, its well-lit and well paved!

17th November 2014

Got in from work and re-aligned the back wheel on the Day One, this time I gorillad the wheel nuts ;-)

I then spent a quality evening playing computer games ;-)

16th November 2014

Went out on a much shorter ride than normal today, the plan was to do 80 miles, but I think I may have under estimated the uppy downyness of the route!

We set of from Chippenham and headed up through Slaughterford (Where we had a long slow downhill following a tractor and cows).


Then a climb to Colerne…


Then down Bannerdown (where the extreme weight of the Genesis Day One was a bonus, I did of course have to drag the bleedin thing up the hills first though!)

We joined the cycle path in Bath then turned onto the Two Tunnels route, at Midford we left the nice flat cycle path and climbed skyward to Twinhoe and descended into Wellow for a nice spot of tea ;-)

After Tea and a toasting in front of the wood-burner we had a very cool descent before starting the next climb to Hinton Charterhouse, I pointed out the ‘Weary Traveller’ to Simon…


We descended through Iford and climbed out the other side, another stonking hill…

At Westwood we turned and descended into and climbed out of Farleigh Hungerford (I really must visit the Castle one day), We carried on up/down through Rode, Rudge and Dilton Marsh to Westbury where we climbed and descended the White Horse Hill, The Autumnal colours have finally started to make an appearance!


On the White Horse climb, I looked at Distance Travelled (40 Miles) and time of day (12pm) and came to the rapid conclusion that it would not be wise to continue on my planned (Very Hilly) route, so we  decided to cut a direct line back to Lacock, via Steeple Ashton, Semington and Melksham.

We climbed Bowden Hill and stopped for an Apple Juice (or two) in the Rising Sun (It was damn difficult to leave a. The Cider was good b. There was an open fire).

When finished the Bowden Hill climb, the back wheel of the bike started ticking, a stop and check showed that the back wheel had shifted in the drop outs, the chain was now slack and the ticking was the spoke magnet hitting the speed sensor :-( The wheel was not loose so I opted to move the sensor arm out of the way and continue the 5 miles home ;-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

60.38 mi Distance
12.7 mph Avg Speed
2,545 C Calories
4:44:37 Time
4,098 ft Elev Gain
47.5 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

When I got back home I showered/changed and took the dog’s for a nice walk in the park, Milo has finally learnt the art of playing fetch ;-) although he did get distracted by some other dog’s and we ended up loosing the ball ;-(

After a short relax I tried a new Pork Tenderloin recipe, it sort of worked, but I think I prefer my normal roasting method ;-)

15th November 2014

Did the normal Saturday early morning chain gang route…

I thought I would experiment with video’s ;-)

I used the old GoPro HD Hero on a seat mount, and the new Hero 4 on the handlebar mount.




Unfortunately it was very misty on the whole ride, and I found that its possible to not fit the Hero4 into the case properly and for the case to still close,  you end it with dark rings in the corners of the video ;-(

I used Sony Movie Studio Platinum to picture in picture a short section of video.

The Hero4 battery ran out at about 1 hour 55 minutes recording at 1080p, A little to short for my liking so I have ordered a battery backpack ;-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

40.68 mi Distance
15.5 mph Avg Speed
1,220 C Calories
2:37:00 Time
938 ft Elev Gain
43.5 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

On my way home the Versa shifter gave a little cracking sound and came loose on the handlebars, I feared the worse, but carried on the short distance home…Surprisingly all I did was tighten the clamp back up and it appears to be tightly clamped on again, I do however suspect I will have issues again!

14th November 2014

Worked from home today, got up early and went out for a cold,dark and wet early morning 40…

I fitted the new GoPro4 and took some video, I uploaded a comparison of Wednesday’s ride with today’s (resolution dropped to 720)…..

And another one at 1080, after I wiped the rain drops of the lens!

I was a little worried about battery life so I didn’t run it for the first hour (after I crossed the bridge), but I need not have worried, after an hour or so of video recording the battery still showed over 90% capacity…so tomorrow I will try it for the full 40 ;-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

40.26 mi Distance
15.5 mph Avg Speed
2,616 C Calories
2:35:53 Time
669 ft Elev Gain
48.1 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

All the bikes are now clean again :-) Whilst cleaning the Day One I found a broken spoke on the rear, so I spent some quality time trying to find a suitable length spoke and replaced it ;-)

Something went Pete Tong on the Equilibrium, when I refitted the back wheel the rear brake appeared to have full travel, I have an idea that the brake pads may have exited the calliper, but there is no sign of them on the ground and I didn’t hear or see anything…

I have ordered some replacement pads, I will investigate and fix when they arrive, I am not happy with how a working and well adjusted brake can suddenly be so far out of adjustment!

I will be using the Day One for the next few days!

Cycling Stats 15/11/14

Road (+ Roller) miles...
4,198.78 Miles in 2008
9,504.17 Miles in 2009
10,808.93 (763.77) Miles in 2010
11,790.49 (287) Miles in 2011
10,906.37 (682.2) Miles in 2012
9,242.14 (842.63) Miles 2013
9,787.60 Miles 2014

Rollers/Turbo 2014
83.7 miles 3 Hours 31 Minutes

Running 2014
262.7 miles 42 Hours 40 Minutes

Miles on
Surly Pacer
Cassette: 2,801.19
Chain 1: 1,044.87
Chain 2: 995.40
Chain 3: 826.70 *
Chain set: 7,799.19

Genesis Equilibrium
Chain 1: 1,121.20
Chain 2: 0*

Genesis Croix De Fer
Cassette: 271.57
Chain: 271.57*

Genesis Day One

Giant SCR4
Chain/Cassette: 756.70

*Currently fitted chain