24th July 2016

I was going to go for a 40 mile bike ride..but didnt…

Drove to Studland, had breakfast, sat on the beach, had lunch, drove home πŸ˜„

23rd July 2016

Got up early and cycled to Swanage, modified the route a little to avoid as many main roads as possible….the route is now perfect (if not a little lumpy)

Strava session here…

22nd July 2017

Worked from home today, I got up early and logged in for work, then downed tools at 7:45 to drop the car off to have a bumper scrape repaired (some cock womble drove into it whilst it was parked, and NO they didn’t leave a note)


I cycled back home onΒ  the folding bike (getting an irritating phantom flat on the way), route here…

At 16:00 I cycled back to pick the car up, route here…

The repair was stunning…




21st July 2017

Worked in Warwick today..

I took the folding bike with me and went out for a lunchtime spin πŸ™‚

Strava session here…

20th July 2016

Worked from home today, I decided to get up early and go out for a pre work 40 miles (Avoiding the mid day sun and all)

Strava session here…

19th July 2016

It was already scorching hot at 6am, It was a nice warm roof down drive to Warwick πŸ™‚

It was already 32 degrees in the office when I walked in, the heat just hit me!

I took the folding bike out for a spin at lunchtime, it was gorgeously sunny, but may have been a little too warm!

Strava had the session as…

18th July 2016

Worked from home today, I was quite busy and was home alone with the doggies so could go out for a lunchtime ride πŸ™

I did manage to break away at 4pm when the sun was at its hottest πŸ™‚

Strava had the ride as…

17th July 2016

The weather forecast for Dartmoor was perfect, so we decided to get up early and drive to Bovey Tracey, wifey dropped me off and went on to the sea side, I spent a tip top day cycling around the 2011 Dartmoor Devil route, it was certainly a different experience than the normal damp, wet leaves, soggy lanes experience, the climbs although not easy – take on a slightly more manageable and less draining guise.


There was two main frustrations for the day…

a) The completely useless Garmin 1000, it kept on losing satellite connection (even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I was on top of the moors), or saying I was off course even though I was on the damn course.



On the few occasions where I needed it for navigation, I found that if I stopped it would eventually get a stable connection, until it lost it again (Perhaps I was going to fast?)

The second frustration… b) was the swarms of fly’s that congregated around me on EVERY climb…

There was an almost constant stream of expletives muttered under my breath as the fly’s swarmed and the Garmin bleeping bleeped πŸ™

I stopped for a spot of Coffee and Cake at Holne, I actually was happy to sit in the shade, the sun was starting to get darn hot!

As the fly’s and Garmin paid there toll and time was cracking on I decided to forgo the climb to Pincetown and back from Two Bridges, instead of stopping for lunch at ‘The Foxtor’ cafe, I stopped for a Cream Tea at Widecombe in the Moor πŸ™‚


With a belly full of Cream Tea I ascended Widecombe in the Moor to Haytor Rock, I decided to not continue on to Manaton via Dartmeet, but to head straight to Bovey and join my route to Newton Abbot and on to Shaldon to meet up with Wifey.


After meeting up with wifey, we sat for a while admiring the view….


Then we went to the beach to paddle/swim, stopped for a spot of food, then drove home πŸ™‚

It turned into a nice long day, helped by some proper summer sun πŸ™‚

Strava session here…

16th July 2016

I decided to have a bit of a repeat of last weeks fun πŸ™‚ This time I left home at 09:37 passing the Cemetery gates (Chain-gang start point) at 09:40, a full 10 minutes behind…I gave it my all

But obviously they were quicker this week as I didn’t catch sight of them anywhere πŸ™

Strava session here…

After a quick shower/change I cut the grass, then had a spot of lunch, followed by doggy walkies πŸ™‚

I spent the rest of the afternoon fettling bikes, I have finally got around to fitting the new chain/cassette on to the Giant, and replaced the front gear cable/outer on the Surly.

15th July 2016

No cycling today, worked in Warwick, went to a leaving do….got home late…very late..like 11:00 late…

Cycling Stats 17/08/15

Road (+ Roller) miles...
4,198.78 Miles in 2008
9,504.17 Miles in 2009
10,808.93 (763.77) Miles in 2010
11,790.49 (287) Miles in 2011
10,906.37 (682.2) Miles in 2012
9,242.14 (842.63) Miles 2013
10,833.49 (83.7) Miles Cycling 2014
293.12 Miles Running 2014

6,608.71 Miles 2015

Rollers/Turbo 2015
156.72 miles

Running 2015
42.54 miles 7 Hours 0 Minutes

Miles on
Surly Pacer
Cassette: 1,144.70
Chain 1: 1,144.70
Chain 2: 0
Chain 3: 0
Chain set: 9,001.09

Genesis Equilibrium
Chain 1: 120.9
Chain 2: 0

Genesis Croix De Fer
Cassette: 610.27
Chain: 610.27*

Genesis Day One

Giant SCR4
Chain/Cassette: 2,944.80

Montague Urban (Folder)

*Currently fitted chain