30th March 2015

Night off, Played computer games :-)

29th March 2015

How plans change! I was intending to do a 200K Audax in Bristol today, but earlier in the week the weather forecast was for a reasonably strong Westerly wind with rain, the Audax was predominantly North/South so I decided against it, I intended to cycle out to Cheddar and back, headwind out followed by a full on tailwind back :-)

Just before actually getting out of bed this morning I did a check on the weather and the strong wind had turned into VERY strong wind, 50 mph gusting to 80, so I decided to err on the side of caution and stayed indoors all day!

I did tidy the house from top to bottom, cleaned and prep`d bikes ready for the Easter trip to France and generally chilled out 😅

I was gutted to see that Steve Abraham’s record attempt has been potentialy destroyed today as he has been knocked of his bike and has a broken ankle :'(

28th March 2015

Paul had suggested doing a hilly ride instead of the chain gang route, so I plotted a ride that went up every steep hill in the locale :-)

Paul, Jim and myself all met up at the Chippenham Cemetery gates at 8am and we all set off (at high speed) to the first climb :-) I managed to hold a high enough pace on the flat to wear everybody out ahead of the climb…Jim stated sternly that I should slow down otherwise Paul would be in pieces…so I slowed down :-(

After ascending and descending the first ridge (a mere 8 miles) it was time to stop at Jim’s house for a coffee :-)

With the first refreshment stop done it was time to climb, descend, climb a bit more! we ascended Clyffe Pypard, at the top we met another cyclist who asked for directions to Winterbourne Bassett, which I dually provided, he suggested there was a Garden Center just of the M4 junction, at which point Paul started providing direction’s, the irony of the most geographically challenged person I know giving directions!  (Paul gets lost on the chain gang route, and we have done that hundreds of times).

We continued up Hackpen Hill and followed the route into Marlborough, where we stopped at the old church cafe for a spot of tea and bacon sandwiches :-)

It was dry when we stopped, it was not when we left, in fact it was precipitating with force, and we were now into a brutal headwind :-(

Paul was starting to fatigue, so the pace dropped a wee bit to give Paul a wheel to follow. We continued on my planned route up Cherhill, but decided to cut the ride a little short as Paul was literally on his last legs.

The Garmin had the ride as…

48.60 mi Distance
14.3 mph Avg Speed
1,798 C Calories
3:23:41 Time
3,136 ft Elev Gain
51.9 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

I had a spot of lunch with Paul at my house, hopefully it gave him enough recovery time to make it home in one piece!

After a quick shower/change, I took the dogs for a walk, then washed the car…

I am still hoping to get a reasonable ride in tomorrow, I decided to abandon the plans to do a 200K Audax in Bristol, spending the entire day cycling in the rain with crosswinds does not inspire me! I am thinking about a ride out to Cheddar, headwind out, tailwind back! if I get up and go early enough the wind is not forecast to be quite so strong!

27th March 2015

Worked from home today.

Paul came over for a lunch time ride again, this time not so hilly, and I put a bit of flat line effort in :-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

23.68 mi Distance
18.6 mph Avg Speed
632 C Calories
1:16:29 Time
410 ft Elev Gain
53.3 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

I suspect the average speed was actually closer to 20 mph, but Paul wasn’t putting any effort in and I had to keep on slowing down for him :-)

26th March 2015

I had to work in Milton Keynes today, so I took the folder out for another spin :-) This time I was joined by Jim, Mick and the big boss Gary :-) Ray wimped out with a sudden and unexpected case of man flue!

It was a nice leisurely pace mainly into a strong headwind!

The Garmin had the ride as…

14.33 mi Distance
15.3 mph Avg Speed
962 C Calories
56:11 Time
420 ft Elev Gain
49.3 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

It was quite a nice ride, but possibly the last lunch time ride with Jim, he has decided to retire ;-(

25th March 2015

Worked from home today, unfortunately I was quite busy, however some of the stuff I was doing was launching/loading things and waiting…so in one of those waiting moments I went for a bike ride :-)

Paul came over and we set of over the local hills….did I ever tell you, I hate hills!

I did take the Surly out for the first time this year, and it did make it a tadge easier :-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

33.69 mi Distance
15.2 mph Avg Speed
990 C Calories
2:13:02 Time
1,693 ft Elev Gain
48.8 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

Fortunately the sun was out and on some of the climbs it was actually very warm, unfortunately I ended up working well into this evening :-(

24th March 2015

I thought I would take the folding bike with me to Warwick today, and work/weather permitting I would try and get out for a quick ride :-)

As luck would have it, I reached a convenient stopping point AND the sun was out, so I got changed, unfolded the bike and went for a wee ride :-)

I just had to stop and take some bike photo’s at Kenilworth Castle…



I am REALLY happy with how the bike performs, it rides just like a ‘normal’ bike ohh and its possibly the lightest bike I own :-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

16.74 mi Distance
16.1 mph Avg Speed
1,208 C Calories
1:02:33 Time
722 ft Elev Gain
48.5 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

Now taking the bike to work is a lot less faff, I think I will try and make Warwick rides a little more regular, although I need to come up with some slightly nicer routes, today’s had some nice bits bit also a whole lode of A roads :-(

It was interesting I was feeling warn out and lethargic before lunch, but when I got back to work after the cycle ride I was full of energy and all of the mental cobwebs had blown away, perhaps ‘they’ should promote fitness in the work place?

When I got back home I got changed and took Milo out for a quick run, although I got my fix at lunchtime Milo still needs his workout!

The Garmin had the run as…

3.23 mi Distance
9:38 min/mi Avg Pace
158 C Calories
31:05 Time
130 ft Elev Gain

Route here…

23rd March 2015

Night off, Played computer games…well actually plotted a whole load of routes for Easter and didn’t get on well playing games so gave up!

22nd March 2015

I wanted to go for a long ride and I needed to be back home for the dogs, so I had very little choice but to get up and go early!

I thought I would go out on the chain gang route and perhaps do 2 1/2 – 3 laps, and hopefully be back for lunch!

So off I set in the icy cold!
There was a little bit of a headwind out, but that ultimately meant a tailwind home :-)


The first lap (40 miles) was completed at around 9 am, and I was looking forwards to stopping for a bacon sandwich and a spot of tea at The Stables Tea room in Hullavington, I rolled past on my second lap at 10:30 and the closed sign was still up at the door ;-(

I carried on to Yatton Keynell and was overtaken by this brain dead plonker!

Why on earth do people do it?

I decided to stop for a tea and a pasty at the Yatton Keynell Village stores, I sat outside and watched the world go by…

When I got back into Chippenham with 81 miles done, it was 11:45, I was itching to stay out for another hour or so to complete the 100 miles, but it would have been unfair on the dog’s (They had been home alone since 10 am), so I reluctantly pulled in to home :-(

The Garmin had the ride as…

80.96 mi Distance
16.9 mph Avg Speed
972 C Calories
4:47:06 Time
2,057 ft Elev Gain
38.7 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

After a quick shower/change, I washed and hoovered the car, then took the dog’s for a nice walk in the sun :-)

As there was very little wind I took the quad copter out and spied on the dog’s :-)

21st March 2015

Got up early, loaded the bike onto the car and drove to Reading to meet up with Gary (He flew back into Heathrow yesterday after a long bike ride), wifey drove straight back home, with Gary’s panniers, leaving us to dawdle back to Wiltshire by bike ;-)

After only 10 miles or so, we both decided a tea/coffee stop was needed, backed up with a couple of hot cheese and bacon pastries ;-) Although slightly colder than yesterdays sudden heatwave it was not to cold (Around 8-9 degrees) Gary however found it almost Arctic having spent 10 months cycling through Africa.


We carried on to Burbage, having frequent stops for Gary answering/making phone calls, I was quite enjoying getting to the top of the hills ahead of him (and yes I did rub it in) , however he was on a heavy touring bike and he was suffering from the cold, so I guess my glory will be short lived!


We met up with a few of Gary’s friends in Burbage and stopped at a pub for a drink.

After the refreshments we set off again, at a slightly elevated pace (Stopping quite frequently to regroup), as we neared Etchilhampton, we met up with a few more friends cycling out to meet us, we carried on to Devizes, everybody else went to a pub, I had to get back home for the dog’s.

The Garmin had the ride as…

69.91 mi Distance
14.0 mph Avg Speed
822 C Calories
5:00:29 Time
3,412 ft Elev Gain
46.2 °F Avg Temp

Route here…

During the day, I found by cycle helmet had started to fall to pieces :-(


So after a quick shower/change, I took the dog’s for a walk to the LBS and bought a new helmet, this time I have got a Kask, it does seem to be uber comfy :-)

I went for the White/Lime Green as pictured above…


Cycling Stats 01/03/15

Road (+ Roller) miles...
4,198.78 Miles in 2008
9,504.17 Miles in 2009
10,808.93 (763.77) Miles in 2010
11,790.49 (287) Miles in 2011
10,906.37 (682.2) Miles in 2012
9,242.14 (842.63) Miles 2013
10,833.49 (83.7) Miles Cycling 2014
293.12 Miles Running 2014

1,223.58 Miles 2015

Rollers/Turbo 2015
156.72 miles

Running 2015
10.31 miles 1 Hours 44 Minutes

Miles on
Surly Pacer
Cassette: 2,801.19
Chain 1: 1,044.87
Chain 2: 995.40
Chain 3: 826.70 *
Chain set: 7,799.19

Genesis Equilibrium
Chain 1: 1,121.20
Chain 2: 1,223.58*

Genesis Croix De Fer
Cassette: 271.57
Chain: 271.57*

Genesis Day One

Giant SCR4
Chain/Cassette: 756.70

*Currently fitted chain