3rd September 2015

Worked in Warwick today, I took the folding bike and went for a swift lunchtime spin :-)

Distance: 14.82 mi
Time: 48:48
Avg Speed: 18.2 mph
Elevation Gain: 686 ft
Calories: 662 C
Avg Temperature: 54.7 °F

Route here…

It was noticeably cooler and harder work!

2nd September 2015

Worked from home today, I went out for a swift lunchtime spin in the sun :-)

The Garmin had the ride as…

Distance: 23.51 mi
Time: 1:18:20
Avg Speed: 18.0 mph
Elevation Gain: 449 ft
Calories: 692 C
Avg Temperature: 58.3 °F

Route here…

1st September 2015

Took the folding bike to Warwick today, managed to get out at lunchtime for a quick spin :-) first day of Autumn and it felt noticeably colder :-( also end of summer hols and the roads were noticeably busier :-(

The Garmin had the ride as…

Distance: 14.85 mi
Time: 55:17
Avg Speed: 16.1 mph
Elevation Gain: 679 ft
Calories: 512 C
Avg Temperature: 59.6 °F

Route here…

When I got back home I started polishing the van, this obviously offended the weather gods, as it started raining, one cant remove the polish in rain :-( so the drivers door is a wee bit white! I shall have to pick it up tomorrow from where I left!


31st August 2015

A horrible wet bank holiday Monday! I polished the Day One and the Fixed gear bikes, fettled wifeys bike, tidied the house, took the dogs for a walk and played console games!

at 3pm it sort of dried out a little so I went for a short ride on the fixed gear bike…

Although dried out is was still pretty grim…



Although the fixed gear bike is the cheapest I own, I still think it looks pretty darn good :-)



The Garmin had the ride as…

Distance: 23.51 mi
Time: 1:30:11
Avg Speed: 15.6 mph
Elevation Gain: 443 ft
Calories: 568 C
Avg Temperature: 55.6 °F

Route here…

30th August 2015

I spent the morning cleaning, polishing and fettling bikes :-)

The much promised biblical floods didn’t transpire, so my abandoned cycle plans could have happened :-( but in the end it was worth tinkering, all of my bikes are now clean and serviceable!

I fitted the new sprocket and chain ring to the Day One…



The 20 tooth sprocket was quite worn…



I thought I would fit a 42 tooth chain-ring to try and shorten the chain length a little, so the rear wheel would fit nearer the front of the drop-outs rather than the rear, unfortunately 42 tooth with 20 tooth sprocket means wheel even further back in drop-outs or right at the front, I think I either need a 41 tooth chain ring or try an 18 tooth sprocket with the 42, so after much tinkering the 40 tooth chain-ring was re-fitted, thankfully it isn’t to worn :-)



Once I finished tinkering, Simon popped around and we went for a quick 40 miles, I decided to take the Day One for a test spin, it all worked rather nicely – Its a damn good bike :-)

Distance: 41.03 mi
Time: 2:22:20
Avg Speed: 17.3 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,040 ft
Calories: 1,327 C
Avg Temperature: 56.3 °F

Route here…

Although a short ride for a Sunday, it was enough!

After a quick shower/change, I gave the bike its second clean in a day! all my bikes are still clean :-)

29th August 2015

Got up and went for a quick ride on the fixed gear bike…

Distance: 20.87 mi
Time: 1:24:21
Avg Speed: 14.8 mph
Elevation Gain: 404 ft
Calories: 1,360 C
Avg Temperature: 54.2 °F

Route here…

When I got back home I had a swift shower and change, then went for a walkies in the woods with wifey, Milo and Poppy.

We stopped at HoneyStreet for a spot of lunch, the spent a quality afternoon washing and polishing the car and sorting the Surly.

My plans for the rest of the weekend have been a little scuppered by the weather forecast :-(

28th August 2015

Worked from home today, I intended to go for a wee ride at lunchtime, but I ended up fitting the mudguards to he Fixed gear bike (They where a complete nightmare).

So I thought I would go for a ride when I finished work…It started raining so I gave that a miss to!

We went out for tea at 7pm, si I decided to walk home with the dogs… at least I got some excercise today!

27th August 2015

Worked in Warwick today, I took the folding bike with me and went for a swift ride at lunchtime, it was much more pleasant weather than yesterday!

I took Mungo with me, unfortunately I tore his legs off in the first 10 miles and he struggled, so I slowed down in the last 5, with frequent pauses to wait for him.

The Garmin had the ride as…

Distance: 14.83 mi
Time: 50:48
Avg Speed: 17.5 mph
Elevation Gain: 682 ft
Calories: 537 C
Avg Temperature: 61.7 °F

Route here…

26th August 2015

Worked in Milton Keynes today, as per usual I took the folding bike with me, unfortunately the dry period from 11 am never quite happened, so the lunchtime ride was wet, VERY wet…

The folder has no mudguards, I also now remember what cycling in the rain without mudguards is like, I must see if I can fit a mudguard to the folder…I have just found these… They do seem a wee bit expensive! (Perhaps a birthday prezy from wifey?)

Ray and Mick joined me for the wee wet ride…

Distance: 14.29 mi
Time: 56:44
Avg Speed: 15.1 mph
Elevation Gain: 410 ft
Calories: 961 C
Avg Temperature: 55.2 °F

Route here…

The down side of the bike getting a good drenching was it needed a good cleaning and chain lube when I got home, it is now good to go for a ride in Warwick tomorrow :-)

I now have all the bits to fit mudguards to the fixed gear bike and to replace the chain ring, sprocket and chain on the Day One so I may well tinker tomorrow night :-)

25th August 2015

Worked from home today, the weather forecast was VERY grim with a small early morning window of dry weather, so I got up early and did a pre-work 40 miles :-)

It was much cooler than it has been of late, so I had long sleeve top and 3/4 length shorts on!

It was also a morning for impatient drivers!

The Garmin had the ride as…

Distance: 41.03 mi
Time: 2:19:06
Avg Speed: 17.7 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,056 ft
Calories: 994 C
Avg Temperature: 44.8 °F

Route here…

Cycling Stats 17/08/15

Road (+ Roller) miles...
4,198.78 Miles in 2008
9,504.17 Miles in 2009
10,808.93 (763.77) Miles in 2010
11,790.49 (287) Miles in 2011
10,906.37 (682.2) Miles in 2012
9,242.14 (842.63) Miles 2013
10,833.49 (83.7) Miles Cycling 2014
293.12 Miles Running 2014

6,608.71 Miles 2015

Rollers/Turbo 2015
156.72 miles

Running 2015
42.54 miles 7 Hours 0 Minutes

Miles on
Surly Pacer
Cassette: 1,144.70
Chain 1: 1,144.70
Chain 2: 0
Chain 3: 0
Chain set: 9,001.09

Genesis Equilibrium
Chain 1: 120.9
Chain 2: 0

Genesis Croix De Fer
Cassette: 610.27
Chain: 610.27*

Genesis Day One

Giant SCR4
Chain/Cassette: 2,944.80

Montague Urban (Folder)

*Currently fitted chain